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So what are you happy about today?

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We've some some pretty interesting story lines going on currently, both in the FC and out! I find it humorous how so many characters just happen to cross one another that normally wouldn't during such things. Honestly, I've always craved non-linear RP that was just the sum of various characters being themselves and creating conflict without one of the parties fussing or complaining, and I think I finally have!

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Dyed my first piece of leather, and it is holding!  No streaks, marks, etc.  The sealer is working as well, as I tested the leather under a bit of water.  Beads up and rolls right off, without any color bleed.  So!  I am rather happy about that.


As well, quite happy to say that the leather is the last piece I needed to finish up a scale mail shoulder guard.  With it done, now I can assemble it all!

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