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Just wondering


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So, i've been wondering this for a while.


Are there any folks here that live on the east coast? Prefitably Taxachusetts (Massachusetts)?


Again, just an idle curiousity.  Don't feel like you have to answer or anything, but if you want to, that's fine too.

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Born in Massachusetts, raised in Maine, and schooled in New Hampshire here (it was complicated). Family is still all up in that area and that's where I keep my address and clocks set to.


... Currently cruising through South Carolina, bringing 35,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets to Texas.


DC Metro area here, so I get to "enjoy" our lovely Capital's traffic.

... OhgoodgodsDCtraffic... The overpasses... being stuck 200 feet up in the air for over an hour... *muffled screams*

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