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FFXIV 2.0, the new server, and us.

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With version 2.0 coming closer and closer to being a reality, I've started to have some questions pop up in my head. I figured they might be worth discussing with the community, as they potentially have the ability to harm our community in various ways. Some might feel it a bit soon to start discussing, but I figure it's never too early to figure things out and plan ahead.


Now, to get down to business. We know that with version 2.0, Yoshida has said he wants to release a server for roleplayers. Now, ideally this is a great thing. It's what we've wanted, and it's going to be an amazing way to help funnel the greater community onto one server - regardless of whether or not people choose to be a part of our community here.We'll all be together in-game, at least. However, I remember reading in an interview that they don't plan on allowing server transfers to the newly opened servers - mainly to allow them fresh starts and to allow their economies to balance out normally.


Now, I know I'm not alone in the fact that I've spent a lot of time on my character. There's no way I could imagine re-rolling at this point, as I've just put far too much work and effort into my character both OOC and IC. However, if we're unable to transfer to this new server at launch, it has potential to pretty much cut our community in half. There will be those who will eagerly re-roll on the new server, alongside old players returning and new players joining the game. There's also inevitably going to be a few people who want to stay on Balmung no matter what because of friendships they've made.


I guess I'm more curious what other members of the community think about these outcomes. To see where we all stand on the subject. Will you stay on Balmung no matter what? Do you want to re-roll a new character completely on the new server? Do you want to be able to bring your character on Balmung over to the new server?


Should we maybe revive that big thread we had going, or start a new one to figure out if we'll be able to transfer to that server at launch? I know that might change some people's game plans for the next few months, and should be something we ought to figure out regardless. I'm sure the last thing people will want is to develop a character here on Balmung in hopes of being able to hop over to the new server, only to find out that won't be possible.


What's your voice on the subject?

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I remember that, but I believe that it was only certain servers. Hopefully they don't actually make the "RP" server when/if they do introduce one as one of the non-transferrable servers. If SE were to pull such a stunt on me I'd either quit the game myself or just give up RP altogether. Although I want to stay with friends I really have no intention of just throwing away all the progress I've made up until now.

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I don't mind making a new character if that's the case. I'd rather be on a new server instead of a established one, They won't allow us to transfer at launch, but we will be able to later. It would be to hard to move characters from this game to the next, if you were to add server transfers, stuffs bound to get messed up. Besides if the game and leve and quest systems are fixed, defiantly don't mind playing through it again and all new. It's also another way to grow and get close to the new RPers that the server would bring in (maybe).

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Personally, I plan to transfer to whatever official RP server SE gives us no matter what. I agree that it would be rather sucky if they disallow transfers or anything, but I'd just keep Ky on the back burner until they reopen transfers and just play other characters until then (Legacy members do get 8 characters /per/ server after all).


In the long run, an official Rp server has a lot more power behind it than an unofficial one like Balmung. Eventually, an unofficial RP server is going to become stifled in role-player growth and any RP shells that happen to stay behind will no doubt start to feel that incredible pinch within 6-12 months. Newcomers are going to no doubt go with the official one. Old timers who return are also likely to throw their support to the official server due to the ability of a "fresh start."


I've mentioned this problem of potential division within the community over this a couple times so I'm glad it's formally be discussed now. In my personal opinion, I think the community should come together and just go with the cards that SE deals it rather than go against the flow and potentially divide/harm the community. Again, one can make multiple characters per server, so it's not like anyone has to fret over completely leaving non-RP friends behind.

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I invested too much time and energy into my character. I love RP and all, but I'll admit I'm one of the minority that maybe only RPs about 20-25% of the time. I mostly blame that on the nature of my character but that's only half true, since I do play this game to experience all it has to offer. So that does eat up a lot of my RP time.


My main goal is to get to the official RP server and just "take it easy" and start RPing more again at a higher frequency since I'm one of those people with the whole obscure "fresh start" vision. I made and built my character, capping all crafts, all gathering etc etc with full intent of making a dream guild/house or whatever setting S/E has planned for my character and also lending those services ICly to others so they too can experience a dream setting for themselves and their friends.


If for whatever reason that I can't start or move to the RP server, then I guess I'll just stay wherever S/E places me till a transfer option opens up. I could make an alternate character but I wouldn't invest too much energy into it because I'm sure I'll just want to flee back to my main. I'd just have an easier time with him... I really don't have the sanity to level all those crafts from scratch again... It's bad enough if they up the level cap.

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I honestly am in denial. In my head there is no way that the community would allow people to not transfer servers at 2.0. That is ridiculous and would piss SO many people off. We swayed them once with the transfers, we'd sway them again.


I have too much invested, I couldn't reroll.

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Personally, I think it might not be a half bad idea to maybe make a post flat out asking about the issue. Doesn't even have to specifically be about our roleplay server in an effort to not only get answers for the entire FFXIV community, but to also give it a better chance of being answered by a representative.


We could just simply ask if they plan on having new servers available at launch that will be transferable to alongside those new servers that will be for fresh starts only. Though it wouldn't hurt to specify the roleplay server and our community's issue as well. I mean, if they're going to make a roleplaying server for our community, one could hope that they wouldn't screw over the existing roleplay community. After all, they're making a server for something that we've all been a part of since the start. To exclude us veterans and our characters we've worked diligently on from it would be a bit of a slap in the face after being loyal, paying customers for so long.

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I know I'm late to the party here (RL has been hectic/chaotic lately), but I think it's a little premature to be worrying about this. Perhaps they won't allow cross-transfer between existing servers, but with a new server it just makes good sense (both business sense and just downright common sense) to enable people who've grown attached to their characters to a new server designated RP-friendly. If this is more of a hypothetical "what would you do?" thread, than I simply don't know. I can't imagine most of the people that I RP with would want to give up their achivements and such, so I'd be inclined to remain on Balmung until a transfer opportunity did become available. Like I said though, I just don't see that happening. It almost seems to go against the spirit of why they would create a RP-friendly server in the first place...

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Personally, I'd be content with them simply stripping any character that transfers of any gil they currently have. The economy would still be fresh, and any "valuables" in the forms of items that players might bring over wouldn't have a real market value yet on the server - nor would anyone have sufficient funds to be able to determine such prices.


The higher levels might have a tiny bit of a head start to farm gil, though I doubt enough players would do it in large enough amounts to unbalance the economy from the get-go, considering the reduction in the ability to generate raw gil these days as well as the fact that a majority of the community would be focused on all the new content that will be released.


Either way, I'm still clinging to a hope that we'll eventually be able to relocate our community onto the new server in some way.

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I know this is like old topic, but any new info about this from SE?


I'm gonna be playing on atleast 2 servers, but I'm not 100% sure which ones. Kinda depends on some other players.

I've been kinda wondering about that whole transfer stuff. I don't mind leveling everything up again but I want to keep some other stuff my character gained...I want to keep my goobbue!

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Huh, I hadnt heard about them bringing in an actual RP server or 2. In my opinion I think it'd be great if SE could somehow get a poll out for us players on designating one of the existing servers as the 'official' rp server. Im not sure how realistic the idea is to be done.

If they bring in new RP servers but have no transfers I can see where many would refuse to roll new characters to the server and where others wouldnt mind or be anxious to create new avatars.


Speaking from my own perspective as I barely put much 'progress' into my character originally I'd semi hate to start over due to having put a little work into trying to acquire some seasonal items and/or the ingredients needed to craft or obtain some event related pieces that I had wanted.

I'd likely avoid rolling new if I didnt think i could acquire my character name again as well lol. I'm semi picky I know but I like utilizing a certain name in most of my mmos for a few reasons.


I havent heard any new info regarding it though myself sadly.

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I kinda hope that if they don't just put everyone back on Balmung then they will let payers pick a new server to play on, not that it really maters much to me as I plan on re rolling to whatever server we designate (as my old characters highest level is only 30 and I want to be a miqo male and not hyur lol). But mostly I just want to play with everyone!

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Well, since my character hasn't been really played in two years, I have no problem rerolling (which I will probably end up doing anyway, unless I can transfer my character.) That said, I totally understand being unwilling to start over on a character you've spent years on.

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I'm not going to believe it until I've had the chance to research it myself personally but i had heard a moment ago rumor like talk that characters wont carry over into RR, i've already picked up there are alot of us here that would likely be very displeased at this due to some of the things like event related items and such we've acquired.


I do hope thats not the case. While on a progress level if i personally had to start a new character i wouldnt lose much in experience or level but i did have a small bit of loot stash I was amassing between myself and my retainers.


Now if they do something like reset player lvls but let us previous subscribers hold onto names and old inventory I would totally be ok with this. Granted thats mainly due to me not being to 'high' when I had been playing 14

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The rumors are 100% incorrect. All character data from 1.0 is transferring to 2.0. There are some things that aren't transferring (like guild marks, faction points, some quest progress for incomplete quests, and other little things). But level progression will transfer. Gil will be modified as well due to the redenomination process (one digit of gil being removed all across the board, including npc prices). Finally, your inventory (if above the default 100 item limit) will be distributed to a storage npc but can be retrieved at any time up to a certain point. You'll also get a one time makeover chance on your character since graphics are changing and new character creation options are being added.


But yes, the rumor is completely baseless, as SE as already confirmed otherwise themselves.

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Ah thanks for the quick replies all :)

I wouldve adapted even if the rumors were true, but then I sure wont mind it staying as is, wasnt far along and i truly regret not being able to personally experience the story pre Realm Reborn, but still a relief.


Being the type who enjoys checking out ne new title that peaks my interest I'm glad this is coming back next year. It'll be like a new game and luckily there are only all of about 2 that have caught my radar of interest for 2013.


Thats a weight off my shoulders :cheer:

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I figure that if Square were smart and wanted to accommodate the Roll Player community, they would make whatever official RP server the one that we've already designated as the Non-Official roll play server, aka Balamug. With that being said, I will go along with whatever everyone else chooses to do. Seeing as my new main character is male Miqo'te, I have no choice but to re-roll anyway. Though I'd rather not loose what I have on Ailith, to me personally it is an acceptable loss as I'm not even sure she's still alive, but I do fully comprehend everyone else's apprehension regarding the server issue. I'm sure Square won't let us down in this matter.

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Seeing as my new main character is male Miqo'te, I have no choice but to re-roll anyway.

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to re-spec your character using the accomplishments/levels/gear/gil you've already accumulated from 1.0. I've heard you may even be able to rename. So in theory, if I wanted to, I could recreate Eva as a male hellsguard roegadyn and he'd still be a champ weaver and white mage. Whether I would be able to call him "Evan" or not - so far as I know - is still up in the air. Last I heard they were leaning towards renaming as being a possibility. So you should be able to take your existing character and change race/gender/appearance/etc. when ARR comes without any issues.

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Seeing as my new main character is male Miqo'te' date=' I have no choice but to re-roll anyway.[/quote']

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to re-spec your character using the accomplishments/levels/gear/gil you've already accumulated from 1.0. I've heard you may even be able to rename. So in theory, if I wanted to, I could recreate Eva as a male hellsguard roegadyn and he'd still be a champ weaver and white mage. Whether I would be able to call him "Evan" or not - so far as I know - is still up in the air. Last I heard they were leaning towards renaming as being a possibility. So you should be able to take your existing character and change race/gender/appearance/etc. when ARR comes without any issues.


That would be spectacular if they allowed us to do that. I do so like my Goobbue mount.

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As others have said, if there is an official RP server, and I can't move my old character there, I think I'd rather start over then. Though, I never really got that far in 1.0, so it's not that big of a deal for me. I can certainly understand why others would not want to start over.


I'd rather be where I know most roleplayers will be in the end. Besides, leveling is part of the fun and it would be nice to see the new story from step one etc.

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Personally, if they make an official RP server which is not Balmung and we're not allowed to transfer immediately, I'm going to sit and wait. I've put entirely too much time until my current character, including near completion of a relic weapon, and I'm not dumping all that work.


This is, of course, with Yoshi-P's statement of "you will not be able to transfer immediately," in mind. This leads me to believe I'll be able to transfer eventually and I'm totally fine with waiting if I get to keep my character : P. It kind of just makes sense that they'd make people wait to transfer anyway, until everything settles down.


On the flip side, if someone doesn't have a lot of progression in their character, or they're starting fresh, I can see why they might just jump to the RP server. Why wait? :D

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Given that the servers are going to be divided up and changing anyways, what with the new region-oriented servers, I really can't see them making an RP server that would exclude/hinder already existing RPers. It seems like an all-around bad plan.

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