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Rhea's Doodle pile - Commissions: closed

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Considering that Most of my doodles have been for this game, I may as well drop them in here.

Commission Info

Closed for an indefinite time. I will still worked on promised work, but right now..... things arent right for me to work on commissioned work, sorry.



Lance Ironheart: (Flat Color / Full body Group )

- Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: Full Body + Extra Project - (Character sheet 1 - Character Sheet 2 - Action Shot)

- Oswain Geralt - Fullbody/Color

Phayte Lior - Image

Current Commissions list:



--- Original post ---




4 minute Quick Sketches of a more innocent kind. (hidden because it's huge)





This one was a rejected version of a request I'm doing at the moment (Not sure if I'm good enough to even do commissions atm...)



Baaahhh... *fwoom*



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Oh I'm so sorry Rhea I.. I somehow brought people to ask you more stuff













You horrible horrible person, oh how I hate you and your ability to make me gil. /sarcasm.


On a serious note, I gotta figure out pricing for expression sheets now.

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