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Adding atmosphere to your character


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Now this is my own personal opinion but I believe that given appropriate timing detail and presentation music does wonders in capturing the persona of heroes and villains alike which is why I am suggesting that If you know of a piece of music that really just adds flesh to your character post it here and give a little tidbit of why this music suits your character. Before I start off there is a restriction and that is Final Fantasy tracks cannot be used, I am quite confident many Final Fantasy tracks will align with our character designs perfectly so lets branch out and find music that really represents our character. On a side note not required but if you can take the extra step to find music that also has titles appropriate to you character. Now then I will start off enjoy :D.




My character is an anti-hero and as such he more often than not has delved head first into the darkness and no person comes out of the darkness without taking a bit with them. I like to think the first minute of the music describes the kind of person my character can become, one who inspires hopes, ideals, and is one of honor. However after the first minute it solidly represents the kind of person he is and will continue to be with an unwavering resolve and prepared to take on any and all adversity. 


So let me know what you all think of this idea and if you like it, you are more than welcome to post up. I look forward to seeing all the different types of music that will arise from this.


(Update: This was actually my first choice but I wanted to be somewhat subtle at first hence they first vid. This next piece encompasses the terror, anxiety and fear my character will induce on all he deems his foe xD enjoy)



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I tend to agree, music defines characters. Usually when I write character journals I will choose a song that fits the mood and theme. 


As for my main here, I actually had a piece commissioned for her version on SWTOR; it fits C'sien as much as it fits SWTOR-Sien. https://soundcloud.com/evannok/sien1


The piece was intended to have a sweet yet slightly sad musicbox sound. Jenos also wrote the lyrics for it later on. :) 


I'nivarenlu (My Stars are Heavy) Lyrics 



Look into the sky,

You can see them twinkling brightly.


Stars, in the heavens

Stars, weighing heavy.


Look into my eyes,

You can see them shining brightly.


Problems of the world,

Rest on me.


In the darkness of the night

I feel them pressing down upon me

Never ceasing, never resting

Placing all their troubles on me.


You my small one, may not feel this

Not for many, many years

For now rest and feel at peace

Your day will come, you will stand strong


Look into the sky,

You can them twinkling brightly.


Stars, in the heavens

Stars, weighing heavy.


Look into my eyes,

You can see them shining brightly.


Problems of the world,

Rest on me.



He really captured the character, and the rest of his works for other people are amazing.

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I got greedy. I have two.




I will make a quick note that as a person, I think Kanye West is a pile of trash. Now, lets talk about the song! The sound of this song really fits my character with the background chorus and the sirens and the energy. My character is the head of XI:7, a corporation that is rapidly expanding and buying out smaller companies. He has a huge lust for power, and worries that one day it won't always be for the greater good.


The first part fits for his expansion methods. "Do it better then anybody you ever seen do it Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it I guess every superhero need his theme music"


The chorus is the most fitting. "No one man should have all that power The clocks tickin' I just count the hours Stop trippin' I'm tripping off the power Till then, fuck that the world's ours"




This one touches on a very deep part of my character. Kid Cudi sings about how he was treated for his different style of music and his positive attitude towards women. Garryson uses very unconventional methods to run and build his company. This has led him to develop a personality that is hard to read. Sometimes when he is alone, he thinks about how he feels like he's not part of this world.


He also has a complicated relationship with women. As a young boy his mother committed suicide, something he blames himself for. Since then there have been events that made him treat women with extra care.


The first verse is really, really fitting. "They can't comprehend Or even come close to understanding him I guess if I was boring they would love me more Guess if I was simple in the mind Everything would be fine Maybe if I was jerk to girls Instead of being nice and speaking kind words Then maybe it would be OK to say then I wasn't a good guy to begin with"

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Commissioning a musical piece is a pretty neat idea. It's nice to get something original that fits a character. It's a lovely piece too just adds a feel for who they are.


Although my character is technically not created yet until i start playing the game i have been building up her back story and more or less decided on her  look using the character creator benchmark. 


Miqo'te Remind me a lot of Native American culture especially the Keepers so for inspiration i've been listening to a lot of traditional music and chanting. They also seem to be the same as Natives in that they have adjusted to the modern world yet still have a strong sense of family and tradition and i found this one particular piece that had a sense of that making Native traditional music with a modern twist. 


I like the different moods like going from the serene ambiance of the moonlight and stars to the hunt itself. I feel it sums up who she is as somebody who was bought up with great respect for old traditions and the heritage of her name.



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I love the idea of commissioning a musical piece for a character. I'm a fan of music box style pieces, too, so that really came across as wonderful to me.


As for Alexis, I'd probably go with this song. 




I feel the title is quite appropriate as she leaves her old life behind in search of a better one. Not only that, but I feel the song is quite emotional. I think it expresses what she'd be feeling during the tougher times pretty well.


And, of course, I'm a sucker for violins. I just think the song is gorgeous overall. I found it shortly after I settled on Alexis' concept, too. So I like how that worked out!

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After spending a good chunk of time searching for the song for Penny, I have finally found it. It'll be Fingerprint by Leona Lewis.





I chose this song because it has a deeper meaning for Penelope. Seeing as her father died in the calamity she has been stricken with grief for the past five years since the descent of Balmung. Penny puts on a face that reads cheerful, great, amazingly spontaneous and adventurous but under that - only seen when she's alone - is the darker girl that she had become after her father's death.


Penny being so close to her father during her childhood caused her to build her life around him and his persona only to reflect it as she aged. But when this core of her person died she collapsed on herself without something to support her. In turn, she became this darker girl who only masked the hurt that she was feeling and still is feeling.


This reflects in her class choice as well. Mainly she is a healer - that happy, carefree and charitable person. But her Thaumaturge abilities of destruction are powered by her grief which can be reflected in her RP.


((Sorry for any depressing thoughts and such by now. Of course, as time goes on her theme can change when and if her personality changes.))


And for when she isn't being all depressed and such she's more like this:



It can be argued that Sunleth Waterscape should be how she feels when recovering from her depressive area but I feel wishy washy on that and probably would agree with it not being or it to be that. If that makes sense.

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I grew up playing hundreds of games - mostly RPG's - and so I've always been very fond of using music to inspire me when role-playing or creating characters/stories. I can't say I'm too fond of lyrical stuff, though. Regardless, there's a number of themes out there that inspired Theodric so I'll shamelessly post them here:






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I find I tend to come across songs that fit amazingly well by accident. One character I had had a whole soundtrack based on his personality and various situations he'd been in. I'ma have to start listening to more music because I don't have anything for Darien yet.

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I was having a hard time trying to find a song that best appealed to my character. A really hard time. Sure, there are many songs I like. But they don't fit well with his personality at all. I eventually found one.





Due Fiumi is a vocal reworking of a song from Suikoden II. More specifically, it is the theme song to a town known as Two River. The town, which has a split river running through it (hence the name), is ruled by three houses of congress, each representing their respective race. The humans, the kobolds, and the wingers. This alliance of races is shaky at best. The humans and kobolds are on shaky terms, but cooperate with each other, while neither of those races shares much respect for the wingers at all. During the events of Suikoden II, however, through the main character's actions, all three races begin to understand one another and develop much stronger bonds of kinship.


With Virgil's backstory of being a halfbreed Keeper/Seeker Miqo'te, this plays well into the conflict between the two tribes' gender biases and that, in time, Virgil could be the one to aid in the renewed kinship of the two tribes.


The melody itself is only slightly more uplifting than bittersweet and is also very serene, much like Virgil. The melody seems to speak of wisdom and experience in its gentleness, being the ideal music to relate to a magical user, especially that of a healer. The only part of this music that may not fit is its slightly tribal undertones, which unlike many of his Miqo'te brothers and sisters, he is not as he was born and raised in the city.

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Ooh, I love music assignment!




Corelyn - Ambient (ie, Intro, moment of brilliance, etc.):


Brilliant, yet quirky. Reserved, yet still cheerful in her own way.


Corelyn - Dire combat (ie, back-against-the-wall sort of situation):


Once she pulls herself together... shit's gonna get real, very fast.


I can't really do theme songs until I -really- solidify her personality. That comes with RP and time. The original (WoW) Corelyn's theme really doesn't fit this one.


As for other characters... I think I'll save it. X-D

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I don't get points for finding a title to match, but this song is great for Amuro's theme.




I first discovered this song when it was playing on a loop before Square-Enix's live-stream conference started at E3. I instantly fell in love with it (and the whole soundtrack, honestly; some of the best video game music I've ever heard).


The song has a wandering melody to it that charts Amuro's rejection of Miqo'te tribal life and his exploration of the world, and the emotional experiences and changes therein, that eventually leads him right back to what he ran away from.


I'm also going to cheat and add a second song. This is Amuro's 'race against time' theme:



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