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  1. If you go through the Red Mage job quests you will get some information on something LIKE this.
  2. Also, people, I have plenty of leveling to do, so find me for leveling opportunities.
  3. Interested in meeting you. Just trying to catch you online.
  4. Name: Ylsa Iryut Race: Viera Gender: Female Server: Balmung Timezone: Pacific I am currently on the hunt for a Free Company that is, both, active and would make sense for my character. She is a treasure hunter, mostly for relics or items of power or knowledge (i.e. Soul Crystals or antiquities), but will take on jobs for a number of other things if the mood strikes her. I’ve been describing her as if Black Cat were to join the Gullwings. I’m finding that most Free Companies on Balmung are very small so I am also open to invitations to RP linkshells a
  5. Very interested in this as it doesn't seem to scream two things I hate about "kids" roleplaying today: 1. Everything has to be a bubbly Anime moment. 2. Standing around and narrating what they want you to think is happening instead of getting out into the world and making things happen. Though, in all seriousness I like the attitude and detail presented here. Your server is ridiculous to try to get into though. I hope that they do something about the 2 hour queue or the RP community, as a whole, moves to a new server. One day, maybe I can transfer there.
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