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  1. Unfortunately, server transfers to congested servers are locked indefinitely. Even if you pay for it.
  2. o/ [Narantu Dazkar] IC, she's got a beauty mark under the corner of her left eye. As for expression- something devious.
  3. Nara's an Entrepreneur (ESTP-A) apparently. Not so much a people person though.
  4. I'd say that's pretty appropriate.
  5. You are exactly what I am looking for. I was thinking about having my character approach someone for a unique weapon that may or may not include technobabble.
  6. Do you recommend any of his works? The description you gave of his stuff very much tickles the pickle. Anyway, I think it'd be fantastic for him and Nara to meet. She's a hunter and we could have him steal her spoils or something. That, and maybe she could employ him to dig up some dirt on people.
  7. I like dark, thick lines. Knock yourself out, doodly. [1] [2]
  8. I think I'll add Oomph! to my list of bands to listen to... For foreign languages, I prefer them over my native language because I can completely ignore the lyrical aspect and just get engrossed in the sound. I'm not one for the meaning behind lyrics and just love getting a 'feel' for the music through instrumental alone. (Which is why my mainstay for music is mostly electronic) Not understanding the words they're speaking kinda adds to that in a way. [video=youtube]
  9. how many cat girls have you seen Never enough cat girls.
  10. I'm not familiar with people on this forum but I think your cat is a real qt 3.14 I'd like to take pictures of them sometime.
  11. Welcome! Alternatively, instead of doing the transfer tonight you could save the character data and create a character on Balmung tomorrow. There's maintenance happening on the night of the 4th, and you'll easily be able to get a character in if you wait to put one in around the time it starts booting everyone off. Saves you some money, too.
  12. I think I started maybe around 7-8 years ago? My first encounter with RP aside from playing silly scenarios in elementary school, was on some RP website that I forget the name of. Awful, cringe characters related to Naruto. I mainly used chatrooms for that and continued on places like realchat, and a place called TIJ (The Inuyasha Journey, I think?) Stuck with that about a year or two developing myself. The most fun part was moving from one-liners to eventually paragraphs as I 'fought' with people using define styles like T2, T$. Requirements to type out # word length of 'prepare,' 'actio
  13. I'd like an invite as well, if you would.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm kinda' new to the game (still clearing endgame content with my character), but I'm interested in getting involved in some heavy roleplay, barring that, medium. I'm not exactly new to RP, but it's been a few years since I'd last dabbled in it on GaiaOnline. Hoping to get along with a few like-minded people.
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