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We've all been there. Where something happens to us IC that affects us out of character. Normally we associate the bleed with negative. But does anyone else have bleed into the real world that is amusing? I know I have a few!  Thought would be fun to share and swap stories.  I'll go first.


I've noticed that, ever since I made Jin'li, my use of the word 'kind,' his IC trademark word, has exploded. In fact, at work, if one of my employees asks me why they need to do something or they thank me when  I do something for them, I always reply with: "Because I am kind." Drives them nuts. Lol.


Another one: I have a few times called a certain cleaning chemical 'cerelium' instead of its real world name. Always get a weird look on that one. :blush:

I'm not sure if it's OOC bleed, since I do it intentionally, but my thuggy/difficult characters call people 'Yahoos' when they do anything that can be considered as odd. I do the same IRL.


Most of my characters also have a comical hatred of sweets -- which I also do IRL.

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I was playing a tabletop game wherein one of my characters could detect people by sense of smell. When it would come up in roleplay, I'd always just look up and sniff to indicate to the storyteller that I was going to roll to try and get someone's trail. This happened routinely enough that I'd usually be rolling the die as I was making the noise/motion.


Some time later, I'm standing outside of a store with most of the group I played with waiting for someone. One of the guys asks if anyone's seen the missing player and muscle memory kicks in. I look up, sniff, and then realize what I've done.


Relating to XIV stuff, I often find myself trying to check the chatlog at work or in crowded places when a lot of people are talking. Never seems to work.


Wish I could fish for my job with a Join In Progress tag, too. I'd love to just complete the final 30 minutes and get paid for the day.

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No funny IC-to-OoC bleeding on my part yet, but there was this once IG-to-IRL incident with SW:TOR (technically off-topic, I know ; ; )...


My friend and I bumrushed our way, from June 2013 to December 2014, into end-game PvE raiding on the Pot5 server. We decided to help out a guildmate one night with the Macrobinoculars quest line. Unlike XIV's piss-poor Sightseeing, Macrobinoculars involved gaining access to a lot of neat, hidden areas designed and put aside specifically for this quest line. It was a lot of fun.


UNFORTUNATELY, one particular quest in the chain (Dark Design) involved traveling to Nar Shaddaa and then jumping from moving speeder (read: flying car) to moving speeder in order to reach a rather large spaceship. Platforming in a MMORPG.


We died so many times. We laughed. We tried cheating our way across via various movement skills. We died some more. Our sides, etc. My friend just about lost it, though. It was the most aggravating and traumatizing experience he's ever had to deal with in a video game.


I affectionately refer to it as, "doing the Mario". It serves as a euphemism for, "you keep f#&%ing up." It occasionally slips into conversations with folks that weren't even there. They give me weird looks.


My friend just gives me tirades.

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I find that I've been getting much more diplomatic in dealing with other people. This isn't the first time it's happened, either, as I had a similarly gregarious character on WoW.


On the other hand, I get a little unreasonably vexed when other people, even those who would have no way of knowing, say "dubious." That's my word now. You can't have it.

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A bi-weekly social occurrence is going to be a thing on Wednesdays for me, and I had to begrudgingly explain that it's when I lead our IC guildmeetings and I would try and move it. It was so awkward and I would have just white lied but my brain couldn't find an excuse.

Now I have to figure out how to move days for 40~ people online. It's so weird to be torn that way.



And if it's possible to bleed the other way, my character is a bit of an alcoholic and she LOVES wine. I've never been drunk IRL nor do I like wine. I don't have a living clue how to rp it but I.. am. O.o

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Some bleed I have permission to post:


My wife is taking her diet seriously and getting used to using calorie calculator programs


She was plugging in the values of some food just now, and I happened to notice that she had place the value of one food at "5 onz." It was not a spelling mistake.

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