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Khunbish Avagnar

balmung Primevil[Fate14][OOC-Post]

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[align=center]These events use the Fate 14 2.0 system, make sure to have an approved sheet ahead of time[/align]


Fate 14 Master Post is Here


Primevil IC-Thread is Here


Current Event Posting is [http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=19994&pid=301335#pid301335]Here[/url]


This will be run using Fate-14 2.0 System & the Turn system used in Verad's Merchant, Marine and Anstarra's Starsfall




Forewarned is forearmed, and preparation is an important part of any adventurer's long-term survival. However, there's only so much time in a day to find out important information before going into an event. Even the most powerful magician, richest Monetarist, and strongest warrior has to contend with the rise and fall of the sun.


To represent the issue of limited time in a storyline between events, a modified version of the Turn system from the Guild-Fate (or Seasons) FC management system, by Halren Rhalsgard, will be used to limit the amount of actions players can take between events. Actions will be broken down into one of three categories, with a different turn value for each:



Cost: 1 Turn

Prepare actions involve single characters gaining advantages to improve their own chances of success. These actions are performed on their own time, and often require little personal investment on the characters' part.


Common Prepare actions include looking for/making new equipment, getting consequences healed, hiring help for a future event, or in the case of ship-based events repairing damages and replacing crew.



Cost: 2 Turns

Some actions take a lengthier time commitment because they require the character to spend a lot of time reading books, talking to old contacts, or piecing together clues. Attempts to take actions involving the Lore, Investigate, and Contacts skills in particular are considered research actions. However, these actions can often yield information and results critical to resolving a plot.


In general, actions that take suggest a long period of time to work like the skills above indicate a Research/Investigate. Actions that require multiple different skills to work are also candidates. It's possible for a simple Prepare action to become a Research/Investigate as the situation becomes more complicated.



Cost: 2 Turns

Getting together to pool information with other players requires some organization and time spent gathering everyone in one place, in addition to the actual RP scene itself. No rolls are needed for a Discussion.


Discussions indicate fairly large gatherings of characters, at least four or more. If you need to coordinate everyone's schedules OOC, it's a Discussion. No rolls are necessary.



Cost: 3/4 Turns

Why wait for the DM to come up with events all the time? This is supposed to be a proactive system, and you're adventurers! You don't always have time to wait for other people to cause problems for you to solve. Get out there and cause problems of your own!


Acting indicates that you want to organize an event outside of the usual list that come with sign ups. The cost varies based on the size of the event. Small events with no more than three players cost 3 Turns. Larger ones that would be the size of a normal event, up to four to six players, cost 4 turns. Make sure everybody's schedules are clear for this - especially the DM!



There are only a few restrictions on being able to use Turns to prepare outside of events, as follows:


Characters who have signed up for events marked as TRAVEL events cannot perform actions - they are too busy getting to the event itself.

There are only a limited number of Turns to be used in each round, collectively shared between all members of the plot. Turn usage will be tracked in the sign-up thread, but once they're gone, you're out of time.

Turns do not guarantee success - they give you a chance at success.






In the wake of the Dragonsong War, with the awakening of Azys Lla, strange new forces from an ancient time began stirring, or maybe they were already stirring and just no one began to notice until now...


Current Story Aspects - Gratitude of House Dzemael towards Adventurers




General Turns - 18 / 18 remaining


NPC Turns - 8 / 8 remaining



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I'll sign up for Saturday's event! Either Anstarra Silverain or Kai Averniss, not decided yet ^^

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These are great events for newer folks that might be interested in the very fun Fate-14 system! H

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Helping old ladies is what Chachans do best! So put him up for Event A!


... Though if it goes SUPER long I might have to duck out for the Grindstone, but that's... like... six/seven hours after the start time.

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Signing up officially for Event B! I'll be (very likely) bringing Seito Moonclaw along.

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i like to sign up for event A reis could use some community service! xD

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I'd like to sign up for Sunday.

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SCENE 2: The waves above and below


Current Story Aspects - None


a) Something Fishy! -- 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST Friday, 07/28/2017


A Leveplate reads:

The Sahagin are normally problematic at the best of times, but they've been way to silent lately and when we went to investigate them, even the ones we trade with, they were all gone. We're hoping someone can figure this out before this ends in a primal.

- Wiltgybet Haelceig


1 - S'imba Tia

2 - Seito Moonclaw

3 - Jana Ridah

4 - Anstarra / Kai Averniss


b) Is it a bird? Is it a bismarck? No it's - -- -- 11 am PST / 2 pm EST Sunday 07/30/2017


A Leveplate reads:

Okay look, the other guards at Cloudtop are telling me I'm seeing things but I'm certain I saw it! It wasn't a bird and certainly wasn't Bismarck unless he showed up and went on a serious diet! I need people to come and help me prove that I saw it! Whatever it is!

-Artois Brandeaux, Camp Cloudtop Guard


1 - V'aleera Lhuil

2 - Orrin Halgren

3 - Artoria

4 - Vincent Sarkoza


General Turns - 16 /20 remaining

Adeya (With Seito & Astra) - Investigate (2)

Adeya (With Seito) - Investigate (2)

Kai Averniss - Empathy (2)


NPC Turns - 2 / 10 remaining

?????? - Act (3) - Jingle Jingle

Shaitan - Prepare (1) - Healing Failed

Shaitan - Prepare (1) - Minor Healed

Efreeti - Prepare (1) - Advertisements spread about the best desert party, byob

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I'd like to sign up for birds as well.

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SCENE 3: A story of Lightning and Ice


Current Story Aspects - None


a) The Trial of Ice -- Friday, 09/08/2017 - 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST ((This is a travel event if your character is coming from Othard))


A Leveplate reads:

I'm Oddmar Spittle, and I'm sending this discreetly to the Eorzean Alliance in hopes someone could come help me with a request. I have heard there is a very powerful warrior living in the hills to the south, one that has gone undefeated by Eorzeans, and by Garleans. I want to face him, and defeat him so I can redeem myself among the other Ala Mhigans and earn myself at least a better name than Spittle.


1 - Anstarra Silverrain

2 - Adeya Evernar

3 - Artoria Aldsan

4 - Vincent Sarkoza


b) Thunder and lightning very frightening me! -- Sunday 09/10/2017 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST -- THIS IS A TRAVEL EVENT unless your character is already in Othard


A Leveplate reads:

This is an odd request as it arrived delivered by one of the Kojin.

"I am Akio of Isari, there is an important visitor coming in the next few moons and before they arrive I wish to seek the advice of the great sage Raijin, but I cannot make the trip alone as I'm just a simple fisherman."


1 -

2 -

3 -

4 - S'imba F-in Tia


General Turns - 15 / 26 remaining

V'aleera - Investigate (2) - Where is that allagan defilement!

Artoira - Investigate (2) - Djinn!? Where are yoouuuu?

Vincent - Investigate (2) - Come out come out wherever you aren't?

Liadan & Orrin - Act (3) - Long Term Pneumonia put into remission, the Majordomo acknowledged their success. Curing Severe (Fungal Infection) on Lanfellar Dzemael

Liadan - Prep (1) - Curing Major (Water Lung) on Lanfellar Dzemael

Liadan - Prep (1) - Curing Minor (Bacterial Infection) on Lanfellar Dzemael


NPC Turns - 10 / 12 remaining

Djinn - Free... FREE FALLING! (0)

Vanu - Investigate (2) - Found Djinn

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I'd like to sign up for Lightning on Artoria Aldsan.

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I can make both.. mm, I'll sign up for a) since, well, An's not in Othard and neither is Kai. Also I'll go as An because the tale of a mighty warrior would be interesting to her, whereas Kai wouldn't really consider some guy working out his ego trip worth time that would be better spent feeding orphan kittens or destroying drug rings.

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