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Hyyaaahhhh!! *karate chop*  me again!! >.>


Edit: Thank u again Alothia! :D :D



BUT I STILL FAIL AT SPOILERS!! :frustrated::frustrated::frustrated:


why is it so complicated for me to do?? gyahhhh! Imma go back to sleep!






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Time to play the game, Ryanti.


"W-what kind of play are you speaking of?"


Well, I've been gone for forever. Might as well owe this guys a picture.


"I have a bad feeling about this... "


First, a portrait! Circa before haircut!










And now, a second picture! Of me being bored in class! What artistic gesture! ...










I got a little bored.










And of course Ryanti enjoys the spoils of war! No it's not a Klondike bar...





I didn't kill a man for this, I swear!






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