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Harbingers' Weekly Tavern Night (Thursday nights, 9PM EST)

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Dear denizens of Eorzea,


Each Thursday night Harbingers of Dawn <> will be hosting a gathering in our company's tavern. Starting upon the 9th bell of the evening ((9PM eastern time)) will begin an evening of food and drink, merriment, and entertainment. The festivities will be held in the basement of the Harbingers' estate located on Plot 58, Ward 5 of Lavender Beds.


All are welcome, but please leave your weapons at the door. Remember, this isn't your common seedy little tavern--brawling and illegal activities are strictly prohibited. We are a company of heroes, after all! Should anyone find the basement too cramped, there is a cozy seating area upstairs as well as on the lawn.


For those currently without a company and seeking employment, along with our usual prospects we are also hiring culinarians, entertainers, bouncers, and servers for the purpose of our events should they pledge loyalty to our company. If you are seeking employment, please feel free to apply and seek me out personally.


Depending on the size and success of our event, we may add raffles, games, contests, prizes, and other activities. I hope to see you there. The event will be every Thursday night until and unless otherwise announced. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.





Lady Faye Covington,

Support Saint of Harbingers of Dawn

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Event starts in an hour, looking forward to seeing you folks there! :) For those that cannot make it tonight, hopefully we'll see you next week!

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Fun night!  Thanks for letting us enjoy your tavern space. o/


You're very welcome! Thank you all for coming! :D


I want to thank everyone who stopped by! It was a really fun night with a lot of people! We had many more guests show up than we anticipated, so I'm sorry things we're pretty cramped most of the night. We're saving up for a bigger space as soon as we can afford it. All in all it went well, and I'm impressed with the turn out! Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. I'm looking forward to next week. :)

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Sadface, real life problems made me miss the tavern night, but I'll be sure to get the next one!


I'm sorry to hear that, always crappy when RL issues get in the way! I look forward to seeing you next week! :D


Thanks to everyone who came out! Another good turn out! The night went very smoothly with some great role-play! I hope to see you all again next week. :)

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Hello! It's come to my attention that recently there's been concern over the idea of us having IC bouncers at our event as well as disdain at the idea we want our event to be popular. Of course we want it to be popular! It's a social event. If it weren't popular, that would mean people aren't enjoying it--and doesn't that defeat the purpose? :) We want to put our event out there and give it a good name to ensure we have a good turn out every week! More people coming means more friends to make and more RP connections to be had, which is the entire purpose of our open bar night.


As for our bouncers, there seems to have been dismay over the possibility of them godmodding. First off, I want say that we, like the rest of you, hate godmodders! However, I find it asinine to think of all the things that *could* go wrong with any RP event (there are a lot of them--and most don't end up actually happening or are nothing more than minor annoyances). Our members must pass through our application process to join our company because we want to ensure we only recruit quality members and considerate role-players. That being said, we don't employ any godmodders, and godmodding/powerplaying is against our company policy and not tolerated.


We have bouncers in place to make sure A) Stop the event from being derailed (we appreciate the initiative of anyone wanting to turn the open bar night into a massive bar fight, but on a large and unplanned scale that would probably just turn into chaos!) and because B) It's an IC necessity. As a heavy RP FC, we have to consider IC realism. And what tavern wouldn't have security of some sort? We can't have people brawling in the basement--especially not as a good-aligned company's headquarters!


Our bouncers have yet to have anyone give them any significant trouble and have never had to get physical with any character. We ask our patrons to understand that IC actions will bring about IC consequences so they need be prepared for this, however, godmodding is not an issue. As mentioned before, we want everyone to have fun at our events! And where is the fun in our members godmodding and making everyone upset with us? Please know we do our best to be fair and make our events enjoyable for everyone involved, be they from inside or outside our company. :)


If anyone has any concerns, questions, or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear your feedback and hope to use it constructively to make our events bigger and better. You can reach me here, in-game, or on Enjin. Open communication is much more effective than gossip and speculation. Thank you!

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Sorry I could not stay I was having bad connection problems. It was a nice cosy feel though for the time I was there ♥


No worries, I'm glad you came, and thank you! :D <3

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Thank you so much for having me out! I had a great time, and met some really great people! :thumbsup:


My pleasure, thanks for coming! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!


And thanks to everyone else who came by this week!

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Tavern night begins in an hour! Anyone is welcome to attend and get some role-play in, though maintenance may be cutting us a bit short tonight. I look forward to seeing you there! :D

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When I first got an invitation to go this this event, I thought it was some sort of exclusive player character ball or something and I felt special, lol.  xD


If it was though, my character would probably spaz out without her armor and if she had to wear a dress. Her armor could technically count as a military uniform, which is a dress of sorts in term's, so she could get away with going to a ball dressed in full battle armor, lolol.   xD


Still, I have made time so I will be going to this tommorow.  :P

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My ISP seems to have decided I still don't hate it enough and decided to remedy that by having an outage in my area since this afternoon. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it tonight but I give my thanks to everyone who came out this evening and I hope to see you next week instead! And a suuuuper thanks to my lovely FC members for keeping things running smoothly!

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