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  1. Wandering Menders

    See full details in the Discord. A sign up here counts as well as sign up's in the discord.
  2. So having spent a few hours in Eureka, and with what I've heard of locations discovered, I ended up thinking. The timer is quite long, there doesn't appear to be any penalties from leaving and rejoining - Say and emotes work. There's locations without monsters, and I am certain that with enough time low-level mobs wont bother people much. There's a lot of people right now, but unless they somehow manage to keep peoples attention then the hype wont last for long. At least within the Data Centers, I think there could actually be a potential for cross world RP. Even in larger than 8 man groups, as long as one would be willing to try hard enough to land on the same map as the people you want to RP with. The lore might have to be messed with a little, but honestly this all has me really curious. How do people feel about potentially role playing in such a location? What would you do with it if you were to give it a go? Have you spotted any locations that could be useful? I honestly like the steps they're taking with things like Eureka, I am starting to see more and more how the promised cross-server linkshells could become useful - maybe we will actually end up in a situation where the walls between the servers aren't so solid anymore.
  3. Emotional distress from RP

    If your roleplay is affecting your emotional state negatively, for a longer time or in an intense way, then you need to take a step back and clear away from the influence that is bringing it on. As much as it sucks and can hurt more, you are better off for it and will be able to move on hopefully without burning out on your RP. At the end of the day, we don't roleplay to wind up feeling excessively sad and unhappy.
  4. Healing.. I'm sorry...

    How you tackle healing in roleplay is down to your play style as much as there's lore available for it. If you are the kind of person that naturally dive into details with your roleplay, then it's going to look different to someone who focuses more on the game-play spells and/or visual effects. On top of that, there's a time and a place for detail-diving - if you are offering to assist with healing at a fighting tournament for example, then you'd be best off not going into intense details because such an event has an already intense time-pressure. Lorewise, and this is just how I have interpreted it - then aetheric healing magic is not a cure-all, instant or even permanent fix. We have seen some cutscenes in the MSQ as of late where injured people are said to be injured for a long time - days if not weeks - and they're essentially prescribed "rest" to fix their problems. In a way you could see magic healing as what saves people from dying, but it doesn't cure them, time does. Some elements of the lore surrounding conjury suggests that if rest isn't kept, then the positive effects of the healing magic will revert/go away/land people in trouble again. So in a TL;DR version, underplay rather than overplay - and tie in traditional methods, such as medicine and surgery. If you are progressed to the point where you can do the Anarta beast tribe quests, then you at some point wind up having a healer NPC around at the base. When you walk up to them, various little scenes start, where you can see a patient and how the healer talks to them eludes to the patients problem/treatment. I found that inspiring. As for herbal remedies, we have the fantastic Botanica Eorzea. A lot of quest items and gatherable items have snippets about their uses, including in medical/medicinal ways. You can also let yourself be inspired by the alchemy craft, for example an interpretation I have is that Ether (the drink, not the magic) tastes horrible because it's largely composed of animal parts such as bone which doesn't exactly inspire a good taste. Additionally, very good bean people have written things to try and help people roleplay more realistic healers; they're not specific to the XIV universe but you may be able to use some of it either way. https://sizhatonaz.tumblr.com/post/165948795343/medicinal-herb-preparation-terms https://scriptmedic.tumblr.com/ Most important of all is clear and precise communication between you and whoever you are trying to heal. My advice, if someone "conflicts" with your style (E.G they want a quick instant fix) is to not contend it and either roleplay it out, handwave it or direct the player to a different healer if one is available. I hope this can help you - I wouldn't think in terms of "doing it wrong" because it's a very diverse area.
  5. New poster up! The Seabreeze Bazaar is looking for guards, if you'd like to get in on this, please get in touch!
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  7. The tricky subject of Rp and Spelling

    Back in the day, in another game many years ago, someone sent me a mean-ass whisper because I didn't capitalize my I's, so i would type like this, because capitalizing a single letter to make it a word is a very alien concept in my native tongue. They were all up in the "This is messing with my immersion". I was shook, and I thought this person was -really- rude and not very understanding for someone who was just breaching into the territory of fluent English. But I also capitalized every "I" ever since, getting myself into the habit. I guess a turning point in my learning of English can be contributed to a mean /whisper. Heck. Personally, I wouldn't nitpick on something like that. I know more native English speakers who mess up your/you're and similar mistakes than I know non-natives who genuinely have problems with that level of English. It's been my experience that bi-lingual people have this drilled into their backbone whereas native speakers may be more lax and not care so much - I know whenever I switch back to typing in my native tongue, I make "embarrassing" mistakes like these as well. I'd encourage you to work on some breathing techniques and become a force of tolerance, but then again, maybe you prompting your friend about it is the nudge they need to never ever make that mistake again.
  8. Next one happening soon! Don't mind the typo on the poster.
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  10. Simple as! We'll find you, we promise.
  11. Matron's Reach!

    The sky, dork.
  12. Main Character's Name: Maril Hawker Alts: Thala'to Relahna. Akhutai Khatayin & various others. Server: Balmung Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: All can be found via the menu links here: http://meandering-mind.tumblr.com Usually online between: 3-5pm CET until 1-2AM, in the weekends sometimes until 5am because haha what is sleep. Intensity: Heavy RP/Lore abiding. Not a paragraph writer but I try to match my surroundings. I enjoy both day to day and more plot-intensive RP. Communication is key
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  14. Au ra / Miqo RPers - the sliding scale?

    Some of the miqo'te npcs use that kind of language. Miah Molkot in the North Shroud is one such example when you take a certain quest http://xivdb.com/quest/66444 However it's definitely in the minority and seems to be done for the fun of it. I certainly find it amusing Using it constantly in RP though, I would never do that.