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Official Pokemon Go! Screenshot Thread.

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Found myself running through my neighborhood last night trying to catch an eevee (which was on top of a gym by the cop station. I'm too low level to fight in gym matches, nor do I know how this works yet. xD ) Having a pokemon appear in front of me on a darkened street is actually pretty terrifying. xD


Tried to catch a zubat last night that appeared at the end of my bed. Damn pokeball kept bouncing off my cat's butt. ><

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So Fyrilsunn is the best partner ever I think


While I was wrapping up Spellguard I hear him shout "THERE'S A CLEFABLE THREE STEPS AWAY"

So he grabs his phone and my phone and runs out the door. It's like, past midnight. And raining outside.


About ten minutes later he returns and gives me my phone, and I see this:




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You have the best partner ever.


No, seriously. Like ever. :cry:



My brother and I just got back from stomping like 5 gyms.


There was this really awkward moment where we're sitting in my car and we just took a gym and put our Pokemon in it and a truck drives up and shines his lights in my windshield.


Wtf Bro.


Then we figure out he's trying to take our Gym.




So we sat there and battled this guy until he finally drove off in shame.








There is currently a bug in the game where if there are 2 pokemon guarding a gym the second pokemon stays at 1 HP and cannot be defeated. Ran into this tonight it's some bulllllshit.






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I am mad jealous of that clefable. AND DID YOU KNOW PIKACHU IS A STARTER??? I WISH I KNEW. (I also wish I knew how evolving worked beforehand, I can't catch charmander around here I would have started with squirtle.) Raichu has always been my favorite. Regardless, I don't really like leaving my house. At all. But enough pokemon are IN my house, somehow. So whatever it's good... but I am running out of balls.



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