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The Night Owls

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[align=center]Finding yourself awake at godawful hours with NOTHING to do?


All your friends are offline, everyone is asleep, and you're utterly bored?


HOOT HOOT! Come join the Night Owls!


[align=left]*clears throat* Anyways...


Just starting off as a LS, this was just a little idea I had to cater towards gamers who are usually online at hours where normal denizens of the gaming world are snoozing in their beds. Want to find folks to RP with? Maybe run some dungeons or get some hunts where you don't have to fight as big of a crowd? Come to us! Even if it's just to have someone to talk too.


Possibly Skype group to made for this in the future as well!


Contact me here or in game for an invite :)[/align]


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I'm often on Fri/Sat/Sun in the early UK mornings and it is very quiet. So I was wondering if this would overlap much with people in the LS.

We have a lot of people on until 5AM-9AM EST. We're growing as well so I'd love to add you :)


Ooh that's perfect. I'll choose a LS to kill and prod you when online.


One potato, two potato, ...

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I need to poke someone for an invite Phae'ra might be the best one to poke since we're on each others friends list!


I'm off the next couple of days so I should be around when you're online. I'll keep an eye out for you.

 Same! I'll go down the list of people who aren't already with us when I log on :)

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