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What color is the dress?  

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  1. 1. What color is the dress?

    • White and Gold
    • Blue and Black
    • Some other color
    • I don't know, I don't know anything anymore
    • The dress is ugly as hell either way.

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You guys really don't understand.  When you see the white-and-gold it is not like its a choice xD that's just what you see.  That's what I naturally see too, it can't be helped! Its so ridiculously obviously white-and-gold that anyone suggesting otherwise sounds crazy (just like you are in saying its obviously black and blue!) I've never seen the tricks the mind plays so clearly illustrated in any intentional effort compared to this one happenstance snapshot.


I found that by covering all but a sliver of the dress with something I could find a way to make my mind adjust to seeing it as blue-and-black.  Revealing the overall picture slowly after adjusting like that let me see the entire dress in the blue-and-black light, it was actually pretty amazing - far more so than any other optical illusion image I've looked at.  I feel pretty neat having been able to see it both ways, and really can confirm that its the same stupid picture, the mind just interprets it two different ways depending upon some mixture of context, and how its wired.


I came back to the computer half an hour later and it was white-and-gold again.


Its not the worst meme of 2015, its one of the most interesting ever :-]


Edit: I just had a thought. To go from seeing it as white-and-gold I had to cover all but the darker left hand portion. Someone who see's the black and blue could similarly try covering all but the very right hand side where its so bright, and where white-and-gold coloring seems most vivid. Maybe you'll surprise yourself! (Never mind.. either way I work it turns black and blue.. something just about the overall effect makes it look wrongly white-and-gold!)

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I am so confused because I saw it yesterday and it was white and gold. And then when I browsed interwebs on my tablet later in the night, it was blue and black. The very same images. 

I know it's something with the lightwaves or so but like.. 


*blink blink blink blink*


One of my fav youtubers explain.. 



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Isn't the question..


1. Is it crafted (and how many stars) or can I buy it (how many gil)?

2. Is it dyeable?

3. Will it make my backside look big?

4. Can I get it in my size.. lala

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