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Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: June

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[align=center]Welcome to the June Gift Giveaway![/align]




Wow, it's been over six months since I first held the Christmas Event in December and this will be the sixth giveaway, since I missed April. It's been a blast doing this and the reception has been really positive with no complaints or drama. I hope to have another six months of the same and to be able to provide a little something back to you guys. I've had a lot of words of appreciation given with each give away and it makes my day to know that people enjoy it; some have actually taken it as inspiration to hold their own giveaways and that's awesome. If there's anything I want to come out of these is that people take it and pay it forward some.


When this first started, a new patch came out and released a lot of new clothing items and such that weren't the easiest to get a hold of so picking items to give out was easy. Now, there's not much as new so I'm cycling a few of the popular prizes of the past for this month. So, who better to tell me what you guys would like besides...You guys. Here is a link to a thread in which you can give your responses and opinions as to what you would like to see in the upcoming months.


Also, with this drawing I will be giving out 5 company tabards as well in commemoration of Wayfarers of Eorzea's 1 year anniversary. That's a surprise too. We didn't really start events until November, but the company was actually created last May. It's been over a year in the making and even though the company has had it's ups and downs we are still planning to move it forward. And in commemoration of the company, these company tabards will come dyed in the Wayfarer colors, black and white. Feel free to change the color to what you would prefer, but I thought this would be a neat little give away to pull the whole year and half year anniversaries thing together. Anyway, I tend to ramble so I just want to say thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy. Now, onto the giveaway rules.



Da Rules: I will be giving out several prizes of different values to those who reply to this thread; this is my way of giving back to the server and, hopefully, brightening a few people's day. That is...Really all the rules actually!


It's simple! Look over all the gifts I am giving away, make a post with each item listed in the order of which ones you like the most, and wait until June 30th. This is completely free and something I would like to do for the members of the RPC on Balmung. Sorry for the other servers, but I am only available on Balmung.


On the 30th I will input everyone who enters into a random generator and provide a numbered list of those who entered. The one who wins gets the gift at the top of their list. If that gift is already taken they get the item second on their list instead, etc etc. Each person can only enter and win once per month.


After the drawing is over, the winners will need to contact me via RPC and schedule a pickup time for their item.


Good luck everyone and have a good one!


Add-on: Want to see past prizes and winners? Check out the past giveaways!


Christmas Giveaway

Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: January

Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: February

Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: March

Rini's Gift Giveaway: May




The Results Are In!


The Winners of the June 2016 Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway are:


9th Place:Alia

High House Justaucorps (Dyable, Shirt/Chest only)



8th Place: Nevahe

Company Tabard



7th Place: FuzzyMattress

Company Tabard



6th Place: Jassy

Company Tabard



5th Place: Lloyd Whitewolf

Company Tabard



4th Place: Aden Dellebecque Note: Cass won this position but passed due to the items she wanted were already won.

Company Tabard



3rd Place: Rhela

Lesser Panda



2nd Place: Serenity

High House Bustle (Dyable, Dress/Chest only)



1st Place: Arrelaine



Further Updates:


Congratulations to our winners! If you won, please contact me either through PM here or in game to discuss when you will pick up your prize. NOTE!: Due to the neglect of some winners in the past, any prizes that are not picked up by the end of the following month will be returned back to the prize pool. Exceptions will be made if you have had steady contact with me and have shown effort to collect.


Additionally, the results proof will be linked below. No one has accused tampering or anything, but I felt it would be better to show everyone that you have an equal chance to win every time you sign up. But you have to play to win! Make sure to sign up early and check back on the 1st of every month for the winners. I will be posting the July Giveaway on the 5th.


Take care everyone and have a good one!





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1) Lesser Panda

2) Morpho

3) Company Tabard

4) High House Justaucorps

5) High House Bustle



This is seriously so awesome of you to do!! Thank you for the opportunity!!! :D

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