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Models needed!

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Quick edit here - this is open to all servers, not just Balmung!


Hey there everyone!


I'm currently working on a project for one of my characters and need a bit of help. :) Part of my elezen Zalina's background is writing those bodice-ripping romances along with one or two adventure stories thrown in the mix.  I make "novel" covers using screenshots.  Nothing dramatic or complicated but something fun for me to do during times I can't get online. 


You can find them here:  http://zalina-chanteuse.tumblr.com/


So far friends have let me use their characters, I've approached a few people in game but I still need more to complete the series.


We have;

Hot Ul'dah Nights -   Lalafel please!

Limsa is for Lovers -  I would love to find some Roe characters this series.

Menphina's Lovers - Needs more elezen and hyur!

Dravanian Adventures -  Anything goes!


Aside from those specifics, if you'd like me to make one for your character, I'd be happy to!  Just shoot me a message here or in game.  I don't charge for them. When I'm finished, I share them on Zalina's tumblr and can provide a link for copying if needed. 


The characters depicted are just models.  They're not ICly posing BUT if you'd like to make it IC, that's not an issue. Zalina has a private photographer for this exact thing!  Who doesn't like to make a little gil on the side!**


Again - I want no compensation, I do this for my own enjoyment during my off-game time. It's a fun hobby for me and great practice on photo-editing skills. 


Thanks for reading,

Zalina's player.

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Ahahaha... these are great! xD

I've got nearly one of everything if you would like to borrow characters for pics. Just let me know.


Hellsguard M (dark red, tall, black/red hair)

Raen F (tall for aura, pale, black hair)

Plainsfolk M (tanned, tiny)

Duskwight F (tall, pale grey, white hair)

Wildwood M (tall, pale, white/black hair, 'older' but not the old man face)

Midlander M (short, tanned, black hair, looks a bit sketchy)

Hellsguard F (dark red, tall, black hair, pale eyes)

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That's especially amusing to me because Khy's girlfriend has a well known (and for her, embarrassing) habit of reading smutty 'romance' novels. Doesn't hurt that he's a very pretty man himself! I'll give a shot if I fit any of the needs! (He's a midlander, by the by.)

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Ha! I could totally sign up two of my characters:


Riski Chanse (Male Wildwood Elezen):



Rhet Hawke (Male Xaela Au Ra):



There's absolutely no way I could get my Miqo'te to do it in an IC capacity, though. BUT if you'd like to not-ICly use a shy, glasses-wearing, blue-haired catboy, I've also got Cam'nahl Zarasten (who is in my icon! More pictures here too.)


If you'd like to use my boys just let me know and I am more than happy to meet up with you somewhere!

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I would utterly love to have my character in this!  It would just be hilarious to incorporate IC'ly, and just watching the fallout from it.


Leindra Keln is her name.  Tall Hellsguard Roe gal.  Dark skin, (usually dark hair), and violet eyes.

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I'm happy to volunteer my kids!


I've got a couple.


My Hyur is Gale Bishop



I've got a Au Ra girl Lynea Angura



and a Miqo'te Mik'hal



If any of them work for you. I'm most likely gonna be on Mik or Lynea in the game. Or you can message me here.

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I have some lovely Sea Wolf Roegadyn ladies for Limsa is for Lovers...

Dyrstswys Barazirnwyn


Merlgeim Barazirnwyn


... and a bonus picture of Merlgeim and Fyrilsunn in the bedroom /eyebrow waggle

Merlgeim would be very into a specific genre of romance


Incidentally, her boyfriend Fyrilsunn is also totes available to model!



.. and Eaubront Shopont would love to pose as an ??? Elezen for Menphina's Lovers! IC, even.




Hit me up via PM here or my tumblr if you're interested! :D

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If you want to add a splash of color to your covers, feel free to sign up my purple cat (ICly, even!).


I also have a blonde Garlean/Hyur dude that fits one of your requests.


edit to add: I also have a Dunesfolk lady with resting bitch face, but she's pretty adorable.

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