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Not Sure What I Can Do

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Well....I'm at a loss. I have tried walk-ups, events, even tried to work part time with a FC ICly so I can generate rp, but it's just not happening, despite me throwing myself out there.


I'm....not sure what to do. Getting very close to just phasing out rp as a whole as it just seems to be a wall I can't seem to crack.

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When you say ''It's just not happening'' do you mean there is just never any consistent RP, or you're just not enjoying it?


If you're just having trouble finding RP in general, I'm always up for RP, whether it's just some hanging about, or traveling and doing tasks in some DM styled event.


Yet, you say you've already done all of that, so I am unsure if that would help you.

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Let's identify what you think is the problem and work from there and perhaps this will help you make the connections that will make you happier.


1. You are obviously not content with the RP you get.


Now, questions about this. What about the RP you get now do you dislike? Do you think you are roleplaying not enough? How much do you roleplay?


Then, are you dissatisfied with the type of roleplay you are getting? What are you interested in getting into? Are you looking for long plots?

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If you tried really, really, really hard, perhaps you got to give yourself a look? Maybe you expect too much? Maybe you don't make your character exactly fun to interact with? Maybe you got too high standards what you want from random people?


What I can give as an advice, and I know it's not a luxury for everyone, but when I wrote Virella (temporary) into a corner, together with her partner OOC being away for a little while, I simply made Ave. Made a completely different personality, Hells, I even gone as far to roleplay a melee based character, a thing I never did in my roleplaying 'career'.


Maybe that is an option as well? Sometimes characters have an expiration day, and roleplaying them past that point isn't just worth it, even if it just to get a fresh breath of air before you can dust them off again. I know FFXIV isn't the most alt friendly game, but that's the thing what helped me to get back in the roll of things. I'd simply created a way too hard character to roleplay at this point (although plans are being made to get her back into the swing), and gone "fuck it, time for something new". Perhaps you should try that? I don't know, I'm just throwing some random thoughts out in here.

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What type? I honestly don't know the types...it's like someone who's hungry but doesn't know options for food...just take whatever I am able.


As for what I mean...I mean I have tried and have had blips...tiny conversations where the other person walked away for others, some where I was downright not responded to, gotten the "I'm busy, sorry..." only to then see the person minutes later openly engage with others, others promising to meet and rp only to never get back to me...it's hard.


I just want Mel to be more than just some invisible woman but that's how it feels. I find groups impossible to crack since they feel so closed off to outsiders anymore. I often feel like everyone's in a warm home enjoying a dinner together and I'm that homeless person on the sidewalk, peeking into the window, unsure how to get inside. :blush:

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What type? I honestly don't know the types...it's like someone who's hungry but doesn't know options for food...just take whatever I am able.


That sort of thing is what keeps someone hungry. If your current circles are all sort of slice-of-life-casual-conversation types, you're not going to get any real plot out of them. If they're super-powerful adventuring types and you're looking to just play a sometimes-dirty cop or laymen, you're not going to fit in with their plots. If you're itching for a slower, character-centric kind of RP and the people around you just want excuses to fight one another, you're not going to get what you're looking for.


Your own roleplay philosophies and goals are as important as the ones around you, and if they don't match, you get exactly what's happening here: Water all around and not a drop to drink. It's important to identify what it is that makes you pleased in RP and then work to find an avenue that'll continue that sort of play, as opposed to just taking what you can get and wondering why it never fills you up.

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*Snooze bubble pops*


Warren is right. Having a tangible goal for your RP expectations is very important here, but don't think that it has to be rigidly defined. Take a deep breath and think where you want Melodia to be in RP, with what sort of people, and why. That's all you really need to get started.


Even I find it frustrating sometimes, because of my timezone being EST and my RL obligations, to catch all the people I want to play with. Warren and I almost NEVER see each other IC outside of the Grindstone and yet Doc Oak treats Warren as a kindred spirit and considers him a trusted ally if not a friend. I have two new members of the FC I'm in and one of them has had one good RP session with me, the other had a casual "Hey, nice to meet you" moment and that's it. Sometimes, the stars don't align.


On that note, it seems you have quite a few folks who want to meet Melodia and RP with you, so I would suggest focusing on getting in touch with them immediately and at least get a little "slice of life" going. If you'd like, you can player search for Doc Oak as well and add me to the list of RP encounters.


In the end, it's not abnormal to get discouraged after a while. You're not crazy, it's the way of things.






*Snooze bubble*

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I'll echo the sentiment of Warren and Hat. 


"Slice of life" stuff is all well and good and can be nice to fill in the gaps, but if you want something more persistent on a regular basis with the same people, it helps a ton to set some kind of a direction, purpose, or goal for a character. What's Melodia want out of life? Where's she want to go? What's she want to do? What kind of aspirations does she have?


Once you have that answered, you can seek out and find other characters who are on that same path or characters that can help her obtain her goal. At that point, I think you can expect to run into those characters more often on a regular basis, because they become central to each other. Best of all, that means much less effort having to constantly find new characters to meet to replace those that fall away over time. 


Take a swing at it! :thumbsup:

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