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If Your Character was in a Fighting Game...


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...Because these threads are always fun and I haven't seen one here yet.


Hopefully everyone has played a fighting game at least once. So how about a fun brainstorming exercise! What sorts of win-quotes and specials would your characters have if they were in one? What would their stage be? Would they have a Nemisis / Special Boss fight? Here's a template below to get you started!



[b]Character Name[/b]


Music goes here!

[i]Stage Description[/i]

Where would they fight? The backstreets of Ul'dah? The sunny La Noscean coastline? A crowded bar? A Garlean fortress? The possibilities are endless!

[i]Moveset Description[/i]

What sorts of moves do they have? Magic? Fist-fighting? Swordplay? Do they prefer to stay up close or attack from afar? Do they attack lightly but quickly? Slowly but powerfully?

[i]Special Moves[/i] (or Limit Breaks if you wanna be fancy)

[b]Special 1[/b]:

[b]Special 2[/b]:

[b]Special 3[/b]:


Do they have an enemy of note? A special boss they defeat in their campaign?

[i]Intro Quotes[/i]

[b]General 1[/b]:

[b]General 2[/b]:

[b]General 3[/b]:

[i]Win Quotes[/i]

[b]General 1[/b]:

[b]General 2[/b]:

[b]General 3[/b]:

[i]Lose Quotes[/i]

[b]General 1[/b]:

[b]General 2[/b]:

[b]General 3[/b]:



Feel free to add to the template as you see fit! Maybe your character has specific win-quotes for certain people, or multiple enemies, or various other things! Go nuts!

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Here's an example:





Oliwat Kokiwat







Stage Description


A grassy plain near the sea, with a Plainsfolk village in the background. Some Lalafell sit at the edges of the stage to watch the fight, while others go about their daily business.


Moveset Description


Mid-ranged magic attacks with high mobility but low damage. Good for zoning and staying out of reach, but a lack of heavy moves and low health makes for trouble if an opponent closes in.


Special Moves (or Limit Breaks if you wanna be fancy)


Astral Achoo!: Oliwat takes a deep breath, and then sneezes a fireball that covers half of the screen before dissipating, and blows him away from his opponent.


Umbral Ice-Skating: Oliwat skates towards his foe in the blink of an eye, and causes a giant ice spike to erupt from the ground below them, tossing his opponent into the air.


Buddy Beatdown: Oliwat's Mammet and Chocobo rush in from off-stage to pummel his opponent. Oliwat himself stands on the side and eats a sandwich during the special.








Intro Quotes


General 1: "It's Oli!"


General 2: "It was YOU that took my orange juice!"


General 3: "Want a sandwich when this is over?"


Against Surilian Blu: "Well! I wonder how good you've gotten!"


Against Adaji Oonarund: "Stupid hat-scribbler!"


Against a Thaumaturge: "My robes look nicer."


Against Flynt Reddard: "DON'T BITE ME, I'LL DO ANYTHING!"


Against a Lalafell: "You wouldn't hurt someone this cute, would you?!"


Against Himself: "AGH! GET AWAY FROM ME!"




Win Quotes


General 1: "And now...Time for Sandwiches."


General 2: "Well! Time to keep wandering!"


General 3: "Now where did Clatterpouch get to..."


Against a Thaumaturge: "Guess you didn't bring enough boom!"


Against a Lalafell: "I'm the taller one, and that's that!"


Against Surilian Blu: "You've grown a bit, that's for sure!"


Against Adaji Oonarund: "...So yeah. Don't touch my hat."


Against Flynt Reddard: "...Gross."


Against Himself: "This hat's just not big enough for the both of us!"




Lose Quotes


General 1: "Owie, sandwich cramps..."


General 2: "Too much orange juice..."


General 3: "...I need a nap."


Against a Thaumaturge: "I feel c-cold all of a sudden."


Against a Lalafell: "If only I had been born a Roegadyn..."


Against Surilian Blu: "Guess you don't need me anymore."


Against Adaji Oonarund: "My hat! You...You touched it!"


Against Flynt Reddard: "You bit me! WHY DID YOU BITE ME!"


Against Himself: "Deja Vu sure hurts more than it used to."

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Well, I'll give it a shot. :blush:


For some reason, I keep imagining Chachan being like Dan from Street Fighter or Gon from Tekken... 3 (?) or even Deadpool in MvC. Basically a "joke" character that could possibly be dangerous in the right hands. As I started thinking up moves for him, he somehow became that obnoxious counter-character some people don't like.


Chachanji Gegenji



(Still sticking with it because I still think it fits. :blush: )



Stage Description

The streets in front of the Quicksand, right where the fountain is. A few generic Ul'dah citizens lined up along the stairs and upper levels. Cameo characters would be hidden amongst the crowd for the sharp-eyed, and the whole thing would be a hooting, hollering, energetic affair.


Moveset Description

Chachan's moveset would be mostly quick, ultra-close-range attacks to utilize his small stature and high speed. They'd probably hit decently hard, but most of his hits could probably be blocked through a neutral or - more likely - low block, though the assault could steadily lower health through chip damage. A definite pressure/combo character.


As a fan of Guilty Gear, I would most likely try to include an additional mechanic for players to utilize. With Chachan, I'd either make either a "Chutzpah" meter or crib the Sunder idea from the "Your Character as an Instance" thread. I'll break down both ideas briefly here.


Chutzpah - As Chachan keeps landing hits without being hit in return, he builds up a meter (seperate from the special meter). As it goes up, so does his attack speed and damage. If he's in a costume that includes his helmet, the rabbit eyes glow more fiercely as the meter fills. In fact, that would probably be the "meter" for it.


Sunder - Landing certain moves on an opponent inflicts stacks of "Sunder," which makes the opponent take more damage. These either stay for the duration for the fight or, much more likely, last until the opponent gets enough time free of attacks to let it fade.


Considering I already used the Sunder effect before, along with the fact that it's definitely more of an MMO mechanic than a fighting one, I'm leaning more towards Chutzpah.


Special Moves

Hare Splitter: Chachanji's only ranged attack, flinging his shield at his opponent. Whether you hit Light, Medium, or Fierce will aim the throw Low, Mid, or High for purposes of blocking. His "Hadoken," so to speak. A "Shinkuu Hare Splitter" (Tranced?) would probably entail throwing the shield with an aftereffect, causing sizable multi-hit damage and dizziness on impact.


Caught'em Tail: A counterattack move where Chachanji bashes aside an attack with his buckler. The move both nullifies the opponent's attack and spins them around to face the other direction, leaving them open to immediate assault. Super version would be multiple bashes, spinning the opponent like a top before leaving them dizzied.


Rabbit Riposte: A counterattack move where Chachanji dodges behind the opponent, evading the attack and punishing the opponent with a multi-hitting rising slash. This both damages and knocks the opponent into the air for aerial combos. Super version would include a Rabbit Medium "dummy" left in his wake, and an energy-wreathed rising blade for more hits and damage.


Usagiado: Chachanji's "Limit Break." The Lalafell sheaths his blade and waits to be hit. Should he be, the screen darkens and a rice paper door (stylized with a Doman painting of a rabbit running through a meadow) slides shut across the screen as the eyes on Chachanji's rabbit helmet flash. Numerous slashes then cut through the door, followed by one final cut that sends all the pieces exploding outward like a shattered window. Massive damage.





Intro Quotes

General 1:  "Hero time!"

General 2: "I'm Chachanji Gegenji, nice ta meetcha!"

General 3: "Well, haldo dere!"

vs. Warren Castille: "A-ah! Ser Warren! I have to fight you?"

Mirror Match: "Whoa! I've never fought me before!"


Win Quotes

General 1: *waving at the screen* "Ser Warren! Ser Warren, didja see?"

General 2: *rewards self with a Yellow Drop, flicking it up in the air and catching it in his mouth*

* Easter Egg: Should the remaining time's numbers match (ex. 44, 22, etc), Chachanji will fumble the catch and run off screen after his wayward treat.

General 3: "Bunnytrick!" *removes helmet, revealing the Rabbit Medium, which then disappears in a puff of smoke*

vs. Warren Castille: "I... I won? Don't tell me you were holdin' back, Ser Warren!" *fume*

Mirror Match: "Yay! I think...?" *thoughtful pose*


Lose Quotes

General 1: "Owowowow! I yield, I yield!"

General 2: "Wow, you're strong!"

General 3: *exaggerated pouting*

vs. Warren Castille: "Ehehehe... guess I still gotta lot ta learn from ya, huh?"

Mirror Match: "Wait... I'm confused. Who won?" *thoughtful pose*

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Squee! This looks like fun!! :3


Steel Wolf










Stage Description


Outside of the Whitebrim Front fort; varying levels of snowiness or sun, randomly generated


Moveset Description


Steel is a close to mid-range fighter, specializing in strong attacks and heavy strikes. She doesn't string together combos greater than three or four hits, but when she does connect, she HITS. Most of her moves will involve closing gap and bringing her greataxe to bear. She has no range attacks of any sort.


Special Moves (or Limit Breaks if you wanna be fancy)


Shatterheart Strike: Throw move - Steel knocks the opponent over with her shoulder, buries her axe in to the chest and throws the opponent away from her.


Falling Edge: Gap closer - Steel leaps at the opponent. If the initial strike lands, she unleashes a flurry of three more upward axe strikes.


Wolf's Fury: Ultra move, only available as a counter - Steel interrupts with a sharp thrust of the bottom of her axe haft, then unloads a massive upwards swing that sends the opponent skyward. Steel positions herself beneath the target, thrusts her axe in to the opponent as they fall, then slams them in to the ground repeatedly back and forth for four more hits.






Intro Quotes


General 1: "Right then...let's get this goin'!"

General 2: "Yer not gonna enjoy this..."

Against Another Axe Wielder: "Oi! Don't hold back, alright? I need to know if I'm doin' this right!"

Against a Sultansworn: "I'll show ye how brutality works, 'Ser Knight'!"


Win Quotes


General 1: "Whew! That was a workout an' no joke! Thanks!"

General 2: "I'd feel better about this if you had put up more of a fight."

General 3: "Sorry, but you swung first! ...eh, I'm not that sorry."

Against a Sultansworn: "Your techniques will not avail you. Fighting isnae an honorable endeavor."

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Aaron Iceblood



Theme -




Stage description - 

A ruined landscape with ice scarred buildings in the back drop broken and destroyed and a snowy sparse covering on the ground. A sunset on the horizon with an orange and gold colored sky akin to dusk.


Moveset Description - 

Close range blades fighter. His dual wield offense makes him extremely efficient at close range with a burst of aether damage between attacks


Limitbreaks - 



Fenrirs Breath - Aaron makes a blinding set of one handed hand sigs before inhaling and exhaling a subzero breath of ice that freezes over the screen then shatters it.


Shiva's Fate - A beautiful white wing sprouts from Aarons left shoulder resembling a dragons and flaps violently at his opponent sending thousands of needle like ice shards towards the enemy.


Glaciem Draconem (Ultimate) - Aaron raises a hand to the heavens palm upwards saying a incantation that calls forth a ice dragon from the aether to lease a frozen hyper beam at his opponent creating a beautiful pillar of ice that spirals towards the sky.



Intro Quotes - 



General 1 - "Are you ready. . .?"



General 2 - "Ice is cold and heartless. . . Do you think im like that?"



General 3 - "I'm not as dangerous as you'd think. . . "



Against a Highlander - "I'm not inferior to you. . ."



Against Niklas Gran - "You're everything im not. ."



Against Himself - "I'd think we were cursed. . . "



Win Quotes - 



General 1 - "No hard Feelings. . ."



General 2 - "I try not to show anyone my power. . ."



General 3 - "I'm not dangerous. . . Youre just weak."



Against a Highlander - "Still think you were born superior?"



Against Niklas Gran - "I'm still stronger. . ."



Against Himself - "Doesn't feel like a victory. . . "



Against a Fire user - "Seems Im living in your embers. . . As always."



Lose Quotes -



General 1 - "Damn. . . "



General 2 - "I just. . . dont know."



General 3 - "I told you I wasnt dangerous."



Against a Highlander - ". . . Guess skill is birth right."



Against Niklas Gran - "Always one step ahead of me. . . Go ahead, lecture me as always."



Against himself - "No wonder im broken. . . Not strong enough."


Against a fire user - "Those flames . . . Always stop me. ."

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Character Name


Dogberry Himalspyr






Stage Description


In a bustling port in Lower Limsa Lominsa, with observers placing down bets while stevedores unload a ship in the background.


Moveset Description


Close range, MMA style fighter with striking combos and grapples. Some moves involve using a spear. Move set is mostly based on close range stunning and grappling.


Special Moves


The Goozle: Dogberry grabs his opponent by the throat, lifts them up, and then uses his magitek legs to jump into the air. He throws the opponent down on the ground, and lands on them, thrusting down with a spear.



Just The Tip: Dogberry spins his spear and catches the opponent on the tip. He flings the opponent in the air, then throws the spear, hitting them in mid-air.


Catch and Release: Dogberry hurls a harpoon on a rope at mid-range, and pulls the opponent in to close range.




Intro Quotes


General 1: "If you're feelin' froggy, mate, all y'gotta do is hop."


General 2: "Yer mouth's writin' checks what ain't been properly endorsed, kiddo."


General 3: "Fight now, drinks later?"


Against a Roegadyn, Elezen, or Highlander female: "Oh, I think I'm in love."


Mirror Match: "Oh twelve, the mushrooms..."


Against Stormwind: "I always figured it'd come to this."


Win Quotes


General 1: "So much wind outta your gob I oughta tie you up behind my sails."


General 2: "Y'can't run with th'wolves at night if you grapple with the puppies all day."


General 3: "So, how 'bout that drink?"


Against a Roegadyn, Elezen, or Highlander female: "Can we put this unpleasantness behind us? I've got a fine bottle of cognac in m'quarters..."


Mirror Match: "Oh twelve here comes the purge..." *Dogberry doubles over and heaves*


Against Stormwind: "Hubris. Shoulda looked it up. Who's the genius now?"


Lose Quotes


General 1: "Bah, I've had worse done t'me by better'n you."


General 2: "'Ey, how'd you that that one thing.. with the pain?"


General 3: "Ugh... Drinks now, yes?"


Against a Roegadyn, Elezen, or Highlander female: "Oh, I am definitely in love."


Mirror Match: "I'm sure there's a lesson about bein' m'own worst enemy but -ohgodsthepurge!"


Against Stormwind: "I hope all this was worth it, mate. Good luck when it all blows up in yer face."

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Posting in thread as an excuse to post the best fighting game music ever.





Stage Description - A well-traveled stretch of desert dust beside a stream and small encampment. Ul'dah is visible in the background, quite a ways in the distance. Yes, of course it's the Grindstone location.


Character archetype - Slow, defensive character centered on highly-punishing counters.


Limitbreaks -


Savage Riposte: Counter-special. Briefly disables opponents special attacks.

Ironclad: Short duration enhanced-defense and Super Armor mode

To the Last: Being KO'd with a full super bar drains the bar and recovers 33% of his health bar, usable once per round


Intro Quotes -


Generic 1: "If it's a fight you want, you got it."

Generic 2: "Let's see what you've got, then."

Generic 3: *low, affirmative grunt*

Mirror Match: "Really? They make a big deal about you?"


Against a Sultansworn: "There's a lot you can learn outside of those walls."

Against Chachanji: "Alright, one more round..."

Against Howl: "Go easy on me, alright? I still remember last time..."

Against Melkire: "I can't help but feel like we've done this before."


Victory Quotes -


High health: "About what I expected."

Medium health: "I think we both learned something today."

Low health: "Almost took me by surprise!"

After To the Last: *panting* "And I'm... just... getting warmed up..."

Mirror Match: "Only room for one. You can't have them."

Against a Sultansworn: "Back to the academy."

Against Chachanji: "Get some rest. Same time tomorrow."

Against Howl: "There! We're even now."

Against Melkire: "You'll live. I used the flat again."



Losing Quotes -


Enemy High health: "Not even close...?!"

Enemy Medium health: "Almost..."

Enemy Low health: "Every night is anyone's night."

After To the Last: *angry bitter sounds*

Mirror Match: "How is this possible...?"

Against a Sultansworn: "I've got some learning to do myself, I suppose."

Against Chachanji: "I... suppose I did a good job...?"

Against Howl: "Damn! Next time... Maybe..."

Against Melkire: "Tricks from the gutter. Should have seen them coming..."

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Posting in thread as an excuse to post the best fighting game music ever.








Is... is it wrong that I want there to be a fake Warren that uses the... other version of that song?





(Love me some Guilty Gear musics. Perusing them online now thanks to you.)


I also went back and added a couple mirror match lines, lines for fighting Warren, and an Easter Egg because I thought it'd be cute.

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All right then. Since most people went ArcSysWorks and ANIMEEEEE I'll go that route.


Character Name

Kellach Sinclair Woods (abbreviated to Kellach on char select and in-game UI)





Stage Description

Summerford Farms, 3 AM


Moveset Description

This is for Kellach as a Marauder/Warrior. He's more than that (and really the MNK version of Kell would essentially be Hakan/Beowulf/Wolf Hawkfield/Jaycee rolled into one character so...) but let's keep it damned simple.


Format :

Move name (command) - Startup - Active - Recovery - Adv. on Hit - Adv. on Block - Special effects



5P - 3 - 2 - 3 +3 +0

6P - 12 - 6 - 8 - +10 - -6 - *Upper-body invincibility from start of active frames to end of active frames

5K - 7 - 4 - 6 +5 +2

5S - 10 - 6 - 13 +0* - -6 *Launches on counter-hit

5HS - 22 - 6 - 15 +1 - -14

Dust - 22


2P - 4 - 2 - 3 - +2 +0

2K - 6 - 3 - 5 - +3 -2

2S - 7 - 5 - 9 - +3 -1

2HS (HS) - 7 - 5 - 20 - * -23 * (HS)Launches on hit, Jump Cancellable

2D - 13 - 8 - 4 - * -6 *Sweeps on hit


8P -

8K -

8S -

8HS -

8D - 8 - * - xx - * - +1 - *Active until landing, causes hard knockdown.



Special Moves


Special 1:


Special 2:


Special 3:


Special 4


Limit Breaks:

Inner Beast:


Limit Break 2:


Instant Kill:

Instant Kill: 25 - 10 - N/A - -20 - *Removes LB gauge on miss.





Do they have an enemy of note? A special boss they defeat in their campaign?



Intro Quotes


General 1:



General 2:


General 3:

Get back, Pinchyshell. This one's serious!



Win Quotes


General 1:


General 2:


General 3:

Next time, they're all yours Pinchyshell!

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Excellent thread.  Here goes.


Character Name








Stage Description


Sagolii desert at sunset, in between two towering sanddunes, wind whipping sand around periodically to obscure vision, and heat lines wavering the air.  A few tribal Seekers watch in the distance with weapons drawn, ready to interfere if the combatants seem to be a threat.


Moveset Description


Short to mid-range punches and kicks - think Hitomi from DoA.  Limited throws/grapples.  Character wears you down with lighter jabs then moves in for the big combos for the KO.


Special Moves


Gambler's Haymaker: Slow punch that takes off a large chunk of HP if it lands.


Dragonslayer Uppercut: Low crouch that builds into a jumping uppercut that lifts and knocks away the opponent.


Something Eternal: KO Combo at low health.  Flurry of punches at the head followed by a massive knockback kick.



Intro Quotes


General 1: "Fight me as a man ought!"


General 2: "Ain't nothing personal; you're just in my way."


General 3: "First rule is no killing."


Against a cute girl smaller than him: "Know how this one's gonna end..."


Against Xhosa Tauzeh: "I know better than to hold back against you."


Against Renae Lecuyer: "No teeth now!"


Against Virara Wakuwa: "You gotta learn what to use strength for."


Against Iron Sea: "Gonna need all my luck for this one."


Against any Dragoon: "I've beat such as you before, y'know."


Against Warren Castille: "... Better take me seriously."


Against Himself: "Getting fat and slow."




Win Quotes


General 1: "A man never gives up."


General 2: "Ain't no reason to give up, as long as you're alive."


General 3: "On to the next round!"


Against a cute girl smaller than him: "Must be some mistake!"


Against Xhosa Tauzeh: "It ain't because I'm better, Mistress."


Against Renae Lecuyer: "Nothing changed - not for me, anyways."


Against Virara Wakuwa: "You'll understand for yourself, one day."


Against Iron Sea: "You just haven't found what you're looking for yet."


Against any Dragoon: "I ain't gonna lose to anyone with a lance."


Against Warren Castille: "Maybe I'm finally on your level."


Against Himself: "A man can't master himself, he's no good."




Lose Quotes


General 1: "Peace!  Enough!"


General 2: "Can't catch a break..."


General 3: "... Scrubbed out early again."


Against a cute girl smaller than him: "Why is it always like this...?"


Against Xhosa Tauzeh: "Feels familiar, huh Mistress?"


Against Renae Lecuyer: "My luck 'gainst cute girls..."


Against Virara Wakuwa: "Maybe it's because... all I do is run..."


Against Iron Sea: "It ain't always about fighting..."


Against any Dragoon: "I just want to forget that place..."


Against Warren Castille: "Drinks on me tonight, yeah?"


Against Himself: "Looks like I still got a ways to go."

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I never post in the forums, however I saw this thread and absolutely had to.



Character Name

Lanza Razaul








Stage Description


Over by Highbridge, with a crowd of Brass Blades (Along with Hunberct and his ladies in the background) watching over and cheering on the fight.


Moveset Description


As a lancer with a very high level of footwork, Lanza's main method of attack would be a constant dance of coming in for a critical hit, then trying to zip to the far end of the screen.

Though a close range fighter, many of his attacks work best when started from a distance, close in, then retreat to try and leap forward again.

High damage, but also very high risk and difficult to pull off moves properly.


Special Moves


Dragon Crusher (For added fighting game authenticity, scream out "DORAGUN KURASHA": Running forward, he rams his opponent with his lance, leaping up in the air to use the momentum to drive the person into the ground, dragging them across it.


Full swing: Stabbing his opponent with his lance, he lifts him/her up over his head and slams them down on the ground behind him.


Boot stomp: Beside a downed opponent, repeatedly hit Forward-down + Kick to stomp on him!




Too many to list.



Intro Quotes


General 1: "Dun' think I'mma go down easy, eh?"


General 2: "Oy, If you was smart, you'd run home now!"


General 3: "I ain't havin' nunna' yer' shite!"


Against Liliana Nazareth: "I put yer arse down once, dun' think I wont do it 'gain!"


Against Dartanon Nobis : "Oyy oy...lez' do it fer' real this time, eh?"


Against Arky Mosuke : "...so boss, 'bout my raise...."


Against Keroa Mosuke : "Like I said, it's step on 'er get stepped on, eh?"


Against Osric Melkire : "Eee-hee-hee-hee~ Show me 'ow mister flame burns, eh!?"


Against C'eleni Meztli "C'mon, jus' a lil' sparrin' run, eh?"



Win Quotes


General 1: "Oy, I ain't lettin' you or anythin' else stop me, eh!?"


General 2: "Izzat' all yous got?"


General 3: "Tch! -spits- Bloody walk all over yer' arse..."



Against Liliana Nazareth : "...."


Against Dartanon Nobis : "...'spose bein mister 'knight' only does so much 'fer ya, eh?"


Against Arky Mosuke : "...as I sas sayin, twenny' thousand a week now?"


Against Keroa Mosuke : "...an it looks like ahm' th'one with the bigger boots on."


Against Osric Melkire "Oy, so hows' a few drinks sound, eh?"


Against C'eleni Meztli "C'mon woman, y'can do better than that!"




Lose Quotes


General 1: "C-chocoboshite..."


General 2: "I...bloody cant lose...!"


General 3: "Oy, oy, OY!!" -Slams fist into the ground-



Against Liliana Nazareth : "...oy, so this is how it ends...eh?"


Against Dartanon Nobis : "Have yer' bloody vengance already!"


Against Arky Mosuke "...ahm so gettin docked 'fer this, aint I?"


Against Keroa Mosuke "Looks like... my arse is th'one who got stepped on...eh?"


Against Osric Melkire "...mebbe it burns a lil' too hot."


Against C'eleni Meztli "Good gal; keep it up, eh?"

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This thread was only tempting... until Razaul posted in it. Gods damn you.



Character Name

Osric Melkire





Stage Description


The Goblet! Houses, mansions, backalleys, waterways... mwuahahahahahaha!



Moveset Description


Thrown daggers provide incentive to close with Osric; stay too far out, and he'll win by way of attrition. Close, though, and you have to deal with a pugilist's and monk-in-training's devastating blows. Of course, since he's a ruttin' whoreson of a sneaky thief shite, gap closers are par for the course.



Special Moves (or Limit Breaks if you wanna be fancy)


Bluff: Osric raises a hand to one ear. Opponent takes minimal damage regardless of relative position unless opponent guards/blocks/parries. 


Mutilate: Osric plucks downed opponent from the floor only to draw his knives and slice them up, cutting right through them to the other side.


Call for Backup: A line of explosives erupts along the ground, three times in rapid succession, from Osric's side of the arena to the opposite side, juggling the opponent if any of the hits connect. The last round is immediately followed up by three volleys of arrows fired through the air along the same direction. 





Jameson Jameson JAMESON no, I won't get you pictures of Spider-Man, you'll just have to get Parker on that for you.



Intro Quotes


General 1: "Cheat, run, or die!"


General 2: "Care for a game?"


General 3: "This is for her."


Against Warren Castille: "Twelve forbid you step out o' that tin can, ser, lest we start thinkin' y'aint a coward."


Against Lanza Razaul: "Shite, Razaul, there anythin' up there that ain't stuffin'?"



Win Quotes


General 1: "Cheaters prosper."


General 2: "I win, you lose."


General 3: "You've kept me away long enough."


Against Warren Castille: "This must be downright embarrassin' for you. What's that? The Grindstone? This ain't it, man."


Against Lanza Razaul: "Gods, man, there ain't anything down there, either!"




Lose Quotes


General 1: "Can't... endure..."


General 2: "Cardsharp...!"


General 3: "Shite... she's... waitin' for me... t'come home..."


Against Warren Castille: "Stow the speeches, eh? Paladins ain't supposed t'gloat."


Against Lanza Razaul: "Aight, aight, Thal's Balls, drinks are on me."

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Oooh, I LOVE these!




Liliana Nazareth










Normal Fight






Against Nemesis/Special Fight









Stage: Coerthas Central Highlands - The Fury's Gaze



There would be blizzard and night/daytime effects, all affecting the view of Ishgard in the background. Sometimes, you might be able to see a dragon or two flying around in the distance, at least on a clear day!





Moveset Description

Liliana, as a Scholar/Arcanist, is mostly a zoning-type. She has moves that can be used at both long and short range, and setting up juggles for each is a little tricky. Her strength lies in the fact that she is a technical character--not at all the strongest nor the one with the most defense, she is all about putting someone right where she wants them to be, then slingshotting ahead of someone for a clutch comeback.





Limit Breaks





Limit Break Level 1: Triple-Hit Special

Medium time of a start up, close-range. Lily smacks someone with Miasma, following it up with Bio II, before a quick, successive hit of Miasma II throws her opponent against the wall. The first two frames of her attack are invincible. This is not meant to be the strongest of moves; it is meant, actually, to be the end of an interrupt combo or perhaps an interrupt itself.





Limit Break Level 2: Whispering Dawn

A stationary special that she can be hit out of, Whispering Dawn is a charge-up special that heals her instead of hits her opponent. Lasts for only a few seconds but can heal ~20% of her health, depending on gauge charges.





Limit Break Level 3: Shadow Flare

As an Arcanist, this is her most potent offensive spell. It acts more so closely to the Lahabrea version, however, with some added extra attacks that end with the giant ball of aetheric miasma exploding on her opponent, also causing a weakness debuff that lasts for about five seconds.







Lily does have quite a few different enemies and of varying degrees -- however, she would consider Lanza, an ex of hers, and "Inky" to be the "special bosses" of her campaign.







Intro Quotes



General 1: "Huh. So soon? Well, we should get on with it, then."


General 2: "I do so hope you are ready. I am not going to go down so easily."


General 3: "I can see there is no point in talking things out. Very well, a challenge shall be met."



VS Lanza Razaul: "Hmm? What? You look as though you have seen a ghost.~" 

VS Paradyme Capellago: "Look, we both know what you are capable of..."

VS Dartanon Nobis: "Look, can we just...not fight, and say that you won...?"

VS Jael'li Erisha'an: "Somehow, I feel like this is more than a simple sparring match..."

VS Haru Qwey: "Just like old times, eh? Loser buys drinks, this time~"

VS "Inky": "No...you, you stop that. Give him back...give him back!!

VS Sultansworn: "Feh, you are all the same."

VS Brass Blade: "I do not trust your lot, not after what I have seen most of them do."

VS Maelstrom Officer: *salutes* "May the best win!"

Mirror Match: "Eh...? What dark sorcery is this...?"




Win Quotes





General 1: "Ah, well, I appear to have won, then. Good show~!"


General 2: "I am glad to have won one for my girls.~"



General 3: "And that is that, I am afraid."



VS Lanza Razaul: "...Thank you for that. I am sorry it never went as planned...."

VS Paradyme Capellago: "You, ah...you were going easy on me, aye...?"

VS Dartanon Nobis: "Gentleman or not, I find it rude that you went easy on me...n-now then, are you all right? I-I hope I did not hit you too hard!"

VS Jael'li Erisha'an: "So, what is that now, two and two? I daresay I can still keep up with you~!"

VS Haru Qwey: "Two and nothing, with me in the lead! So, ah, about those drinks..."

VS "Inky": "What did I say?! Vacate that vessel, immediately!! I will not demand you a second time!"

VS Sultansworn: "If a 'Sworn can be bested by a healer, I fear for Ul'dah's safety...."

VS Brass Blade: "You really are not that much, I see. I should have figured."

VS Maelstrom Officer: "I doubt your pay will be docked for this, but I wonder if I will get a promotion..."

VS Mirror Match: "I see, it was only a weak illusion..."



Lose Quotes



General 1: "Nnngh...i-it appears that I have been...bested, after all...."



General 2: "I-I really...should have expected that..."


General 3: *spits* "Next time, then. Next time I will be better prepared."


VS Lanza Razaul: "..."

VS Paradyme Capellago: "Nngh! Th-that...pugilism training...r-really paid off...."

VS Dartanon Nobis: "I-I am glad you trusted me enough...to not go easy..."

VS Jael'li Erishan: "Th-three and one, now...dammit...!"

VS Haru Qwey: "Nngh, I-I yield! Drinks are on me tonight, I guess..."

VS "Inky": "N-No...I...I failed you...." 

VS Sultansworn: "Gods...d-dammit...!"

VS Brass Blade: "Y-You will never take me alive!"

VS Maelstrom Officer: "Nnh...I-I hope the Admiral was not watching..."

VS Mirror Match: "Guh...! P-Perhaps...I...am the illusion..."


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Berrod Armstrong




Stage Description


Out in the deserts of Southern Thanalan at night, in a clearing amidst the smoldering ruins of a campsite.


Moveset Description


Devastating close range attacks with only two occasionally available ranged ones that do much less damage. There'll also be a timed gap closer that will require the opponent to move away very quickly or risk taking serious amounts of damage. 


Limit Breaks 


Fist of Man: A simple, thrusting fist, augmented by both lightning and fire aspected aether. High damage and a chance to stun. 


Fist of Rhalgr: A ranged attack that smashes the ground and does high damage in a line to everything in front of Berrod, can be avoided with a precisely timed jump. 


Asura: The seventh chakra is unleashed, granting Berrod the Asura form which gives him health equal to half the damage of each of its high-damage, high-speed blows. 







Intro Quotes


General 1: "Come."


General 2: "Let me show you the power of destruction."


General 3: "..."




Win Quotes


General 1: "A shame. You had potential."


General 2: "This is the power of my god."


General 3: "Did you expect otherwise?"




Lose Quotes


General 1: "...impossible!"


General 2: "Is this as far as I've reached?"


General 3: "I'll acknowledge it. You're stronger."

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Rae of the unknown


I prefer the crossover series of fighter mechanics so I hope you don't mind if I design it that way.



If She is first up or is the next character tagged after a ko'd teammate




If she is the last remaining fighter on her team




Hyper mode theme




Stage Description


Ul'dah Rooftops at night- Amidst all the hustle and bustle on the steps of Naldthal fighters are letting loose on the rooftops! Poor roofing gives way to a bath house (if the floorsplat requirement is met.) From the bathouse players are sent to the steps of nald where a crowd quickly gathers around the skirmish!


Moveset Description


Rae is a very obnoxious character at mid to close range, she has a plethora of moves, akin to say Dante in MVC3 with button specific effects akin to Spiral of MvC2. Her pokes are rather fast and meant to frustrate the opponent, drawbacks are that to use her requires just frame input timing command dexterity and situational awareness. she is also very meter intensive Would not be beginner friendly. (EX. Standard jab projectile 263+LP would have a certain frames of start up, Just input version cuts start up frames in half/gains two points of projectile armor instead of one) command normals have properties like low, high, and projectile evasion one can otg but requires wavedashing to convert into combo)


special traits- She must taunt in order to pocket meter, so a bit of showboating mid combo is important. if you want to deal greater damage. She does not gain meter very well of non combo damage So whiffed normals and zoning won't give you free wins. She has 1100 HP over the standard 1000 so you may get lucky and live through one more fireball than most.




Special Moves (or Limit Breaks if you wanna be fancy)


Purification: The masked femme fatale vanishes from sight and falls down from the heavens ontop of the opponent dealing a feirce splitting chop. If the move is a KO blow, she will enter her special win pose where she holds up the opponent and tosses them off screen.

(note opponents will not split in half unless programmed to )

Heavens to earth( air okay) She envelopes herself in a large bolt of lightning if the lightning bolt connects it triggers a barrier blast that is multi hit attack before a finishing blast outwards. If it misses Rae will gain a boost based on the lightning super input [2xp 2xk Strong punch +Foward kick]. (power speed, super armor) it is reccomended you space properly for this move if you are in combo.


Asuran might restored:

Requires 5 bars of meter.

Ultra mode: She returns to her origin form, taunting in this form grants you a speed buff, and all special move becomes its just frame input version. She gains access to her command grab only useable in ultramode, (this form is timed but can be switched out to preserve the time, and make use of Just Input versions of assists.



Nill Nulla

upon clearing arcade mode they partake in a one round boss fight, where the outcome of the match decides the ending cutscene.



Intro Quotes


General 1: "*Yawn* Did you really have to wake me up for this?


General 2: This is a dangerous game you are playing.


General 3: Don't let me sully my hands, with your dishonorable defeat.


Versus Law enforcement: "So, am I under arrest or should I guess some more?"


Versus fellow free company members: "I won't hold back if you don't!"

versus voidtouched: "Welcome, (brother/sister)"

versus voidsent Ah, greetings, what news do you bring of the chasm?

Mirror match :

"I guess we messed up somewhere along the way?"


Versus Flynt Reddard: "Well, well, little Flynttwo..."


Versus Steel Wolf: "You, yes you! A battle with me!"

Win Quotes


General 1:

"Well if you can move, it's about time you went home."

General 2:

"You should've prayed on your gods to help you. "

General 3:

A drink, on me, you did alright.

special victory:

"Weeding the chaff."

Hyper mode finish

"Beware, Wrath deals in absolutes."

Mirror match

"I'll take it from here, thanks."

Versus Steel Wolf : Nothing else matters but the fight and what you gain from it!",

versus law enforcement: "Where's your reinforcements?"

Versus voidtouched: "Turns your world upside down, doesn't it?"

versus voidsent: "Back to the under with you, friend."

Judgement win: See? I can abide by the twelve!"

Lose Quotes


General 1: "Haha, well you did it fair and square."


General 2: "There is something I'm missing,"


General 3: "My heart wasn't in it."

Timed out: "Of course....A win is win, right?"

judgement loss: "Damn this world and its laws."

Versus Steel Wolf: "It's okay, It'll grow back.."






Would be patched after 3 weeks. xD

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I keep having to patch edit mine because PEOPLE KEEP WANTING TO FIGHT ME.


I keep adding stuff to mine because I keep thinking of more things. Heck, the whole "unique music" dealie for duels between specific characters in Guilty Gear has me thinking if Warren v. Chachan would have one.






That fight would actually be rather amusing, since both seem to be counter-focused (I'm noticing a lot of close range folks with counters, actually - where's our zoning guys?). A clash of quick and punishing attacks. Warren strikes me as the more beginner-friendly one, though. Powerful and with that auto-counter stance and super armor.


Really, I'm mostly finding myself musing on the various mechanics a FFXIV-RP (Championship Turbo Edition) fighting game would possess.


The most obvious is the super bar, which would totally have to look like the LB bars - three stages, with varying powerful moves based on how many are lit up and a full "Limit Break" for a full three bars. How these bars are used seems like it would vary from character to character - some having moves they can only use with the LB bars, while others might use it to just do improved versions of their normal moves. There could even be a manner to give an extra attack a bit of oomph for a chunk of meter... or even an X-Factor style Trance mode! So many fun ideas to play with.


I also imagine the character select being divided into groups based on home nation, with a line or two of those not "committed" to one faction at the bottom. Random option included, of course.

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Mine's half-baked, honestly. I love the DoA series as a casual fan and always had a lot of fun endlessly Izuna Dropping fools who dare approach my Hayabusa, but in a MvC or GG style game, an auto-counter ability would be beyond useless: Zoning and keepaway would render it completely pointless until it wore off. That's why I included the bit about chip damage; If someone's going to counter the counter, I wanted a way to try to counter the counter's counter. Counter!


My favorite thing about counter-based characters is that it relies on you having a LOT of knowledge about where things hit and how characters work. It's like playing a Shadow Tag Wobbuffet: It's not enough to have your opponent locked down and forced to fight, you've got to then know what they're going to do. I didn't delve into it but I imagined his moves were very zone-based: Counter only high, counter only low, etc. All-purpose "Time against incoming attack" is dumb.


...I'd definitely steal the SF3:TS parry mechanic to fuel his limit, though.

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but in a MvC or GG style game, an auto-counter ability would be beyond useless: Zoning and keepaway would render it completely pointless until it wore off. That's why I included the bit about chip damage; If someone's going to counter the counter, I wanted a way to try to counter the counter's counter. Counter!


My favorite thing about counter-based characters is that it relies on you having a LOT of knowledge about where things hit and how characters work. It's like playing a Shadow Tag Wobbuffet: It's not enough to have your opponent locked down and forced to fight, you've got to then know what they're going to do. I didn't delve into it but I imagined his moves were very zone-based: Counter only high, counter only low, etc. All-purpose "Time against incoming attack" is dumb.




...I'd definitely steal the SF3:TS parry mechanic to fuel his limit, though.

Not entirely true, Weskers and Taskmasters counter supers are pretty useable, you just gotta force a physical move. I think In the mvc realm of things all purpose would just be your buff to cope with the rest right?

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Not entirely true, Weskers and Taskmasters counter supers are pretty useable, you just gotta force a physical move.


Yeah, I didn't think it all the way through. Used as a super, there's no reason for it to be "auto-counter" or anything silly like that, it would just be used in response to an attack. Editing some more!


That's kinda how Chachan's fightan game attack style seems to have evolved as I wrote it. Pressure, pressure, annoy, pressure... and then punish them for trying to attack out of it. Force the moves through constant normal attack, and then counter with specials to keep the momentum going. Kinda why I like the Chutzpah "GG-style" addition more than Sunder. As a player, you're rewarded for continuing to keep the heat on and not letting the opponent land a hit... but it's all lost if they do.


I really should just pull the Sunder option out entirely from the post.

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I'm amused that Warren and Chachanji have similar styles. It makes sense in the realm of RP they're doing, and the best part is we didn't communicate about it at all prior to posting. I've been reading way too many Batman comics lately, but the comparison to the Dynamic Duo is real.


Trio-wise, I've got no idea. Warren doesn't really do trios. I'd definitely have Warren and Howl do their pre-Grindstone fistbump-headtap ritual though, and I imagine Warren and Chachanji would have something to indicate their team.


And on that subject, here's Chachanji with the details!

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