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Japan Fan Fest - New Stormblood details


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MMM. Dat Red Mage.

SMN has been my DPS of choice for Gogon for a while... but I think we've found the replacement. I've always loved RDM as a class - and mained it in FFXI - so I'm super excited to see its incarnation here.


Plus, as I've mentioned in a couple places... I used to joke a few months back about Gogon's cane being a sword cane. With a gem in it for potential spellcasting if he decided to use it as a focus instead of his tome. And now we have a job that has a gem being attached to a sword for spellcasting. Still enough of a different thing, but I'm tickled by the similarities.

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Probably red mage excites me the most. I won't be taking it ICly, at least on my main (he has enough to juggle with DRK/LNC/ROG/FSH), but I can see myself doing a lot of screenshots/edits, especially if the job quests/givers are cute.


"But Otter your character is a spear fisherman, shouldn't you be hyped about swimming/diving?! He does that ICly all the time, it'll be great for your RP!"


Except I have a phobia of deep water that extends to pics/videos/in-game environments, so I'll be avoiding that particular piece of gameplay as much as is at all possible. ><


In general, I really feel like I should be more hyped about this expansion than I am. :( IDK what it is.

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You know... I would say RDM.... but...





Yes! xD And some existing areas will be swimmable in. And diving. I don't even mind that there won't be underwater combat.


Although I am holding out hope that the new battle system will be shiny (and not so hard).


Don't really care about new raid stuff. I don't like the current raid stuff. xD If they ever made it so you could do it without other players then I'd be all over that.

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What kind of ranged DPS class was red mage in XI?


Red Mage was an enfeebling mage in XI. Stack all of the debuffs! But honestly it was more of a frontline if it was DPSing, enchant your weapon and start swinging. Situational, I guess?



I'm more excited for swimming!

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Mostly excited for RDM. The raids also seem like they have the potential to be neat. Curious about lore behind the new beast tribe and their primal.


I'm happy about swimming/diving from an RP immersion standpoint, but I'm not the biggest fan of the animations. They seem a little... stiff? But that could possibly change between now and launch. The choice of mounts is also a little weird, considering there are some non-flying mounts that would make so much more sense for being able to swim/dive.

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