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  1. I've never been able to play the opposite sex. I just can't get into the char and I'm never sure how I should be playing them. I do, therefore, fall into the trap of imagining the player to be the same gender as their char, even when I know better.
  2. When the NPC you're supposed to be protecting runs into an AoE and then stops to cower. *facepalm*
  3. I'm going to vent about these stupid DDOS attacks. One of my friends can't even get into the game because of them. And they appear to be unstoppable. DX
  4. Removing Cleric Stance was the best thing they ever did lol. I hated it with the burning fire of a thousand suns. But, as this is a rant thread, why did they take away flame arrow from Bards? I liked that spell. It helped you get all the enemies up on your screen. Plus, shooting flaming arrows is cool. And if they simplified things then why does my Paladin still have three hotbars of crap? I'd really have liked to see more Paladin stuff cut down; I never know what to click when. /endwhinge I wonder if they're taking feedback on the new stuff and might change it if it doesn't work? That's probably just wishful thinking.
  5. Similar skills were merged. So Bio automatically becomes Bio II on your hotbar. SCH still has Miasma, but Miasma II is gone from SMN too. Ah yeah I knew that. They made it sound as if Scholars had Bio and Miasma removed totally. I play a Summoner and I actually find it easier not to have an extra DoT to remember to put on before you cast Bane or Fester. I never used Miasma II either.
  6. That makes no sense at all. Bio and Miasma are Arcanist skills, not cross class. Why would they remove them for Scholar and not for Summoner ...
  7. This is the store that I get directed to when I select my country, so I'm going to hope that it's the right one. https://store.eu.square-enix.com/au/product/307013/final-fantasy-xiv-60-days-game-time-card-other Of course the AU store never even sold the lorebook, so I couldn't buy it. DX
  8. I had a lot of difficulty finding a shop that didn't have them out of stock. I guess people bought them up for Stormblood. I ended up buying it from Play-Asia.com in Australian dollars, but it turned out to be a US region code. I have a friend that lives in the US who has said that she'll swap with me if I can find one that's definitely for my region for her to buy. The SE store has them, but I can't find region mentioned on them. I live in New Zealand.
  9. I just tried to redeem a 60 day Game Time Code that I bought, but it told me I couldn't because it was the wrong code for my region. It was a digital code. How do I tell which region a code works in if it isn't listed?
  10. I suspect that spoilers will be inevitable for me, as I haven't even reached Ishgard yet, so it'll be a long time before I reach Stormblood plots.
  11. I was in a trial recently with someone named Tronald Dump.
  12. Just ... please don't add it for every skill. Oh god the spam some people do.
  13. I'm relieved that they didn't say that they were going to reallocate people who've transferred in as they threaten to do when you do a transfer.
  14. One day I will go into that room where a fight breaks out and just watch and see who wins the fight.
  15. I don't get to RP dungeons etc. as much as I'd like to, but one of the things I hate about regular dungeon runs is the rushing through. RPing would at least give you the chance to explore and investigate. That's what I miss.
  16. If you could accidentally heal the enemy or injure your party members then noone would ever party with me lol.
  17. Haha, no don't attack me yet. I have to look something up in the index for this one.
  18. Some of us don't have Discord, so do post stuff here as well.
  19. Yeah, afaik you can transfer from anywhere. The Mog Station has all the details on how to transfer, but ignore the 'can't transfer to char restricted servers'. It isn't true anymore.
  20. No, not normally. No, it's whenever they need to do it. Can be weeks without it or two in the same week.
  21. I feel naughty. Double posting again. Just did Tam Tara hard for the first time. I was in a group of total newbies; it was the first time for everyone and we had no idea what we were doing. We wiped and we wiped again (and this was just on Liavinne). But noone got fed up, noone was in a rush, we just got back in there and tried again (while getting emergency help from the Novice Network ). Everyone took time to read the folio pages and point them out if someone missed them. By the end we were all making terrible jokes about weddings and something about Edda wanting the tank's body lol. Ironically, considering how hard she is in POTD, Edda turned out to be the easiest fight. By the end we had decided that SE had made this storyline as a warning to parties that were horrible to each other. Beware, you too could be invited to a zombie wedding by the girl you made fun of (and your soul is the wedding gift; they wouldn't take a blender ).
  22. I'm going to show my ignorance here, but isn't that a good use of teamwork? Whenever my Bard has been in a party with another Bard they were never interested in coordinating songs.
  23. If the couerl kitten isn't good enough you might have to adopt a Miqo'te.
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