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What is the most appealing kind of character to you?


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Sorry if I seem like I am posting a lot Q_Q I just have questions as I want to get to know what RPing on here is like. Anywho my question here is "What kind of character is most appealing to you? Likewise, what kind of character is LEAST appealing?" From my experience most people tend to enjoy more down to earth characters in normal settings with their own uniqueness. But nothing too dramatic. And seem to dislike overly dramatic top of the world characters and outrageous backstories. BUt everyone is different which is why I want to hear about your ideal player to RP with and unideal. I am sure it could help some new players get an idea for what kind of roleplay will get them the most player support and what to avoid (Like me :3)

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I love roleplaying as and with average joes. Hard working characters that weren't born perfect and act like normal people, not special snowflakes.


Least favorite... Star elf vampires (half)


Pretty much this :)


Two of the three characters I play are just ordinary people without any super depressing past or anything. They both have their faults and strengths and weaknesses, but nothing out of the ordinary. For me, realism is the best thing and I try to be as realistic within the confines of the lore as I possibly can be.

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I enjoy RPing as characters who are bombastic and a bit over the top in terms of personality. Loud, a bit obnoxious, fun-loving, and entirely aware of their reckless thrill-seeking. They're normally moderately-to-very skilled in one particular area and very deficient in at least one other (often multiple). The sort with absolutely no sense of shame. As often as not, they're very ill-received IC and rather loved OOC initially, and then people adjust and friends stop staring in surprise and horror after a while. Flirtatiousness optional, as I've done it both ways. Basically, someone who gets reactions from a crowd, but isn't a a special snowflake outside of sheer force of personality.


My LEAST favorite character is the quiet sort who hangs back in the corner with a fascinating inner-dialogue and background. It may be interesting to YOU, but it's too hard to engage in roleplay with strangers, and meeting people in random RP is something I really enjoy.


I'm CURRENTLY roleplaying a character who is basically a tsundere sort around strangers and is being slowly edged out of that role and into a genuinely helpful guy, with all kinds of stumbles, failures, and awkwardness. He fails way more than he succeeds, and his reputation precedes him to the point where he can make enemies purely by word of mouth. He is having a horrible time and I'm loving every second of it, because it's entirely his fault for being a jerk in the first place.

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I think XIV has some dark themes that you don't see as much of in other FF titles. So I enjoy seeing roleplayers and characters who embrace those darker sides. A lot of times tragic backstories and deeply scarred characters seem almost cliche, but I think XIV offers a grisly enough setting to where those kinds of stories can exist without being over the top.

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So umm... Is it possible for someone to have a darker/depressing past BUT still be an average joe in the now? With his imperfections and trying to get by in life through hard work like everyone else?...


Also in response to disliking quiet characters who hang in the back corner with fascinating inner-dialogue. Isn't the reckless thrill seeking the perfect and unarguable excuse to starting up a conversation with these kinds of people? I mean it IS reckless right? And the thrill of potentially meeting an interesting back story might stir up the adventurous side of anyone if they are reckless enough. Although I do not think I could pull off a character like that. I think it would be interesting to see ^_^


You all have some very good input. Thank you for your responses.

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So umm... Is it possible for someone to have a darker/depressing past BUT still be an average joe in the now? With his imperfections and trying to get by in life through hard work like everyone else?...


*raises hand*

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I personally like characters that are plausible within the setting, have narrative justification for how they are (and for their uses of grey areas in lore), and are three-dimensional. While a character doesn't have to always be showing the many facets of their personality, interesting characters, IMO, have fears in addition to hopes, things they don't like to talk about, quirks, fatal flaws, and the like. They can have dark spots in their background or not; in XIV, that's rather more likely, frankly, for while "I am an orphan and..." is a bit cliche in most settings, in XIV, it makes perfect sense due to the Calamity. I also like characters that have lore-compliant, narratively consistent ways to work the mechanics of the game into their story, since the mechanics are, I feel, often a valid source of lore. I realize that's not an especially popular opinion, though. :)


What I don't like are characters that are "special snowflakes" in the setting, bearing in mind that the setting of XIV does set PCs apart from the norm; I'm more referring to things that can't exist in lore as written or revealed through mechanics (half-faerie vampire werewolf cross-breed ninjas from the Naruto setting, to give an over the top example :) ), extremely "unspecial" characters to the point of lunacy ("I may have level 50 in every class and am walking around IC with an unglamoured Curtana Novus and full Darklight armor, but when someone stomps near me, I scream in terror, and even children can beat me up"), and characters who have absolutely no weaknesses or flaws -- which is different, IMO, from a character with weaknesses and flaws who comes up with a way to compensate for them to some degree. I'm also not a huge fan of characters who are extremely needy to the point of demanding the center of attention, which is part of why I don't really like child characters.


Honestly, the most attractive characters to me are those that are RPed consistently, have reasons for the things they do, and develop over time as they face challenges and new events in their life. If you can get those three things down, your character will be great, I think. :)

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I find that my characters tend to be broken people, picking up the pieces and trying to find their way in the world. They've either encountered a personal tragedy that shattered their illusions, or, in one case, were too young to understand the ramifications of what they strove to be and suffered the consequences all the same. They often have self-destructive tendencies related to vices or personal alienation and trouble relating to others. They are often convinced their problems are unique to them.


I don't really know what that says about me as a person that I seem to enjoy playing characters like that. You can make a wide range of characters with that framework, and each one seems compelling to me.

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Well said. I'm not much over the top and it helps a lot for a character to need others in order to survive because it builds a role play community. If someone is too great at a plethora of things then no one else can fill in their gaps.


I think limiting magic is also important to small bursts, serious need situations, and to give it holes where it can fail. Someone who has too much ability or knowledge in a wide variety of magic fields better be really really old and can't do much else than talk or summon power at times of ultimate need.


I personally like to play filler characters that have a few quirks and try to support others. They take a fall often, because they're not enough people willing to lose a lot of the time, and don't go on about their past.


In these kind of games it should be a given in the community that everyone has lost a lot and it's just a part of life. Everyone dealt with the Calamity and war in some form or another.

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As others have posted, my personal preference leans more towards those who dabble in the mundane, and the obscure. Interesting characters to me are characters who don't always win the battles, who have real flaws, and feel real emotions and suffer real pains.


What has become irksome to me is when the in-game jobs are used to define characters. There is soooo much in-between and plenty of gray areas, and crossover can occur as well. I think the jobs as they're given should cater to the characters, not the other way around. I internally roll my eyes when I see someone announce, "I'm so-and-so and I'm a dragoon." That's great - don't get me wrong - but what else??? And more importantly, why?? I'm always wanting to know reasons for things - I can't get enough of that in RP.


For my own part? "I'm Eva... and... well... it's rather complicated and... how much time do you have...?" :surprise:

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Ah, just a note. I love mundane characters (I play those myself, most of the time), but powerful and non mundane characters are very good to get others into plots.


I used to play in an Aion RP server where, one day, the GMs decided that making super powerful characters would be forbidden. The result? Nothing happened any longer because everyone was normal *laughs*.


Variety is a key factor in my opinion, so I find both kinds of characters are necessary ^^

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What's important to me is that the character feels alive and makes sense. So long as those remain true, I should enjoy RPing with them.

This sums it up for me, pretty much. Though I also try to ensure that my characters (as others have pointed out) have areas in which they aren't competent, mainly to provide more hooks to RP with other people.


Now here's an interesting point, in my mind: Just because a character isn't competent in some area doesn't mean that they have a huge glaring weakness that shows up everyday. They might not be aware of this weakness; they might not care about it; they might structure their life such that this weakness simply never comes up. To them, they may be self-contained and capable. Yet when they're faced with a problem that plays to this weakness, they're suddenly faced with something they can't do themselves.

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Honestly, it's really hard for me to RP with people and/or characters that I (myself) find annoying. Mainly because my characters do tend to somewhat think like myself. Not always can I figure it out but some peoples' personalities just rub me the wrong way and I'd rather steer clear of that OOCly and ICly.


I try to make my character real. Both in personality and growth as well as his faults. That way he can develop and hopefully, others will love to see that development as much as I do.


I mean really, who -isn't- interested in the lalafell who turned Miqo'te that just recently killed two Brass Blades because they heard his name while under cover? /shot

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Now here's an interesting point, in my mind: Just because a character isn't competent in some area doesn't mean that they have a huge glaring weakness that shows up everyday. They might not be aware of this weakness; they might not care about it; they might structure their life such that this weakness simply never comes up. To them, they may be self-contained and capable. Yet when they're faced with a problem that plays to this weakness, they're suddenly faced with something they can't do themselves.


This is always a really interesting aspect of RP for me, both to play out and to watch. "Pride goeth before the fall," it's said, and a very fun part of RP is to have a prideful (or even just confident) character encounter something for which they're thoroughly ill-equipped and where they ultimately fail or have to ask for help. It's a realistic, relatable situation while remaining entirely plausible for characters regardless of their skill level, and in my experience, it always leads to a lot of interesting character development. I always try to write my characters such that they have several opportunities to get smacked in the face by their weaknesses, even if they're not aware of those weaknesses. :)

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I think the keyword form is 'Dynamic'.


A character should be a living breathing entity that adapts and changes as they progress through their own stories and the stories of those around them. Character generation isn't and end in itself, it's a starting point. So long as the characters grow and change there's a good chance we'll get along.


Another thing that I think is very important is this: Can I imagine this character in repose? By that I mean, is your character presented in such a way that it is impossible to imagine them without something going on around/involving them? I love imagining a characters down-time. They can't be busy and active all the time, so what do they do when they're resting or relaxing? What would they do with a day that they have all to themselves and nothing to do? These are very important questions I feel that sometimes get lost in the rush of drama and adventure.

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I lean more towards more "normal" characters or those who are within the realms of realistic capability. I can easily imagine myself turned off by being involved in a scene where everyone is doing the part while being limited by the fact they are human and then someone comes along and clears out a bunch of foes as if it were easy for them.

That said, I have nothing against strong characters... I just don't like when that is a defining characteristic or when actions scenes could become stale because everything is played down as being "not that big a deal" just because they are presnt. I imagine it would also reflect badly on the weaker(i.e normal) characters as being negligible almost.


I also prefer when some people show some respect to, at the very least, the main factors of the lore and don't make up their own rules just to suit their own preferences; that is mostly a thing I would apply to large communities such as this one here.


I also like characters who can gain my interest without having to shove a bunch of exciting things in my face, so personality, delivery and backstory are simply massive for me.



*rushed post* !

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I like dynamic characters with interesting backstories. Personally, I'm not interested in farmers or average joes, especially not in a Final Fantasy game. Actual scholars discussing the pros and cons about aether or two gladiators having a shouting match over how to take a certain monster down is way more entertaining to read than how the kids are doing or moving furniture. I can get that in real life.


But whether or not you're a farmer or an actual surviving Allagan relic to me is how the character conducts themselves. Some people use these special backstories just for the 'special snowflake' motif, others actually do have something to write about.


If you're going to make a special character, respect mah authori-lore. I'll RP with that last surviving Nymian of yore if they write them really well. (And it actually makes sense.)

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My favorite type of characters are pretty much normalish in backstory.


I believe very strongly that I don't want an extraordinary character, I want a character where extraordinary things happen around her. She's normal for the world, usually a farmer or a priestess or a pirate, but crazy things happening around her and how she reacts are the most fun.


I don't want to play that I'm super powerful. At the end of the day, it's boring. Where's the conflict if I can beat anyone who come across my path? Where's the drama if I can't train to get better because I'm already the best? I once played a special snowflake character when I first got into MMO RP, the worst part was people LET ME. She was one dimensional and uninteresting and used her power as a crutch to make her interesting. Never again.


This normalcy never makes her boring! It's Final Fantasy, for instance. She's fought Garleans, Got skipped ahead in time at Carteneau, looked for ancient Allagan artifacts, been possessed by a Voidsent. These aren't grand things about her, but they happened TO her and made her grow.


In general, I tend to lie to play confident, snarky, flirty types. Those are the most fun for me, though I will admit playing Armi the exact opposite of that in this game has actually been a lot of fun. I still have Loki for my snarky girl :P

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I mean, besides the general what-I-consider-good-development-vs-bad-development thing that has mostly been covered, there's some things that will almost always catch my attention and get my interest. Things that appeal to me, if you will.


These are almost always superficial and generally tacked on things to that which I consider necessary to interesting and well-rounded characters. Someone used the word "dynamic". That's a good word.


But, when it comes down to it, the superficial is what appeals to me.


I ain't perfect.




I love ugly. There is a place for beauty, but I have a thing for gross. Give me the rough and tumble, give me the walleye, give me the imperfect and I will be watching everything you do. It takes a special kind of fortitude to play the truly ugly (Zhi doesn't count, she's like ugly-lite or diet ugly), and I have nothing for respect for those who pull it off. There was this guy who once made this character who was a horrible, grotesque, pus-oozy sort of dude. Sores, a cripple, disfigured: dude had a super rough life, and it showed. And I was in love. End of story.


(as a side note, perfectly plain characters who are not hiding beauty behind a pair of glasses or waiting for a makeover also earn love. I think those characters are, in some ways, hardest to portray -- so seeing them done well makes me giddy)




Show me a character whose eccentricities make sense and are well thought out, and I'll be humping your leg. Example: dude made a sailor who was about as superstitious as was possible to get. Oh yeah, I mean, this guy wasn't a badass by any means, but the sheer amount of portent-reading and paranoia made him a badass. From an ooc perspective, at least.


Special Snowflakes


Did you just cringe? I'm sure one of you did. Before you recoil too far away in horror, keep in mind it's part of the whole thing. Neko-vampire-dragon-love-babies aren't what I'm talking about. Characters that do things that I, at least, consider to be daunting or undesirable in a general sense? Yes, please. Like, um, taking an unpopular race and making sweet, sweet love to its generalized culture and habits to the point that I want to make one, like, yesterday. Or putting a spin on the established culture that is still believable. Doing something out of the ordinary in a way that doesn't scream LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME will, oddly enough, make me look at you. And then maybe hump your leg. Quietly.




Having your character have a thing that they do that becomes what they're known for without it being obnoxious. I'M GOING TO DO A TERRIBLE THING AND NAME NAMES. Gus Pumpkinweed with pumpkins. Verad with the selling and acquiring of junk. Quick, easy to identify, and made to be interesting. (I need to rp more with Verad, really) You get a feel for the character like that while still being able to see depth -- you know there's more to the character while still being absolutely fascinated with what's on the surface. Grabby hands all over. (this might look like eccentricity, but it's not, I swear. Just trust me)




Mostly because it's made interesting. Some of these characters I have a hard time pinpointing of why I find it interesting, but essentially it's something dull and trite that has become absolutely magical. Generally when I see this it's because the person doing the writing either has some idea of what they're doing or they're just naturally talented and either way I fall to incredible envy and admiration.




People who have obviously taken pains to have their character make sense, no matter how outlandish the concept might be, are wonderballs. Like I don't care how freakish your character is. If I can take a glance over the history or whatever and see 'oh wow, this fits in while being freakish' -- yeah, I'll swallow just about anything. It goes along with everything prior in this list. I mean, the preceding are great on their own, but making it make sense will earn you my slavish rp devotion.





There's probably more, but those are my main ones. Highly opinionated, and therefore ultimately useless except in regards to me, personally (and those who express similar opinions, of course).


But then again, things that appeal to people are like that. :)

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