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Rei's Doodles and Artworks

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Copyright:  You do not have permission to trace/edit/modify or elsewise use images within this thread in any way, shape, or form without explicit written permission by the artist and credit provided in the reproduced imagery.

This includes but is not exclusive to: recoloring, photomanipulation, modification of hue or saturation, addition or removal of text, cropping, and so forth. I will not tolerate mine or another's art being used wrongly and taking credit for that which you did not produce, and will without hesitancy report all art theft to the rightful owners.


I caved. I decided to post my works here. lmao. 

So, my characters are of elven blood, but they're being converted to Miqo'te due to my distaste for the elven anatomy in XIV. So none of this art will be XIV based... yet. :'D


The blue-haired woman is Vesta, the dark haired, dark skinned male is Dilandau, and the purple-haired male is Vesta's husband Naderas. 


Please don't repost these anywhere! All content is copyrighted to me u v u)/!

I do commissions but atm I've a wrist injury so they're currently on hold until it gets the surgery needed. \ o v o)7
























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Excuse me while I affix my jaw back to the rest of my face.


ughhhhh Your work is so good. Please teach me how to colors ; ;


What Mtoto said.


Your stuff is amazing, I'm so jealous.

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/)//w//(\ Ahh gosh you guys flatter me so much skfjdsg. Idek what to say. 



My wrist does unfortunately hurt, but I've learned to not draw as much as I had before I got it diagnosed, so for now it's doing alright. u v u)/ ! I draw regardless, lmfao. I couldn't live without doing so, I'd go nuts.


I will def post here when I am streaming since people seem interested in my work here. I appreciate all the comments and support.  ;  v  ; )7

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; v ;(\ Ohgosh, all these comments haha;; You guys are so nice. Idek what to say ahhh.


I'd post more recent ones but I haven't done much else yet since those in the first post.


Here's a few more, but they're a little older than the ones above (from last year-ish), so the anatomy's a lil off... I still like them though, so why not. 















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I'm not sure how I missed this post a couple days back... but I actually really like [obviously?] how the elezen look in this game!!  But preferences are preferences.


I just wanted to comment that I    :love: ADORE :love:   the picture of the woman with the violin from the OP!!!!!!  Your style is unique and I love every picture posted and may be reaching out to you for a commission as well at some point as well when your wrist is feeling better.  Thank you for sharing!!

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xD Ahhh thank you everyone! And I'll be streaming again so don't worry if you missed it, lmao;; I feel so flattered from everyone's posts here.

My commissions will reopen maybe within the next month, I just have to work very slowly with my wrist so it takes a longlong time.


And thankyou, Eva. ; v ;/ She's my primary OC and has been for some time. I'd play an Elezen, but they're very anatomically incorrect, and it would drive the artist in me insane the entire time I played them, lmfao. I'm sure they're very attractive to a lot of people, and they're still very pretty to me, I just feel like I need to 'fix' their anatomy.. xD;;

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