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Character Math!

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This was something that was posted in the old GW2 forum I was a part of and I thought you all might enjoy it. Basically, pick three characters from movies, tv, books, whatever and smish them together to make your character!


As an example: To make Obsidian Hornet you would start with a healthy dose of...



Bullet-Tooth Tony from "Snatch"



Bullet-Tooth Tony provides a great deal of Hornet's swagger and general presence when she's out in the world. The utter confidence and fearlessness she portrays and the way she would try to intimidate people in order to cow them is shown very well her.


Next we add a touch of....


Gail from "Sin City"



Pure valkyrie badass. Sex and death. Violence and revenge. Passion and danger. Everything that Hornet's id demands of her is all here with Gail.


And finally we add a dash of....


Yu Shu Lien from "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon".



Yu Shu Lien displays Hornet's softer, more caring side. She desperately wants to help the people she cares about and she loves so very deeply, even though she knows that pain will come along with it. It's worth it to love.


So there you go! I love these sorts of things and would love to see what you all take as influences for your own characters!

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I'm diggin' this idea.


To create one Faye Covington, you must begin with a hearty base of Alexia Tarabotti from the Soulless novel and manga series by Gail Carriger for the necessary starting point of a Victorian lady with the right amount of deadly wit and mannerly sass, and a habit of smacking people with a parasol.





Next, we add in a dose of Griffith from Berserk for that healthy flair of sociopathic, ambitious pale leader and literal white knight. (You know... minus the rape, and maybe minus the human sacrifices... maybe). Also, dem lips.





Next, we add a dash of... Light/Raito/Kira from Death Note for an extra bit of sociopathy and vigilante justice turned to a thirst for power with a god-complex.





Then, mix equal portions of Daenerys, Cersei, and Margaery from Game of Thrones for the perfect mixture of a regal, elegant, sexy, and confident queen.









Next a pinch of Saber from Fate/Zero for a stoic, bad ass, and noble if not entirely faultless leader...




Then add a handful of Daisy Buchanan to tone it all down with the air of a spoiled, ditzy rich blonde girl.




Followed by a little Marie Antoinette for a hint of "reality!"




A garnish of Angelina Jolie as live-action Maleficent solely for attitude.




And lastly, top it all off with an even mix of Miss Mosh, Scarlett Johansson, Ksenia Solo, Nastya Zhidkova, and of course some Marilyn Monroe solely for aesthetics (apparently Faye is very Russian). 













So, uhh... there's a lot that goes into a Faye cocktail! Mostly beautiful, bad-ass ladies, though.

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So I had the give this some thought.


His fighting ability could be taken From Geralt of Rivia.








Though, ultimately his concept was built upon that of a wandering samurai like Nanashi in Sword of the stranger.







Gharen's Id, (the wolf) was based on the character Id from Xenogears. (Though I scaled the God-like being way back in favor of something savage, angry, and feral.) I have also considered that this dark subset of his character through RP might eventually evolve from something base and primal into full a blown separate personality hell bent on destroying everyone and everything. What the future holds who knows?







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Val's fighting style is very much like Oberyn Martell. In fact, when I read the books, I /immediately/ thought that he very well fit Val's typical description and style, although Val mainly uses his lance for show and prefers to dual wield daggers. He does, however, prioritize speed and his ability to dodge over armor. Val fights dirty too, using whatever is around as a weapon if he thinks it'll help him gain the upper hand. He also acts a bit like Oberyn, minus the bisexual thing. If he wasn't so entirely homophobic, I could certainly see him being like that. He also isn't rich. He's more of a vagabond.






As far as humor/commentary, anyone that's been around Val has known he's VERY much like Archer.





I've also posted it before, but Kanji Tatsumi is very Val-like. He's brash, irrational, gets into trouble, and freaks out when someone even remotely assumes that he likes anything other than women. Val also secretly knits. He makes a lot of Faye's clothes. (Go to 2:54 to actually see Kanji, and then more around 7:27 and beyond)






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I wanted to do this for both of my characters, then I realized how hard it was figuring out just one. So here's Sounsyy. Maybe I'll come back and add Saehri.



I draw a lot from some of the heavier aspects of this character. So first bit of Sounsyy consists of...



Malcolm Reynolds - "Firefly"





I draw on a lot of the flaws of this character. His recklessness to prove a point. His inability to voice his feelings. His clinging to the past. But anyone who has watched/read the show/movie/graphic novels knows that when Malcolm gets that flat look in his eyes, the recipient better watch out. I think that speaks to Sounsyy and her disposition very well.


Then we add a layer of...


Everest Ning - "Octopus Pie"






Eve represents the part of Sounsyy that is still a little girl. Like Eve, Sounsyy was forced to act like an adult at a very young age, and also like Eve, she isn't always very good at it. She doesn't always make the right decisions and sometimes "gut feelings" don't work out.


Lastly, we add a pinch of...


Harold Finch - "Person of Interest"





Harold represents Sounsyy's good intentions, and manifests in Sounsyy's decision to leave her sister behind when she was needed most. Harold strives to make amends for his past failings by making the world today and tomorrow a better place. I really hope to see Sounsyy take that same leap of faith towards redemption.

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Alrightie let's give this a whirl.


Welp let's start with a Healthy does dose of Kamina. Loud, flamboyant and cares deeply for his friends. Starting from humble beginnings and rising to greatness, as well as the never give in never surrender attitude. This forms the very foundation of Roh's shounen roots.




Next we add a helping of equal parts Kain Highwind and Cid Highwind.

Iconic Dragoons of the FF games. They inspired not only my OOC love of the Job with iconic storylines but also my desire to add to the legacy!



Kain represents Roh's practiced flair and pride as a Dragoon, valuing the teachings from his mentor and using them to walk the path of a legend. 


Where as Cid Highwind adds that gruffness ((as much as a Miqo'te can muster)) don't make Roh tell you to shut up and drink your God danged tea!


And there I would say we have our Miqo'te!

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This is a pretty neat idea, Hornet. Thank you for sharing it.


For Rivienne, I gave her a dose of --



Zoe Washburne from Firefly, for her stoic and deadly demeanor. She is a blend of beauty, strength and wit. Yet one can see that she is not all machine, there is tenderness there that is oft reserved for those she cares for and her loved one.


Added some--



Katniss Everdeen, from the Hunger Games. Quick on her feet and intuitive. She able to adapt to the environment surrounding her, and is quite flexible in dangerous situations. Also, helps that she too is skilled in hunting. She enjoys her bow and arrow more than playing the part of a coquettish woman.


And a pinch of --




Éowyn, from Lord of the Rings, a maiden by body, but a warrior in spirit. Rivienne was withdrawn, distant and kept many of her emotions ( still does ) bottled within. She wants to carve her own destiny and take possession of it in the end, instead of being a caged bird to her brother's own legacy.

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Hmm, this is an interesting thread. I never really gave much thought to source characters and so forth, which made this a bit of a challenge.  Ciel sort of breaks down as:


Aerith from FF7




A gentle spirit and a love for flowers and nature, yet also gifted with the ability to hear and understand the world around her.  For Ciel, it isn't so much hearing the voice of the Planet (even if it is, as a warrior of light), but the ability to hear and understand the Elementals.  She also bears a willingness to do whatever must be done, regardless of cost to herself.



Silmeria from Valkyrie Profile 2




Sometimes a presence felt more than seen, she has often taken on the role of a guide, be it taking someone on a tour of the realm, helping someone make a difficult personal decision, or helping to ease the spirit of someone who is soon to pass on, allowing them to let go of worldly fetters and pain.



... and just a smidgeon of River Song from Doctor Who




Stylish as well as sassy, and sometimes seems to be wherever she's needed at just the right time.  Hello, dahling~

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All right, let's see. Yvelont Navarre could break down as:


One part Sturm Brightblade:



An exiled knight, he nevertheless upholds the standards of chivalry - a code of honor to which he is no longer strictly bound, and to which a number of Ishgardian Templars and Ul'dahn Sultansworn alike merely pay lip service.


One part Qui-Gon Jinn:



Yvelont tends to act on his conscience before duty, leading to him consistently being seen as a maverick among the Ishgardian knights - and eventually leading to him being exiled from their ranks.


Of late, he has taken on the role of teacher, seeking to pass on his knowledge to those younger and less experienced but who show great promise. His apprentice in the way of the lance, Kiht Jakkya, is chief among these.



Finally, a tiny bit of Kenshiro.



I'll have to give Kendha'to a little more thought. Love this thread.

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Well. This took some thought, I really had to mull it around in my mind several times. I'm doing my terrible unhinged Elezen, Zachree Rowlaux.



Wolverine from the X-men - Zach has been known to just let himself go in the heat of battle, while he tries to (sometimes) keep this bloodlust in check he occasionally loses himself in it. While not possessing regenerative powers like Wolverine, he doesn't shy from taking a hit, which is probably a terrible habit that is going to get him killed one of these days. Also he sometimes lacks the ability to give any bleeps when it comes to dramatic social situations. And yes I used Hugh, I suppose any wolverine would do, but why not Hugh? HUGH HUGH HUGH HUGH.






Smokescreen from TFP - Smokescreen has a heart of gold. He does his best, he attempts to keep everyone happy and has a sense of humor to boot. Unfortunately for him none of the other Autobots like to have any fun. Smokescreen is very much the hero at heart and I would say that Smokescreen represents the heroic and more social aspect of Zachree.






As I go through with the list you can definitely see where my influences have come from...


Spider Man from Marvel Comics/Amazing Spider Man - I suppose any spider man incarnation would do for this; the requirements would be the gift of gab and quick wit. (not emo or brooding spider man. I'm talking the one that mocks his enemies and embarrasses his friends.) There have been many times when roleplaying Zach that my fingers will move without consulting my brain, it just spills out into the chat. Sometimes I say to myself "Maybe for the sake of harmony I should change what he is about to say here..." and then I press enter anyways. I think he's only been slapped a few times, but he deserves more. He's not rude per say... just... likes a good jab or two.





Making this post made me realize how much I missed CoH. D:

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First, Captain Ahab. We'll take a bit of the brooding, unwavering desire for revenge that consumes him entirely




Then Batou. The sense of duty and pride in himself that keeps him from falling apart.




Marv, from Sin City, for his willingness to do terrible things for all the right reasons.




Queequeg, for his hospitality, compassion and loyalty toward those he cares about.




And finally, Hellboy. For sense of humor and the belief that you are more than the worst parts of yourself.



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The math that makes up Kendha'to:




Yeah, not Hugh. I'm talkin' comics Wolverine. I'm talkin' rude, swearing, short ball of rage. That's Ken.


Thorfinn (Vinland Saga):


Completely lacking in social graces, with a jerk-ass facade that a scant few have been able to see past. Also prone to hotheadedness in battle, and happens to use daggers to boot.


..with just a little bit of Rambo.


Do you see Rambo hiding in that forest? Exactly. (Also often employs a bow and loves to watch tanks - albeit Magitek ones - explode.)

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A combination of the following:


Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler (Discworld)


Scheming entrepreneur, good at selling ideas, mostly just sells garbage.


Elan (Order of the Stick)


Dramatic but weirdly charismatic idiot.


Shelley "The Machine" Levene (Glengarry Glenn Ross)


Desperate sad-sack.

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This is a cool idea!


First, we've got a pinch of Detective Hartigan.



The ends justify the means, regardless of the cost to ourselves.


Then we get a dash of the World's Greatest Detective.




Healthy dose of someone with the right ideas but loses it in the execution.



And end with some intensity and determination and an excuse to post Roman Reigns



Bake until you've got a seemingly-selfless, paranoid delusional powerhouse with plenty of issues.

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Love the thread Idea.


Nat's sense of duty, honor and purpose could easily come from Chris Lightfellow, protagonist of Suikoden III.




Her crassness and penchant for fucking shit up comes from renegade femshep.




Her fighting style definitely comes from Soul Calibur's Sophitia. Nat uses shields offensively, and gets in close to the opponent. Though she's a bigger fan of armor... and clothes.



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Alright, I think I have this figured out...


Coatleque is comprised first of Julie Andrews for her absolute politeness and proper manners



Then Marylin Munster for her obliviousness to what is really going on around her.



And then Clare, from the Claymore series for her... everything else really.


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Alright, I'll bite!


For C'kayah, his main motivation in life is to be:


(Giacomo Casanova)


However, real life and his natural talents have conspired to force him to be more like:



While any reasonably attractive woman can turn him into:


Much to his detriment (but the benefit of any conflict-driven RP)

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I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and now I have come up with an equation that equals Kiht Jakkya!



The voice, fury and passion of Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.



The wisdom, leadership qualities and code of honor of Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis.



The kindness, relentless compassion for friends and free spirit of Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter.

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The L'yhta equation is simple. :)


You take this guy's (the Eleventh Doctor) reckless thrill seeking, lack of planning, and ruthlessness in the face of threats...



Then combine it with this girl's (Lina Inverse) youthful arrogance, raw power, and appetite for the bombastic use of magic...



And finally toss in this lady's (Leslie Knope) naiveté, unending enthusiasm, and boundless optimism...



She can be a bit trying to get along with. :) As a wise character once said to her, "Your existence is very much like shouting."

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Hibito Yarato, Plainsfolk, can be summed up like this:


Peregrin "Pippin" Took


Young, naïve, and overly enthusiastic almost to the point of obnoxiousness. He truly has no idea what he's getting into. What he lacks in wisdom, he makes up for in courage, but his foolhardiness is going to get him into trouble.


Tenchi Masaki


Extremely awkward around females, yet somehow seems to surround himself with them.


Rocky Balboa


In a word? Tenacity. He's not strong, and he's fully aware of it, but his mind is made up to achieve his goals. Whatever it takes, he won't give up.




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Okay, so...


Levi, Shingeki no Kyojin.



This might be a little bit obvious. Or I'm overthinking again. They're both dealing with loss and tend to be rude and abrasive. 


Elsa, Frozen.



Though I made Cris before Frozen was released, I see similarities between the two, especially in the way they isolate themselves. "Conceal, don't feel." and all that stuff.


Cris hasn't quite moved past that yet, however.



Arcade Gannon, Fallout New Vegas.




His self-depreciative humour and his tendency to deflect personal questions inspired a lot of Cris' character. In fact, it's why I made Cris blonde. He was originally going to have brown or red hair, lol.

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Well to get Iliette Guillestet, first you get a large bowl and some whiskers and then start by adding a large portion of...


Sanada Yukimura (From Sengoku Basara):

Yukimura is courageous, doesn't back down and fights with not one but two spears at hand, amazing acrobatic skills and amazing strength and rushing the enemy head on. as well as is a dedicated and loyal follower to whomever deserves said loyalty (For Yukimura that would be his lordship :P)


Then you take two Date Masamunes (Sengoku Basara...again) and start mixing!:

Date Masamune while a leader is cocky and is not openly afraid of anything! Speaking bad engrish lines and the like charges into battlefield not having much thought for anyone else until the deed is done!


((I may have used "Let's Party!" a few times in a fight :P))


Now let it rest for a bit while we gather some spices... Go to your spice rack and grab some of the emotional distance of Effy Stonem... (Skins) (as well as her being Iliette's PB)


The awkward and sometimes immature romance of Koizumi (Lovely Complex)


And last but not least the awesome pretend heroics of any shounen hero thinking they are all that!


Now we add a dash of all of those things we grabbed into the mixture, we mix it again, put it into the oven and then we get Iliette Guillestet


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