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Favorite Holiday Tunes!

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you have my heart! I've seen them live and... gah. ♥






I also have to listen to this one at least once every year... ; w ;



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I'm actually going to post a Spanish song -- for those of you who don't speak Spanish, why this is considered a Christmas song will be nowhere near obvious so I'll explain why;

Yes, I am Hispanic trash




This song originated in Venezuela and became a large Christmas hit throughout Latin America and even some originally-Spanish colonies from the Caribbean (like Cuba!). It was recorded several times since 1976 -- the first time was by a group of children singers! 


The relevance is about a road donkey-back (burrito, in case you haven't picked up on that) to see Jesus for Christmas -- stopping by a Palestinian city of Bethlehem, a  widely known city -- more recognized as the birthplace of Jesus.





I sincerely apologize to those of you who aren't religious. D:


    #cultural facts of the day

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"Oh come Emmanuel" is by far my favorite Christmas song. I love when it's sung traditionally, but this version grew on me quickly. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" is also a favorite and I enjoy the way they mashed them up.



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This is actually the first year in over ten years that I've been able to enjoy Christmas music. Working retail just sucks the holiday spirit out of you, and the appearance of Christmas music the day after Halloween is a horrible thing. Especially when such horrors as "Santa Baby" being sung by an obviously male vocalist comes over the PA system once an hour.




Would be too much to link, but everything from The Nutcracker has been my favorite Christmas music since I was probably about three. My mum used to joke that until I was seven or eight, she could get all the presents wrapped out in the open without me noticing/caring as long as she had a recording of the ballet playing elsewhere in the house.


I know it's been posted in other forms already, but the traditional Ukrainian Bell Carol is also a favorite:



And... this one:

It's the only thing I ever heard my grandfather sing, and he only did it a few times. I think it's actually the memory I like and not the song.

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I LOVE Christmas music!


My three favorites (I just can't pick one either):


Classic, even though I can't find the song to buy anywhere.



I just love the mood of this song.



Okay not the original video for the song but... watching him dance makes me smile!


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Happy Hannukah, everyone. :blush:


The rock station I listen to has also been playing a bunch of goofball Christmas songs that have gotten a grin out of me now and then. Santa-themed Iron Man, anyone?



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