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Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: End of an Era Giveaway

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[align=center]Welcome to the[align=center]Wayfarers_test_again.png[/align] Stormblood Gift Giveaway![/align]





NOTICE: First of all, I apologize for the last two months of bare giveaways. Things have been busy outside of the game and the FC has picked up traction as well so I've been pretty busy. However, to make up for this, I am hosting a final giveaway before the expansion. No worries, this isn't the LAST giveaway but after the expansion there may be a month or so before another is released. That being said, I look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming expansion and I hope this post might brighten someone's day. I'll be on the night before the expansion and post the results an hour or so before Stormblood launches. Additionally, I'm adding the option to winners if they want their winnings to be IC or not. Basically, I would like to give you an IC reason to have the item you win and use it, maybe even give you a little interaction with Rini and the company, but I understand that not all characters would actually sign up for a giveaway so in that respect it's an optional piece that depends on the player. I'll see you all soon! Cheers![/align]


Da Rules: I will be giving out several prizes of different values to those who reply to this thread; this is my way of giving back to the server and, hopefully, brightening a few people's day. That is...Really all the rules actually!


It's simple! Look over all the gifts I am giving away, make a post with each item listed in the order of which ones you like the most, and wait until June 19th. This is completely free and something I would like to do for the members of the RPC on Balmung. Sorry for the other servers, but I am only available on Balmung.


On the 19th I will input everyone who enters into a random generator and provide a numbered list of those who entered. The one who wins gets the gift at the top of their list. If that gift is already taken they get the item second on their list instead, etc etc. Each person can only enter and win once per month.


After the drawing is over, the winners will need to contact me via RPC and schedule a pickup time for their item. Winners will have ONE MONTH to contact me. After the month period is up, the item will be cycled back into the drawings once again. If you are keeping contact with me, or let me know that you need more time, I can keep your item for you as long as you stay in contact.


Good luck everyone and have a good one!









[Head into Stormblood with a shiny new weapon.]

Of the Round Weapon (You pick the class)



[Fan Favorite Pet]

Lesser Panda



[Fan Favorite Housing]




[Our Official Wayfarer Uniform]

Company Tabard



[Enter Stormblood with swag]

$20 in Mogstore Credit: Anything that is below, or equals $20. (Can also be multiple items that equal this amount)


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Overall lovely theme and idea; will be looking forward to what all comes with Stormblood, as well! Thank you as always for being so generous in doing this. 

1. Mogstation credit

2. Of the Round weapon (WHM)

3. Orchestrion

4. Lesser Panda Minion

5. Company Tabard

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1. Mogstation credit 

2. Of the round weapon (Class TBD, I might end up making my own this weekend)

3. Lesser Panda

4. Pass to next in line



Thanks for keeping Wayfarers a consistent part of the community for so long.  I think one of my first RP events was at you all's tavern.

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