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Art by Antain | Commissions: Semi-Open


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What I will do:


♥ NSFW (within reason)

♥ Original characters

♥ Concept design

♥ “Cosplay” characters


What I will not do:


☻ Fan art/copywritten characters



Each package includes the original, high quality .png file, an 800px width web-safe .jpg file, and a 400x400px icon of the base commissioned character, unless disclosed beforehand.


All art is digital.


There will be regular email updates during each part of the process to make sure pose, expression, and other miscellaneous details are accurate to your vision. If my ideas get in the way of what you want, do not hesitate to say such. This is your art and should be done according to your description.


If a print* is requested, there is an additional $10 charge to cover ink, supplies, packaging, and shipping. A frame come with another $10 charge, if requested.


International pricing and shipping is available**!


Any additional questions and concerns, please contact me at [email protected]












Thank you for taking the time to humor me with your views! :love:


*Can be signed upon request.

**Depends on weight of the package and location. International available; exchange rates apply. Will be shipped in either rigid envelope or shipping box.

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Want. I'm thinking full-body color. ...need to poke some people to see if I can get a group.

Thank you! Always willing to draw some ripped Highlanders. I'll send you a PM for details.


The zoom effect on the full color is trippy. Can't tell if my eyes are fuzzy or if those are supposed to be super-fine fishnets or both.

Fishnets =3

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