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Garleans are not Hyur


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At least, I THINK they're not, as per the lorebook. The book is very particular in identifying races and their associated clans. For example, the Hyur from Othard are NOT Midlanders, and the ninja characters in the Ninja lore page are identified as "Hyur (Far Easterner)", whereas elsewhere it is Hyur (Midlander) or Hyur (Highlander).


For the pages of the major nations, they list demographics as , so Highlander Hyur or Midlander Hyur. For Garlemald, however, it just says "Garlean". It wouldn't surprise me if my theory was true. Hyur and Elezen have the same facial features, but are delineated by ears. In the same manner, the 'third eye' may separate Garleans from Hyur. 


Has anyone found anything referring to a Garlean character as a 'Hyur' in dialogue?

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Has anyone found anything referring to a Garlean character as a 'Hyur' in dialogue?


You likely won't, because Garleans have been referred to as their own separate race since early 1.0 days.


The Garleans are an enigmatic race of people from a massive empire situated to the north and east of Eorzea' date=' and despite coming from a realm so large, remarkably little is known about them. As few have ever seen them without their armor, rumors about their physical makeup are many, some of the more "coloful" claims being that they implant machina in their bodies to improve agility and strength, and that they possess a third eye allowing them to see in all directions at once. Though, I would assume there is little truth to these sailor's tales.[/quote']

You look at the Garleans and again' date=' the Garleans are a different race, the pure-blood ones with the third eye. But when you look at the army they have people of all races because they go and subjugate a nation and tell people they can gain citizenship if you join our army and prove your worth. So that’s why you have so many soldiers that are Elezen, because all the real Garleans are back home ruling while their conscripts conquer the land, sometimes using the magic that they can’t.[/quote']


However, apart from their eyes (and their stature), the Garleans all look most similar with Hyur, and so we've used that racial designation for them, myself included out of convenience. But they are not, in fact, truly Hyuran. That's not to say an ancient common ancestry isn't possible. The Hyur have been one of the world's most populous races since the dawn of the 1st Astral Era and have traveled back and forth across Ilsabard for millennia, it's just that the Garleans are unique enough to not be considered one of the many Hyuran "clans."

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why they can't use or interact with Aether.


It's a rather small and insignificant note overall, but, the lore book did state an interesting little bit of lore that touches on this subject.




It's probably just a means for them to go "We never said they couldn't" if they ever decide to add in a Garlean capable of using magic, but, it's there regardless.

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I've always assumed Garleans are their own race since I've never seen any reference otherwise. I wasn't aware anyone assumed them to be Hyur? I think people just use Hyur character models for them in game as player characters because they most physically resemble the Garlean NPC's we've seen (for the men, at least--Elezen models could be argued as a viable option for the women).

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We can probably speculate they have to be at least somewhat biologically similar to the Hyuran clans because there are in-game NPC half-breeds, like Arenvald, who is is the bastard son of a Garlean and Highlander Ala Mhigan mother.


But like most others, I'm using a Hyur model for my Garlean because it's the closest thing we get. Asnd it could just be considered "Garlean trickery" for one to claim to be Hyuran. (Even if horribly ego-damaging.)

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There's definitely a separation between the political moniker "Garlean" and the racial one, but Garlemald's core does seem to be made up of people who are racially Garlean.


Also I was really glad about the lore book subtly confirming that Ishgardian Elezen are their own sub-race? Headcanon definitely confirmed. TBH, there's probably more that objectively differentiates two similar-looking elezen across Ishgardian/non-Ishgardian lines than there is that objectively differentiates two similar-looking elezen across Wildwood/Duskwight lines...

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Rihtahtyn Sas Arvina, I think is a Garlean Roegadyn who is neither Sea Wolves nor Hellsguard


His first name marks him as a Sea Wolf by heritage, actually. "Rhitahtyn" means "Right Judge" in the Roegadyn language. "Sas" has to do with his rank, and Arvina is Latin for "fat." It's probably an assumed name to indicate his near-full assimilation into the Garlean culture. But he's not a Pureblood Garlean (nor is he from Garlemald - he's from one of the conquered territories), and one of the notable things about him is that he's achieved the rank he has - which is almost unheard of within Garlean ranks. Racism against non-Purebloods is a pretty pervasive thing.


Edit: Franz pointed out that Rhitatyn could just as easily be a weird Hellsguard using a traditional name instead of a common language name, since there are exceptions to the rule among both clans. Or, he could be from another clan we don't know about. But, he's still racially a Roegadyn, and not a Garlean Pureblood.

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