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  1. After burnout in GW2 and WoW, I have decided to try my hand again at FFXIV with a new start on the Mateus server. This seems to be a good choice as I have come across and been involved with some good roleplay in the three weeks I've been on Mateus. I am an experienced RPer and open to most RP however, keep in mind that I am new to FFXIV and its lore. That said, I am looking for more - for that elusive dream of complimentary characters and players of similar style and standards with a desire for long-term RP and meaningful character development. Below is a little more about me, the
  2. Oh, I think my Tenmei might get along quite well with her!. Mei is a healer, versed in many forms but always opts for natural remedies if possible. She's close to the land, and sensitive to the subtle undercurrents that often go unnoticed by the general populace. I am just recently returned to the game and trying to play catch-up on everything but I am looking for a few RP friends.
  3. Well, I have established a character and while some details will develop through RP, I'd like to introduce Tenmei Kaen! Mei has been kicking around Ul'dah these last few days people watching. She's met some interesting characters and possibly some new friends. Thanks to those who interacted with the quiet Raen girl. I look forward to meeting more folks and perhaps finding the few that wish to engage in a more in-depth story. Ideally I'd like to find an individual or small group to adventure with and mutually develop the characters through bonds of friendship and wild adventures. T
  4. Hello and Welcome! I have just recently returned to the game and have found a nice home on Mateus. I had no problem creating a couple characters on that server, though did run into a slight problem one day but later found out there was a charity event that was a lvl 1 run... so tons of level 1 characters had just been created which may have triggered a temporary closing of the server. Aside from that one time, I had no problem creating new characters on Mateus. Balmung is nigh impossible to create new char on, and honestly, I transferred characters from Balmung to Mateus. I think the styl
  5. I. Basic Info Characters: Tenmei Kaen ( Raen, Au Ra ) Primary character: Tenmei Kaen Linkshells: none Primary RP linkshell: none II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Med/Heavy. I'm up for RP most any time I am online. If RP flagged then I'm IC, if not then send a tell. Views on RP combat and injuries: I think RP combat, whether against another player or an npc'd 'boss' fight is great. If I am RPing with people I know/trust, emote combat is fine, as long as everyone is fair in the strengths and weaknesses
  6. I started nosing about in FFXIV years ago but I never quite found my niche and drifted away. I decided to give it a shot again but also determined that I'd do so out of the main stream and rolled on Mateus rather than returning to Balmung. I plan to play and RP my Au Ra (Raen) but I am having fits over a name. I am curious, how picky is the RP community about names? I would find a fitting "Japanese" first name but I am uncertain about a surname. I even considered a Xaela surname as it fits the idea I have for her story. However, I don't want to be the 'special snowflake' or the lo
  7. Hai! Welcome to FFXIV. I have RP'd extensively in WoW and GW2, and while I like GW2 much better than FFXIV (dodges the rotten fruit), I've found the community here to be more welcoming and inclusive. In fact the big groups here seem intimidating but everyone has been really nice. I am on Balmung cause after GW2 where you may or may not get on the right RP shard, I wanted to be able to find RP if I chose. I love to find RP in the open world, or in random places so for me there was no choice. You don't have to join the big groups, and with FC housing, you can often find small RP in a more
  8. Thanks for all of the comments. It confirms what I had already been thinking but it's always nice to get the opinions of those active in the community. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things and start RPing. Hope to meet and RP with you all in Eorzea!
  9. Yes, let's avoid landmines! I prefer to RP as an average person, skilled but not extraordinary. You know, strengths and weaknesses, flaws... Again, links & resources! So very helpful. Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do. Thanks for the replies. I am still interested in opinions and perhaps examples of how others RP their healers.
  10. I should have mentioned that due to a... learning disability, I am unable to process much of the lore set forth in the quests. I can't really explain other than that I think it's the format in which it's presented. That said, yes, the general idea came across and in my mind it works similar to to how Elementalists heal in GW2. So I think that I'm set with that. More specifically I'm wondering about the WHM. Is Succor too OP? As an Au Ra not long in Eorzea, would she have had access to a Padjal for training? What impact does the actual Soul Stone have, if any? As for the Alchemy end.. than
  11. This is my first RP character, and I've yet to RP her because I have a limited understanding of the lore (and the game!). Currently she is a level 45 White Mage, and I do wish to RP her as a healer but I'm not sure how healing works in this game. Firstly, she is Au Ra so I'm not sure if that affects anything. Secondly, she's an herbalist and naturopath, so she often uses natural treatments/remedies instead of 'magics' (for lack of a better word). She's not young, approximately 35 if human years/aging is equivalent to that of Au Ra. So, she's not inexperienced and she has been an independent
  12. I. Basic Info Characters: Tatsu Ito ( Raen, Au Ra ) Primary character: Tatsu Ito Linkshells: none Primary RP linkshell: none II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Med/Heavy, non-elitist Views on RP combat and injuries: I love RP combat, whether against another player or an npc'd 'boss'. If I am RPing with people I know/trust, emote combat is great, as long as everyone is fair in the strengths and weaknesses of their characters, and a realistic resolution can be achieved. In the absence of that, I prefer rolls, especially if connected to a go
  13. Yes. I noticed a ton of spikey damage in that dungeon, but silly dps didn't go for adds and I ended up doing it. Much Cleric stance-dancing! But, I've noticed that if a tank marks the groups, most dps seem to pay attention to it. It does help. I've had some great tanks, and some terrible ones. So saying it's hard to manage aggro is relative. I've had exact same classes in the same dungeons, yet had one be amazing and one horrendous. But I guess the same should be said about everyone. The dps that stands there doing nothing, or worse, pulling adds can ruin a group as well as a bad healer o
  14. As a healer, and someone new to the game, I appreciate a tank that doesn't chain pull. Even more, I appreciate one that can flipping hold aggro. I know better than to have regen on the tank before pull, and I usually wait for him to start taking some damage before casing my first heal. Still, there are tanks out there that can't hold aggro on more than one mob. Granted they may be as new as I am but still, it's frustrating. I'm still trying to figure out buff/debuff/class icons, and the fact that I have to search for what may be a dispellable debuff in the same line of class icons and buf
  15. I actually rolled a character on Jenova. There's a small but friendly group of RPer's there. I've not actually RP'd yet as I need to flesh out my character before doing so, but they've been helpful and I see them call out in the LS fairly often promoting RP.
  16. I'd recommend checking out the Race Lore Masterpost, which contains lore on the origins, customs, naming conventions, and racial traits of the six races. There's a tab specifically for Au Ra! *snip* OMG, this is amazing. Thanks for all the links and info. Just what I needed. Thanks for the welcome and words of advice. The other problem I've run into is creating a character on Balmung, or even Gilgamesh... I've woken up in the middle of the night to check availability and still they're full. Is there some trick? Or is there perhaps another server than RPers go to?
  17. Hello folks! As indicated, I have the game and have played in a limited fashion a couple times in the past year. I am primarily an RPer but I also like to be fairly decent at the games I play. FFXIV has proven quite confusing to me but I'll figure that part out. I'm here for RP, to create, and develop a character in the FFXIV world. I am not sure if I will continue with the character I originally created, Kaecia Sorel, an Elezen Archer, or if I will create an entirely new character. I was quite happy with the Elezen, but I rolled her and played the game alone. However, in general, I foun
  18. I. Basic Info Characters: Kaecia Sorel (Wildwood Elezen) Primary character: Kaecia Sorel Linkshells: none Primary RP linkshell: none II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Med/Heavy, non-elitist Views on RP combat and injuries: I love RP combat, whether against another player or an npc'd 'boss'. I prefer rolls, especially if connected to a good RP Combat System/Char Sheet. I can't stand godmoders so rolls tend to be more fair... unless the RNG gods are being jerks. Freeform works as well for friends and guild mates. As for injury, that's exp
  19. IC Romances, hmm... I think the best ones are the ones where the two don't necessarily like each other to start with. Maybe they're rivals or even enemies. Perhaps they are allied for a cause but don't get along but then as the work together they slowly gain a grudging respect for each other and that slowly blossoms into a friendship. Even when that friendship happens and continues to grow, they either don't acknowledge it or resist where it's taking them. Only at the end, when they finally admit that they are in love, do they realize the whole story has been a romance... and one li
  20. Hello and welcome! I'm rather new myself and would love to meet other Elezen. Kaecia Sorel in game. ...I'm almost afraid to ask who you were on WrA.
  21. For me, it depends on a lot of factors. The one factor in which I will always ask is when it's so bad that I cannot understand what they are trying to communicate in the RP. A misspelling, a word out of order or left out, simple errors that could be guessed at in more than one way, etc., those I always whisper for clarification. I never ask in public channels so if the person is prone to over-sensitivity, it hopefully comes across as more constructive than criticizing. There is a lot that I let slide just because I don't know who I'm RPing with. Are they native English speakers? If so, wh
  22. GW2, WoW, SW:TOR with many max level characters and heavily RP'd in game. RIFT, LotRO, TSW, were all tried with varying levels of success. GW2 is my main MMO and FFXIV is the new kid on the block for me. There is a host of things I love about GW2 and I don't foresee leaving it. That said, I love the RP friendliness of FFXIV! It's a steep learning curve for me as far as how to play the game and how things work... and where the heck is my dodge?! Ahem... All the games I've played before, I leveled with someone that knew the ropes and I find myself sadly alone in FFXIV. I still dabble i
  23. I'm not very adventurous when creating a character. I love the Ranger archetype and in games I like to play the Ranger/Hunter/Archer. So that's always where I start. My Rangers may have different personalities but they all usually have certain things in common, like Neutral/Good alignment, serious demeanor, personal code of honor, a sense of duty or obligation to her faction/people/friends/family/etc., and a willingness to do what needs to be done. That's my framework, familiar and comfortable as it is. So for me, that's the easy part. The rest lies in a little lore research into my setti
  24. Like the OP, I prefer context. I am not a tavern/bar RPer and for the most part dislike the cities. My characters are always the 'outdoorsy' types that prefer adventure & travel. So built in already is the ability to take my character ICly almost anywhere but she's not likely to meet someone in a tavern. That being said, if I want to RP with someone I can usually find a way. I will not break character to be somewhere but within that is still a bit of leeway. Time can be a bit fluid though I travel by mundane means ICly. There's usually enough going on in the world that I can make an e
  25. Also if it's written, technically it's libel. Don't forget that 'truth' can be very dependent on perspective. Text, especially when emotions are involved, is a terrible form of communication. You can't hear tone, see body language, or any other number of indicators. Without someone specifying, how do you know that what they are saying is the stone cold facts, or just a rant and them letting off steam? Fact: "I hate this character! I'm going to kill him off and reroll." Pretty simple. Not going to play this char again. I think this means the same to both the speaker and the hearer
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