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We all have those favorites!


Collar 6: NSFW, but it's a web comic I got into back in college from another student who raved about it. Very interesting read and still going strong though they lessened the updates to only twice a week :< http://collar6.com/archive/collar-6-1


Questionable Content: Another of my favorites I could just reread over and over again! It's awesome to see how the artwork changes over time.



Gunnerkrigg Court: Where science and magic collide! http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/?p=1


What are yours? :)

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Uhhh... I read manymany webcomics... I'll leave smutty smutsmut and other adult comics out of it. xD  You're welcome.


I quite like: Strays.


The story has been completed for a while but

Digger will always be high on my list of webcomics that I adore.


I'm quite enjoying

Run Freak Run both in narrative and in art style.


And finally...

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is good clean fun.

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All the things Lili and Jaques said...except Questionable Content. I do not like it very much. Then again, it's written and drawn by a local guy about local things that I see everyday (aside from the robot but...details) so it has very little charm for me.


But...so many smutty ones that, unlike Jaques, I will include because I'm a terrible person!


NSFW comics:




A Broken Winter

Devoto: Music in Hell


SFW comic:



Have fun!

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I do love Homestuck, XKCD, and Oglaf.


Others include:

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Most of my webcomics are just things I've been reading since grade school and keep up with out of tradition, but I've got a couple.


Paranatural, weird kids and weirder ghosts. Hilarious, hits you hard in the emotions when it wants to, and the art takes a huuuuge leap forward as you go.

Cucumber Quest, adorable bunny children on a Paper Mario-esque quest to get shinies from all the kingdoms of the world so they can save it. GGDG's style is soooo gorgeous, she's way too good with colours.

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I am loving surfacage's Pokemon GO AU comic.

I mean.



Check, Please! is looking really adorable to me.

Check, Please! follows Eric “Bitty” Bittle, a former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and master baker who gets a scholarship playing hockey at Samwell University. Not only is Bitty bite-sized for a hockey player, he is not at all a bro and has one great fear: getting checked—or hit—while on the ice.



gigi dg of Cucumber Quest fame also made Lady of the Shard and holy fuck.

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Two Kinds

Sister Claire

The Meek

Eerie Cuties



Prague Race

Hark! A Vagrant

Cyanide & Happiness

The Black Brick Road of OZ

King's Folly


Their Story


Out of all of these, I especially recommend Blindsprings. Between the gorgeous art, the worldbuilding, and the characters? Ugh. That woman is too talented! Also, Vibe is on indefinite hiatus, but the art was too vibrant and unique to not share. In some ways, it kind of reminds me of Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name.


I'm also surprised that someone else has heard of The Fox Sister! It's a shame that both the writer and artist's lives keep getting dunked on, though. It hasn't updated in quite some time. :(

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I used to like Girl Genius but I just couldn't stay focused on it. I remember part of the plot dealing with personality changes of the main characters and it just never worked for me.


Nimona was good but Noelle Stevenson eventually had it all published (and moved to Lumberjanes, another published one)




I'm also surprised that someone else has heard of The Fox Sister! It's a shame that both the writer and artist's lives keep getting dunked on, though. It hasn't updated in quite some time. :(

I remember hearing about Christina Strain's stuff, especially through some comics blogs that led me to reading about The Fox Sister. At the same time I had been looking at some comics, partly because of exposure in Artists' Alley in Anime Expo, where I had passed over Teahouse and Starfighter but somehow! Sfeer Theory caught my eye.


Lo and behold, The Fox Sister was just gaining traction. Really wish things would start looking up for Strain and Chira (aka Aït-Kaci) but that's part of the problem with self-publishing when things hit you hard.


Also, thank you for reminding me of Their Story by Tan Jiu. I needed to look at the yaoi-blcd tumblr cause there's an update I missed over the weekend owo (True story, I'd been reading the webcomic for 30 chapters before my chinese heritage whispered to me "kage tamen de gushi tag is chinese and you know what it means.")

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Achewood came back after a lengthy hiatus and has been posting once-weekly. It had a bad run of storylines before its hiatus, but seems to have come back in fine form. A good comic if you enjoy absurdist dialogue and people whose heads are made out of cartilage.
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