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Characters Singing Voice/Speaking Voice?


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I thought it would be fun to share our characters singing and speaking voices! I've always been into voice acting so I love to think who would play my character's voice ^^


My Xaela, Xiou Ren's voice is based off Marceline from Adventure time. 



Also since her personality and backstory was based off Anya from Anastasia, I can see her singing voice be Christy Altomare from the Broadway version of Anastasia! I wrote her backstory around this song, so this would be a perfect song for Xiou to sing as well.



Who would be the perfect voice and singing voice for your character?

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I think there's been a thread like this before, but I can do this again: 


Zhara's speaking voice: 




Zhara's singing voice: 




Demi's voice is slightly lower and more raspy so it's not an exact match up with the talking voice, but these are just references anyways, doesn't have to be perfect.

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It's kinda difficult for me to pin down a voice for Nyx, sometimes I just kinda imagine it as my own? 


Though, probably something kinda close (maybe slightly deeper) to Tarja Turunen's voice when Nyx is actively training her voice.  (Vid for reference + I like this song ok) -- It's a difficult voice to kinda pin down, but this was the closest I could really think of. 




But drunk/casually/not-caring mode probably closer to something like... Aurelio Voltaire's (Vid for reference, again not *exactly* but fairly close-ish for a reference). 





It'd be difficult for Nyx to sing in the first voice, since it's a bit of a strain on her vocal chords (kinda just something I know from experience, since I crapped out my own voice trying to maintain a higher pitch for an entire day and had to wear a sign to work). 


The second is more likely how she'd sound when she sings, which is a big reason why she doesn't actually sing in any public venue and just to herself in her apartment, or the shower (and is just a much less stressful voice to maintain).

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Tsubaki sounds a lot like Lamb from League of Legends (minus the echo effect obviously):


She's a very soft-spoken person but even after she gets a little bolder she still has a tendency to stare at the scenery and let her mind wander which results in her still sounding soft-spoken.


Her singing voice is similar to Loreena McKennitt (minus the accent):


This also matches her preferred style of music which is folk songs with traditional (or at least acoustic) instruments. She also tends to sing with that soft, whispering quality. This is not to say she doesn't do other styles regularly or sing them in a different way, of course.

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Winter's speaking voice: Tae Takemi's pretty close to what she sounds like in my head!



Winter's singing voice: no further commentary needed



In her defense, she's a great dancer, but singing is just not her forte. Or her mezzo-forte.


Really, we'd all best hope it's her pianissimo.

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For Misasae, my ego-driven lalafell gladiator, Its quite hard to find a voice reference for a lala, but I reckon it would be something quite like Vanellope, given the cocky attitude and love of infuriating enemies with taunting-




As for her singing voice, she's far too tuff a hero to be caught singing! Well, unless she had a few too many drinks after a hard-won victory, so likely something along the lines of-



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I find that finding actual speaking voice for a character is REALLY HARD!


But this one below comes close in quality both voice and singing for Nabi:



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