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What Items Do You Drop


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Corelyn Rosefire (WoL):

You defeat the Warrior of Light.

- You obtain 6 Faded Pages.

- You obtain 1 bottle of Carboncoat.

- You obtain 1 Soul of the Machinist.


Corelyn Rosefire:

You defeat the Rational Researcher.

- You obtain 2 bundles of Carbon Fiber.

- You obtain 6 globules of Allagan Resin.

- You obtain 3 Unidentified Allagan Tomestones.

- You obtain 1 Magitek Bit.


Corelyn jen Bellor:

You defeat the Insecure Imperial.

- You obtain 12 Deaspected Crystals.

- You obtain 3 bundles of Carbon Fiber.

- You obtain 2 bottles of Carboncoat.

- You obtain 2 Ceruleum Tank Components.


Dail'a Naras:

You defeat the Maniacal Merc.

- You obtain 6 Unstable Grenades.

- You obtain 1 Bent Longsword.

- You obtain 4 pairs of Weathered Daggers.

- You obtain 1 Dulled Greatsword.


Hali Naras (WoL):

You defeat the Warrior of Light.

- You obtain 1 Coeurl Kitten.

- You obtain 1 Fantasia.

- You obtain 7 Fragments of the Fourth Wall.


Hali Naras:

You defeat the Awkward Academic.

- You obtain 1 Coeurl Kitten.

- You obtain 13 Faded Pages.

- You obtain 1 Ink and Quill.

- You obtain 1 Star Sapphire Music Box.


Neilas sas Seles:

You defeat the Terrifying Tribunus.

- You obtain 1 Faded Photograph.

- You obtain 5 bundles of Garlean Fiber.

- You obtain 12 Garlean Steel Plates.

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Chachanji Gegenji

You defeat the Pacifistic Smith (You cruel, cruel person you).

- You obtain 5 Iron Bars

- You obtain 3 Steel Bars

- You obtain 1 Cobalt Bar

- You obtain 5 Blue Crafter's Scripts


Gogonji Gegenji

You defeat the Megalomaniacal Strategist.

- You obtain 1 Contemporary Warfare: Defense

- You obtain 1 Contemporary Warfare: Offense

- You obtain 1 Contemporary Warfare: Magicks


Judge Jredthys

You defeat the Towering Judgemaster.

- You obtain 15 Yellow Cards

- You obtain 5 Red Cards

- You obtain 2 Vials of Salamander Oil

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Kallera Etoile(DRK)

You defeat the Faithful Swordswoman.

-You obtain 15 steel ingots

-you obtain 34 clear prisms

-you obtain 70 bolts of undyed velveteen.


Kallera Etoile(MNK)

You defeat the Faithless Fistfighter.

-You obtain 150 ice crystals.

-You obtain 250 wind crystals.

-You obtain 240 earth crystals.

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You defeat a hippie cat!

You obtain 23 tufts of Moko Grass.

You obtain a Coerthan Carrot.

You obtain some guilt.


You defeat a rich scholar!

You obtain an odd potion.

You obtain 34 gil.

You obtain a note with a prodding remark.


You defeat a troubled teenager!

You obtain your gil purse.

You obtain a stale, half-eaten sweet roll.

You receive a hefty amount of guilt.

You completed a quest objectve for "Thief!"

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Ruran Vas

You defeat the Misguided Knight!

- You obtain a weathered longsword.

- You obtain a wooden mask.

- You obtain a vial of spoken tearsvO0FPVF.gif.

- You obtain shame for kicking down a poor sad swordsman who just wants to help people, you monster.

- You obtain 2 gil.


Madoc Parnell

You defeat the Boisterous Berserker!

- You obtain a flask of dark ale.

- You obtain an ejinn warrior charm.

- You obtain a shirt.

- You obtain 69 gil.

- You completed a quest objective for "Yes, innuendos, very funny, haha."

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You defeat Taciturn Pugilist

- You obtain 7 Jerked Beef

- You obtain 5 Aldgoat Jerky

- You obtain 10 Dried Plums

- You obtain 3 Antelope Steaks

- You obtain a Loaghtan Steak 

- You obtain a Rare Tarantula

- You obtain a Thanalan Scorpion

- You obtain 2 Chigoe Larvae

- You obtain 5 pairs of Iron Knuckles (Better hope your armory chest has space)

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Lyriell Aluria:


You defeat the daughter of fate:



- You obtain an alder wood long bow

- You obtain 10.000 gil

- You obtain 2 apple ciders

- You obtain a swim suit

- You obtain a pair of leather pants

- You obtain a terrible fate


Fate Testarossa:


You defeat the 'Lightning Goddess'



- You obtain 1 Bardiche

- You obtain 1 Barrier Jacket

- You obtain 99 HQ Priestly Omelette's

- You obtain 99 HQ Supramax Potion of Vitality

- You obtain 100.000 gil.

- You obtain one Starlight Breaker to the face from Fate's angry waifu.

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Aziraya Zhwan:

You defeat the Pastor of Pleasure.

- You obtain 1 original "Aziraya's Journal of Simple Pleasures".

- You obtain 3 copies of "Aziraya's Journal of Simple Pleasures".

- You obtain 1 full suit of white plate armor.

- You obtain 1 set of wonderfully soft underclothes.

- You obtain 1 mask with darkened glass eyes.

- You obtain 2 High Quality onyx earrings.

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Jean Lefavre:

You defeat the skulking redhead

You obtain empty flask 

You obtain creepy book 

You obtain coded letters (x5)

You obtain murder by an angry Xaela husband


Jane Ugund:

You defeat the eerie Xaela lass

You obtain head in a jar (x2)

You obtain severed hand

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Zinnia Asclepias

You defeat the Café Maid



-You obtain 24 cups of Ishgardian Tea

-You obtain 11 cups of Triple Cream Coffee

-You obtain 13 cups of Mulled Tea

-You obtain 8 cups of Chamomile Tea

-You obtain 11 servings of Apple Tart

-You obtain 46 servings of Sohm Al Tart

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With a strategically placed blow - or spell to the chest that blows the guts out... Eww.

- You've managed to slay Fearthainn.


Unharmed from the cut / or bloody explosion, you find one Azeyma Rose.

Without a scratch, pristine.. Would you question the nature of this find..

One can only contemplate the cruel machinations, of fate ~

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You defeat Eses Fafa:

You receive:

1 pair of Lucky Goggles (Indestructable, +dodge rate, +accuracy, +crit rate)

1 pair of Lucky Pantaloons (+Dodge rate, +speed, +quaint downstairs breeze)

1 Notebook full of Adult Drawings (+Intellect, +charisma, +time "spent" in the bathroom)

1 Rosethorn (LNC, DRG) (A weapon enhanced with a heated magitek-infused head for extra piercing capabilities, crafted by a long-missing muse of a lonesome hero.)

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Parcemal Evereux Slain!

You receive: 



1 Journal(The contents are sloppily written accounts of his journies across Eorzea. Of particular note is that these pages often don't make sense or segue into different stories and statements without particular reason)



1 Soul of Indecision(The soul of a man who never decided on his path in life. When equipped, become one random job from the pool of jobs that you have unlocked.)


50 Bacon Bread(A standard food item and one your fallen enemy appears to have enjoyed in large amounts.)



Kaede Yuzuki Slain!

You receive:



1 Traveller's Pack(Stuffed to the brim with travel gear. A sleeping bag, changes of clothes, Cutlery, and a map of Eorzea proper. Sells for 500 gil.) 



1 'Guide to Eorzean Cuisine'(A book detailing the best food and drink all around the continent. Several pages have been ear-marked. Likely these were places your fallen foe had intended to visit. Sells for 200 gil)



1 Horn Sharpener(A well-worn horn-sharpener. Seems your enemy took care of her horns. Sells for 5 gil.)

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(B'rhysla Vaelin)

You've slain everyone's favorite pyromaniac bar cat!

Whatever she dropped, I hope it was worth it...


You obtain:

•1 Log of contacts throughout Eorzea. (Alcohol suppliers, scholars, criminal groups... wait what?)

•1 small container of black face paint

•1 chocobo whistle, labeled "Witcher"

•1 wedding band - plus the wrath of an angry elezen man.

•1 spare feathered hat

•1 rolanberry cheesecake

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Aanzo Dinzo

You defeat some random voidsent-hating crime dad, nice. Good job.


You receive:

1x Ancient looking coin that probably has no value, honestly, just discard it.

1x Pair of shorts covered in hearts.

2x Really comfy socks.

1x Wooden carving of a hand giving the middle finger.

A lifetime supply of a loving wife's hatred and anger.

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