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Rp'rs going for certain wards w/apartments?

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I was curious, with Balmung's population as massive as it is. Were folks leaning toward specific ward/subdivision instances ?

With the apartments having the lobby people can hang out in I was curious as it would give people another place to meet up and hangout.

Or if,due to the population we are all just going to go for where ever we can find space and may some of us be lucky enough to obtain one lol.

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Warren has the right of it. Still, there ARE some places folks might try to hit first if the Housing Rush was any indication. Folks seem to like Mist the most, I think? So those will likely fill up first, then the Beds, and finally the Goblet. Though, the space between these could be simply a manner of minutes... and altered by whatever folks are trying to utilize this knowledge.

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On the plus side, according to posts over in our housing thread, it seems like they'll be able to dynamically add more apartments should they be needed. Up to 500 per ward, so for 12 wards over 3 housing districts... that's 18000 apartments. Unless I messed up my maff somewhere. If subwards are included in the original figure, that doubles the number of apartments potentially available.


SO, hopefully everyone who wants an apartment can get one. ;)

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Subdivisions are in fact included so it would be up to 36k apartments. The question is how fast are they going to make them available? Is it really going to be immediate or will it take a minor patch? I remain skeptical and will assume the latter because this is SE.


Hmm, I thought it wasn't confirmed that subdivisions were going to be included, just the main wards. I would be more than happy to stand corrected, however!


And yeah, unfortunately SE has a habit of saying one thing and doing another... So while I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a quick and easy patch to add more wards eventually, I'm not holding my breath.


pls SE, just let us have a place to call home!

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I reckon I'll just be going for whichever one I can get, like most others. Maybe it'll be possible or more feasible to spread a word saying that lobby in apartment xx of xx is going to be the "RP Lobby" so as to make it more of a hub. Maybe pick the same go-to lobby for all three housing zones to make it easier to remember? It's not an easy feat but, perhaps something to keep in mind going forward.

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I myself am partial to the Limsa Lominsa region and thus the Mists so it's where I plan to check first. Due to working 2nd shift I don't think I want to chance an all nihhter but I am considering waking up by around 9-10am at the latest or maybe even earlier to make an attempt. Guess we'll see.

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I was curious about this myself for one reason and that's the potential RP opportunities if people's characters have these apartments ICly and they're using them as IC apartments or even as shops located within the building. Suddenly you have a reason to RP with someone you may never have had a good reason to meet before but wanted to! That's the neatest part to me. Is it likely to happen? Probably not if only because it'd be impossible I think for that much coordination when it's going to be a scramble but even so, with a stretch the idea could still be used!


Personally a few friends and I are shooting for Lavender Beds, Ward 1. I've always wanted a place in the Lavender Beds and I'll be happy to finally have one if I can snag it!

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Well, spur of the moment decision resulted in me picking up an apartment for both Chachan AND Gogon. Gogon's will likely be a library/personal space... but I'm thinking of adapting Chachan's into a smelting guild facility that matches his background - and leaving it available for folks who ICly need a smithy or smelter in Ul'dah. I just... have to set it all up first. :blush:

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I landed room #4 (yes, really) in ward 9 main division, Mist. It's going to be a bar slash secret meeting place. I fully intend to hold regular events, both of the bar-kind and the secret-meeting-kind.


You guys I am hype.


Chachan managed Ward 1, Room #18 in the Goblet. After I checked for any houses that might've gotten auto-demolished. Which didn't seem to happen, for good or for ill. Hence why I figured I'd just try to snag an apartment so I felt I accomplished something for getting up extra early. :blush:


But I think it's a solid sign that there is either plenty to go around or not so much of a rush for apartments since I was able to log out, wait in a 3k-ish queue to get back in on Gogon, and pick up an apartment for him in the Ward 7 Subdivision of Mist. So, hopefully everyone who wants one will be able to get one!


Also, in case it gets scrolled off at some point or another, Nailah was kind enough to start up a thread to track RP apartments. I'll probably add Chachan's place once it's all ready to go.


EDIT: Oh! And a nice hint for folks looking to get one for themselves. Check your map when you load into a Ward. If the Apartment complex has a checkmark on it, it's all full up. Ward 7 main had a checkmark, but the subdivision one didn't when I got Gogon his room.

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