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Talk about your character's quirks!


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Extremely easy question! I imagine everyone's characters has some quirks, you know, little, sometimes unknown details that are ultimately trivial and somewhat irrelevant to the RP, but are still there as a manner to add some extra flavor to them. So! What are those?


Some of Leanne's quirks, for example:

  1. Leanne must always cut, trim, and take care of her hair in a weekly fashion basis. She tries to maintain it short, but the fact is, her hair grows quite, perhaps absurdly fast. If not properly controlled, her hair grows into a quite long mane, easily draping over her shoulders and touching her back.
  2. Leanne is highly resistant to areas over-saturated with aether. Consequently, such leaves her somewhat immune to aether sickness. On the topic of aether, she is able to use the teleport spell frequently, with no adverse effects. Such fact helps a lot with her traveling!
  3. Leanne has a quick metabolism, leading to a respectable resistance to alcohol. She still gets drunk though, and depending of circumstances(aka, how can I get the most fun out of a situation like that x3), the reaction of her body ends up being very violent after some time, with it throwing up the excess of alcohol alongside anything she had eaten, followed by extreme sickness.

And there are several more, but I think those 3 will suffice for now!

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Aaron spaces out more than he cares to admit, if you're talking to him and all he does is look at you chances are it's going in one ear and out the other.


He also has a sweet tooth, put cake around him and if you don't stay alert he'll casually attempt to carry the entire thing out the place just for himself.


He's also socially blase, it's as if facial expressions are a foreign concept to him.

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Alright. This is such a fun one for Raeje.

Because she's a bard/performer, she has an extremely wide array of emotions.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to control them very well when she's not on stage. This makes her seem like a very awkward character. She can seem weird and off putting, but her strange personality is by far the quirkiest thing about her. 


She has a neurological condition. It's rooted somewhere along the lines of temporal/focal epilepsy, which I know a little about, because I have suffered from it for over half of my life. However, Raeje's condition manifests itself in a much stranger way than my own, and it's never outright mentioned that she has "epilepsy".


Raeje has verbal diarrhea whenever she gets overly emotional, or overly stressed. It's completely uncontrollable, and she spouts out fancy words. Sometimes she talks about cacophonous the room is, or how existential she feels. It's the only time she ever shows the full extent of her vocabulary, unless a performance calls for it, but she's often deeply embarrassed by it  


Other than that, Raeje is just very socially awkward when she's not performing. She may seem off putting, even sometimes a little abrasive,but she was just never very good at socializing. When she's on stage though, things change. She completely opens up, and becomes someone new, without a care in the world.

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- It's really, really, really easy to make Cam blush (and he has friends who find this highly amusing.)


- He has also been known to get distracted by an interesting plant to the point of tunnel-vision, where he doesn't realize there's danger nearby until it's actively trying to attack him.


- The last thing I can think of is that he's a really attentive combat medic - however, he will forego healing himself and solely focus on others unless he is critically wounded.

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-When unsettled. Virara will pause when it feels right. Not always completing sentences. It can be irritating to write. Or read.

-Virara tends to stare intensely even when it is rude to do so. She averts her eye only when she is bashful or ashamed.

-Virara tends to run off and stand at the highest point nearby when particularly upset and not permitted to use violence. This habit comes from watching for masts and storms rolling on the horizon.

-She means it in the archaic way and not negatively, but she distinguishes between things her master has taught her and things that she learns on her own or from others by calling the latter "vulgar." In fact she has no value judgment implied by this descriptor aside from the assumption that Master is right without fail, but this invites misunderstanding.

-Virara is literally always hungry. She loves spicy food and is not very fond of sweet food. If Virara cooks, the food will be agonizingly hot. If you feed her, doubtlessly she will return, like a stray animal. She can eat even poisoned food in some specific cases, as she was fed poison early in life to build resistance slowly.

-Alcohol makes Virara violent so she avoids it. Even a robust whiff will make her unstable.

-Virara will typically understand things in the most literal sense first in almost all situations. However sometimes this is deliberate...

-Teleporting via Aetheryte makes her very ill and will typically teleport her into the air or a short distance away from the intended destination. Luckily she never is teleported into solid objects.

-Virara seems to never forget a name, yet deliberately reduces other's names to something simple, like a descriptor or their name and status. The only exception to this are male Lalafell as Virara finds their rhythmic naming difficult to pronounce and she will (unintentionally?) screw it up. In some cases she compresses the first ahd last name into one word.

-She was instructed to treat other Lalafell with respect so that she would fit in. Virara took this to mean referring to all older Lalafell with deferential, familial titles. Even someone ten years older is "elderly" to Virara, so they may be saddled with "uncle," or "aunt."

-She is tone deaf and cannot sing. Any musical talent seems impressive to her.

-Virara harbors an intensely secretive affinity for bugs and bonsai cultivation.

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-S'imba hates moogles.

-he's 100% oblivious to someone flirting with him.

-He's got super bad adhd.

-He's easily amused...he gets entertainment from shiny things.

-Despite the fact that he is quite idiotic, he does tend to play dumb a lot of the time. Whether it be he's just playing cards close to his chest, or he's ashamed of something about himself, or just is afraid of looking crazy.

-He can handle aether pretty good, though corrupted aether tends to get to him in large amounts. Void, primal, or other similar types. Though a summoner once did discover he is strangely resiliant to being exposed to primal aether.



-He's also racist against Elezen

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- Loves trashy romance novels, and reads them constantly.


- Likes petting anyone shorter than her, likes having her hair ruffled by anyone taller than herself.



Damascus (Masked Miqo'te)


- Wears a Mask


- Likes making puns


- Always worrying about the Free Company's Finances





- Hits on everything


- Has long running issues with venereal disease.

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-Although she has a light Limsan accent, she'll tend to lose it when she is very serious and trying to prove a point

-Visibly uncomfortable when around Limsa Lominsa



-Visibly uncomfortable around water because she can't swim

-Noticeably blushes if someone close to her flirts

-Scratches her arm when under stress



-Still a WIP and I can't think of any on the top of my head right now.

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Lunelle wiggles her nose when upset or lost in thought. She absolutely loves weather as well. Rain, Snow, etc. 


Therese has a highlander fetish. She legit likes them more than even her own race because she finds them "Exotic". Its kinda gross of her, and I DO wish someone would call her out on it, but I dont see it coming up ever again now that shes married.

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*Stroud is a 'functional alcoholic'. 

*He's also is a habitual smoker.

*He finds the presence of household pets soothing.

*He tends to lift his chin whenever he's gauging someone.

*Absolutely loves opera of any kind.

*Will find a corner to himself if more than five people are in the same enclosed space.

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Alothia tugs at the hems of her clothing when she's deep in thought or is in an uncomfortable situation. When she's reading, she will twirl her hair around her finger, which usually causes an almost permanent wave in her hair on one side of her face. Those are really her only physical tells, other than ear and tail twitches, which really depend on the situation.

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- Flynt frequently pauses while speaking to think about the proper way to say something, and constantly focuses on how he speaks to keep any trace of Limsan from his accent.

- Flynt is an alcoholic, and though he's reigned in his drinking considerably it is still his go to vice when the chips are down. 


- Flynt loves gathering fresh produce and meat, then cooking meals for himself and those closest to him. He claims he is average at best, but a few people have noted that he has a knack for it. 


- Flynt has dyscalcula, and has always struggled with processing and working with numbers. Running an FC he is very practiced at passing off any number or paperwork related work that pertains to numbers. 


- Flynt loves swimming, and when he can he prefers to incorporate that into his training however possible.

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Averill has a few quirks and habits he's developed during his time as a vagrant:


-When speaking, he places his axe between himself and the person he's speaking to. He'll often lean on it, as an elder might his cane.


-As he ponders ideas or thinks heavily on something, he scratches his uncountable scars.


-When the luxury is afforded to him, he starts every morning with a black coffee. He's learned to make a mean brew over the years.


-Always, without exception, whether's he's cooking for one or ten, he rations a portion to dry/preserve for consumption on the road.

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-Roh has the accent depicted by Odh in the MSQ, his words R's rolling for a bit as if a bit of a growl.


-Roh's right ear flicks every time he's nervous or unsure.


-When he needs to think to himself, he usually does so while Shadowboxing or practicing his lance form.


-His fiancee's nick name for him is Jumping Jack.


-He is fiercely competitive. 


-Enjoys Goldsmithing, isn't half bad at it ether!


-He loves himself a Good Mammot steak.


-When bored and sure he's alone he has a habit of spinning his lance blade down.

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• When deep in thought or restless, Feine tends to turn his ring of matrimony around his finger. 


• He'll oftentimes comb his fingers through his hair, usually away from his face, when frustrated.


• ...Despite craving brains for dinner he also likes to consume beating hearts. Just 'cause. (*Cringe*)

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Cae's quirks are the fun ones.


- She generally talks 'proper' (as in, she doesn't omit letters in words or whatnot) however when she's mad? She'll start talkin' like she's gonna pound ya into the ground an' you'll like it! Swears more that way too.


- No blankets while she sleeps. Has to be against something if she's able to. Currently that thing she sleeps against and does not move from during the night is Terris. Poor guy. If he moves, she does too. Probably a comfort thing.


- She'll idly hum to herself if she's doing something. If she gets into it, it'll be minor singing.


- She's not good with her hands. Crafting, cooking, stuff like that? Nope. She laboured to make some simple rings for Terris not long after they hooked up. He has them and likes them, but she thinks she could do better. It's not for a lack of trying, she's just Not Good at doing stuff like that. The only thing she could likely do well with little to no trying is Aether tattoos, but that's something she grew up with knowledge for and lots of practice.


I can probably think of more later.

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-As he ponders ideas or thinks heavily on something, he scratches his uncountable scars.

I misread this as "uncountable ears" and had a good giggle. (I should really put on my reading glasses...)


But back on topic.

*Mina has a short attention span and has trouble...look, a bird!

*Talks too much.

*Does obnoxious things for attention.

*Changes her hair color twice a week or more.

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Celise has a bad habit of rambling when she gets nervous. This can devolve into either boasting or just making somewhat outrageous claims as she gets worked up.


She also tends to play with her hair, when she's either excited or worried.

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hmmm, what sorts of habits would Scaith have usually? Lets see... :


1. He has a pension for flicking his ears when curious or feeling a bit anxious.

2. His tail will fluff up in the vicinity of magic or in anger.

3. Even his ears turn red if he's nervous or excited.

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