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Your a mentor now, how do you play it off?


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So with the new system out of mentoring newbies I though we may see some characters take up the roll in RP. I am thinking of making my own Tana do such, she is a apprentice weapon master and while she herself is not fully capable with all weapons she can show someone how to not poke there eye out with a bow and arrow. 


How would any of yall play it off?

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Eses would don sunglasses and use a riding crop.


"Now listen here, son, and listen real good. You wanna learn how to swing that spear, the KEY..the utmost important detail..is to make as many phallus references as possible. NOW LEMME SEE YOUR PERV FACE!"







"Limsa! Well down in Limsa, there're only pirates or barmaids, and you're looking pretty frilly and gorgeous there, madame! Are you a raider or a serving girl?!"










So she'd be quite the caring mentor.

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OOC just what I do already but maybe a bit more

  • I tend to tank in PvE, so a good role to help guide a party
  • Take the first encounter to gauge your party
  • Ask if people need pointers
  • Provide brief "how-to" on each boss
  • And always treat a wipe as fun and learning, once people have seen an encounter they will know far more than any description
  • Be positive not negative


IC probably like this

Nebula looked up from her conversation with Tarquil, the frog Prince who preferred being a frog, that maybe one in this group was worth a kiss.


Seeing her new friends approach a rather large shambling thing she calls out to them, "Oh, just take care there, they tend to split into two when in danger and can try to swallow you."


Then with a frown at Tarquil for his stubbornness she dashed to the aid of her friends, one of which was just a pair of boots disappearing into the shambling mound.

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It's not really a big change IC or OOC, honestly. :) L'yhta already trains less experienced mages and adventurers, and tends to point out "interesting" things about opponents in IC dungeons ("that's a bavarois, probably fire-aspected, so watch out for its spellcasting"). I'm not going to have L'yhta get any sort formal IC appointment from the Adventurers' Guild, since that'd make her a bit too famous by OOC assertion, IMO. The way I figure it, as an adventurer who hasn't gotten smushed yet, some people in the Guild already point newbies in her direction from time to time anyway.


OOC, I'm already "that person" who says hi at the beginning of a run, welcomes newbies, offers to give mechanics tips, doesn't go storming off after a wipe, and thanks the group afterwards, so... this isn't really anything new. :)

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Eventually I'd want Mar to grow enough that he'd feel confident leading and training more than one person (he currently has a student/padawan of sorts at the moment - Sylveret). By that point, it'd probably be something like this.




But since he's an Elezen he'll keep his styling hair. 8-)

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OOCly I'd want to be helpful and friendly, but ICly Gogon is... well, an egotistical jerkwad to most folks. But, teaching people things is kinda what he does as an information broker - you just have to pay him first. So he's already kind of in the role for it, it's just a difference between how I'd relay information OOCly as I would ICly with him.

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Quit my job and go home! (No, seriously! ^^)


Aya is happy to help people out, especially people in the same situation as her, but being placed in a position to teach and mentor someone she'd be pretty unhappy and probably look for any way out of the situation. :)

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