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4 Star Crafting: The road through hell.

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These gifs accurately depict how I feel after finally getting to the point of trying some rotations, only to bash my head against the RNG-wall of doom. 








Please send help. 


(and gil)

(and chocolate)

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That first one describes everything perfectly. I agree with Oscare. They're making crafting way more challenging than it honestly needs to be. In my opinion they should have just stopped with master crafting. That, in itself, is a challenge. Now they release 4 star, which is even harder and costs more money. I wish you luck with it though! Let me know if you 4 star carpentry *nods*

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Begin by crafting your tools (welcome to the 1st hell with the only 4% basis with HQ mats).


How to make the new tokens in HQ :


Cross skill needed :

  • Waste not II
  • Byregoth's Blessing
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Comfort Zone
  • Hasty Touch
  • Steady Hand II
  • Piece by Piece
  • Rapid Synthesis
  • Careful Synthesis II

Food & Stuff needed :

Food : Bouillabaisse HQ.

Stuff : At Best Supra hand, Artisan off hand melded and your i55 gear / jewells FULL MELDED. As any other craft, the better geared you are the easier it is.

Buff : Of course FC buff is a +.



Rotation :

♥ = Trick of the Trade



Comfort zone ♥

Inner quiet ♥

Piece by Piece ♥

Piece by Piece ♥

Ingenuity II ♥ ↑ToT only if you haven't gotten any yet

Steady Hand II

Rapid Synthesis

Rapid Synthesis ← If you fail any of the craft attempt, RECLAIM and do it again.

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch ♥

Master's mend II ♥

Comfort zone ♥ ← if you don't have 2 ToTs by now, RECLAIM and do it again.

Steady Hand II

Waste not II

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Steady Hand II

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch

Hasty Touch ♥ ← If more than 2 Hasty Touch failed, RECLAIM and do it again. If you can ToT, add a Steady Hand !

Great Stride 

Byregot Blessing

Careful Synthesis II



Simulator Result (in japanese)

You can cry a bit more as the simulation was made with those stats : 452 craftmanship 407 control 352 CP


I hope that will help you. PERSEVERE, that's the things you will need the most and good luck ♥

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Yeah that's the rotation I've seen on the reddit as well, however I have optimized it to suit the stats I have (Supra+New offhand half melded) a little better, and then I have been experimenting with another skill as well. Still the rotation itself only has like a 20% chance to get the right procs and even after that it can still fail to HQ. Not to mention reclaim has failed me 3 times already X_X 


I honestly think they went a bit too far in the difficulty here, I'd be fine with it if it wasn't so damned expensive. I've spent about 2 million so far.

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Yes, the melding part is useful and makes me wonder if I'll ever bother seeing that, in the end, you just earn +9 control when you have the 3 pieces compared to if you have your gear melded. Nice for people who begin crafting to have only 1 gear to meld, but kinda pointless for those who are fully melded unless they need a small control push for HQ.

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They did went too far. Especialy as you only earn some out dated gear in the end that most of people will want only for glamour.

And unlike raiding, they didn't make it easier to break in.


Although I guess running Gatherer 50 helps in spending less money, you still have to spend a ton, and I've barely 20k to my name.

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They did went too far. Especialy as you only earn some out dated gear in the end that most of people will want only for glamour.

And unlike raiding, they didn't make it easier to break in.


Yes, they did for gathering (they lowered the min gathering of the rare nodes) but that's true, they did nothing to ease the crafting.. Instead they force people to spend their money on desynth..

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When did they do that? I didn't notice anything on Mining - at least the entry levels.


At the update


The gathering rating required to harvest items at the following gathering points has been lowered from 370 to 353:

South Shroud

Unspoiled Mature Tree: Fragrant Log

Unspoiled Rocky Outcrop: Umbral Rock, Grade 3 Shroud Topsoil


Middle La Noscea

Unspoiled Rocky Outcrop: Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil


Western Thanalan

Unspoiled Rocky Outcrop: Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil


Also the very firsts ones (like the Gold ore for example for miner) don't have any min gathering requirement now.

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I feel your pain! I'm still trying to get high enough to make three star items. :frustrated: The four star... it breaks my heart but I probably won't hit that achievement until they come out with five stars. :P Thanks you to the person who posted how to make the four star items! I'm going to review it and see if I can do it once I get all of my gear melded properly.

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I pretty much ground my crafting to a halt with the mastercrafts, Hiding everything behind a wall of Gil and RNG for melds is a sure fire way to get alot of people to flat out not even bother. Only reason I see to work on crafting classes any longer is to repair my own gear and outfit my lower lvl classes.

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Way too much time later, I am now finally a 4 star Weaver. I'm still working on my melds, but with the help of food buffs I can reach the stuff to make NQ stuff, so if you're wanting a craft done for looks then I can now do that. Bring mats including crystals, and then tips are appreciated though not needed. 

I reckon I spent about 5 million on this because I geared up before getting my last two book-turn thingies into HQ.. But so worth it.

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Worth it? After spending that much of a fortune (to say nothing of the pain and agony of contending with the RNG)? Hmmm!


Really, though, the thread title is way too apt. The Road Through Hell, indeed!


Worth it because I have that wanting to be the very best mentality.. Even if I do trundle along at a much slower rate than everyone else xD

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I've melded my CUL up the wazoo so I can craft my relish way to victory for desynthing and stuff.


After that... oh dear god I need to find an ALC who 4* so I can buy like THREE BOOKS T_T so I can reset my stupid desynths from a long time ago.


THEN... THEN... I need to meld OTHER CRAFTS so I can actually mastercraft things. Like LTW. Who I started to do melds for. The only HQ AF melded left on my CUL are the little booties and I'm just.. ; ;


SUFFERING. I need to get good at rotations when working with NQ tomatoes ; ;

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I... get the odd feeling that once I start leveling my crafting classes, I'm just gonna stop at 50. :blush:


You can repair level 50 gear when reaching the appropriate craft to 40. Crafting's a nightmare in this game, just go for repairs.

HEGGHGHNGHN. Been procrastinating so hard with leveling the crafts!

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When I read about how horrible four-star was and how ultimately useless it is compared to the Item Level Cliff of Yoshi's Continued Madness, I halted all crafting.


...which is a real shame, because the actual gameplay of gathering and crafting was the most fun I had in an MMO.


Another black mark for me on this title, it seems. :c

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