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Tell me your character's Hellsguard name!


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Simple enough prompt! If your character was a hellsguard, tell me their name!


...If your character's already a hellsguard, tell me which name they would prefer to have!


Bonus points if you decide to give them a Sea Wolf name too!


Here we go!


Leanne: Adventurous Song


Kyrael: Mysterious Vagabond


Chrysta: Bleeding Fire

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Zealous Fury

Aghurlal Qar-aKimusun


Curious Shrew

Caidenden Caiden


Timid Shield

Liuthas Corwell


Variable Wolf

Cinu-a Malaguld


Thorned Lavender

Kanshi no Shuukami


Shining Heather

Y'Trinity Taqa


Tentative Trust

Confiance des Ferme


And last but not least:


Aergbhar Berkwyn [Ambitious-Bear Mountain-Daughter]

Telluric Medic


And some bonus pieces of trivia:


I actually formulated Aghurlal's name while looking for Dragonspeak names for my friend's character, who has a very similar temperament. I came up with a shortlist of three names - Foolish Fury (Gahr Yah), Forsaken Fury (Gahr Non), and Zealous Fury (Gahr Ehll). My friend ended up using Gahr Yah and Gahr Non for his character, so I snaffled Zealous Fury for myself.


The reason Medic's Sea Wolf name is so different from her Hellsguard name is twofold. First of all, because words meaning "Telluric" and "Medic" don't exist in the Roegadyn dictionary we've been given. Secondly, because it's instead supposed to be similar to her original name from when she was an orc in WoW - Ursala Earthwielder. I could've also gone for a first name meaning something like "Brave Hare"... if a word for hare existed in the dictionary. >_>


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Oh, I have a Hellsguard alt I have barely touched too.The idea was that he's half Hellsguard, half Sea Wolf genealogist who was mildly popular in Ishgard. Find out which Noble House you might be part of by investigating your family tree! Obviously less important now with what has happened in HW, but... could still be a fun thing to look up. Possibly in Ul'dah too, if you wanted to claim being part of a noble family or something.


I called him Unpronounceable Name. ;)

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