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Customize a limit break only YOUR character could do


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[align=center]Hello again![/align]


[align=left]It's another one of those fun question times! So, say that Square implemented a limit break system that was NOT shared but single player used? What would it be called and what would it do?


Every popular Final Fantasy character has one and we all like one more than another (I love Zidane's Dyne abilities and Vaan's Pyroclasm)![/align]


[align=left]If I had to decide one for Gus, it would be "Pumpkinheart".


Gus would summon a living pumpkin to fight for him! It would serve as a special pet that has various abilities which when used, drains the limit bar (You can only do 3 actions given the bar has a max level of 3). When it expires, the pet finishes with one final ability. [/align]


These are the moves one can choose from:


Pumpkin Chasm: An AOE attack of pumpkin vines that burst from the earth, infecting the target with nearly every negative status effect (malboro breath).


Jack-o-Lantern: The pumpkin minion shoots balls of fire from its eye sockets, causing powerful fire damage to opponents. 


Vine-Slash: The pumpkin delivers four powerful attacks with its vines.


Spooky Atmosphere: Darkens the area and instills excitement and anxiety into the fellow players, resulting in the status effect: Ghastly (This effect raises total stats by 5%)


When all moves expire, the pumpkin finishes with the move: "Paroxysm" which causes the pumpkin to explode, leaving an AOE attack caused by hundreds of flaming pumpkin seeds barraged at the enemies, causing a DOT burn effect.


[align=center]I don't think that's too over the top as a limit![/align]



[align=center]What would YOUR character's move be called and what would it do?[/align]

[align=center]Can't wait to hear![/align]



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I like this idea, and really, I wish they would go back to a per-individual limit break system.


Unfortunately, T'rahnu doesn't really have any special talents or quirks conducive to creating particularly unique limit breaks, so instead she would just use one of these depending on her weapon:



Level I

Cross-Slash: Single enhanced physical attack with three slices. Deals physical damage with 2000 potency and inflicts paralysis. (To my knowledge there are no attacks for PCs currently that cause paralysis, making the status effect unique to this LB.)


Level II

Climhazzard: Stabs the enemy, then jumps upward while dragging the blade across the enemy. Deals physical damage with 5300 potency.


Level III

Finishing Touch: After charging, jumps upward with incredible force, creating a violent updraft dealing elementally neutral magic damage with 2800 potency to all nearby enemies, then lands with a violent crash dealing physical damage with 2800 potency within the same radius.



Level I

Braver: Single enhanced physical attack with a jumping downward slash. Deals physical damage with 2300 potency.


Level II

Blade Beam: Strikes and unleashes a wave of energy at a single enemy dealing physical damage with 4000 potency while releasing secondary shockwaves that deal physical damage with 1000 potency to surrounding enemies. If there is only a single target, the attack deals elementally neutral magic damage with 5000 potency while being calculated using physical attack.


Level III

Grand Braver: Jumps upward dealing two downward slashes ala Braver, but rather than exploding the cross shape is marked on the ground before jumping down for a massively powerful swing. Deals physical damage with 9000 potency.

(DPS job for MRD when, Squeenix?!)



Level I

Big Shot: Fires a huge, aetherically enhanced arrow at a single enemy for physical damage with 2300 potency.


Level II

Explosive Arrow: Launches an explosive arrow at the enemy, dealing physical damage with 5000 potency if there is only a single target, but can hit multiple targets for less.


Level III

Angermax (Ungarmax): Launches a rapid-fire hail of 18 arrows at random hostile targets. Each arrow deals physical damage with 500 potency for a total of 9000 potency.



Level I

Beat Rush: Assaults the enemy with a dazzling combination. Deals physical damage with 2300 potency.


Level II

Meteodrive: Performs a suplex on the enemy. Deals physical damage with 5000 potency and looks incredibly silly.


Level III

Final Heaven: Yes, the same one. Deals physical damage with 9000 potency. Also, PGL/MNK should be the only class able to use this. Seriously. Wtf, Squeenix?

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Let's do this. :) L'yhta's limit breaks are usable with any Disciple of Magic arm, giving her the magical versatility for which she's known.


Level 1: Arcanima Amplification. L'yhta draws a complex arcanima geometry in the air, then casts her next spell through it. The next spell cast has its potency and area of effect tripled, but retains the same MP cost and casting time. Total potency with Flare in Astral Fire III is usually around 1100.


Level 2: Spell Fury. This uses the same animation as the standard caster Limit Break 3. The next spell cast is cast eight times on random eligible targets within range. The spell retains the same casting time, but consumes all MP. Total potency with Flare in Astral Fire III is usually around 2900, but the randomness of targeting usually reduces this on large groups.


Level 3: Quick II. L'yhta jams her staff into the ground and a giant white flash engulfs the room for a fraction of a second. All enemy animations stop, along with all background music -- except for the sound of a metronome during the effect's duration. For 8 seconds, all enemies are Stunned, regardless of any immunities they may have to this effect, including the effects of diminishing returns. Additionally, all abilities that are currently on cooldown for all party members are immediately recharged. All buffs on party members gain 8 seconds of duration upon the Limit Break's activation, and all TP and MP are restored.

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Also, PGL/MNK should be the only class able to use this. Seriously. Wtf, Squeenix?


Soooo with you there.





Osric's an experienced rogue, a piss-poor marauder, and a fledgling monk. Uhhh... going to leave the axe out of it. Proficiency a go-go!



Level I

Rend: Closes the distance and tears a large gash in the target.


Level II

Lacerate: Darts forward, slicing high the target, before darting back to the original position, slicing low.


Level III

Incise: Omnislash, but not. 'cause daggers instead of swords. Resembles Xu Shu's DW7:E musou.




Level I

Contempt: Backhands the target, then slams them with a hook, and then repeats for added insult and injury.


Level II

Dirt Nap: Grabs the target by the head, or whatever approximates one, then drags them down and behind him as he slams them into the ground. This is very appropriate, given that Osric's basic concept started out a long time ago as the Dagger moveset from SCIII.


Level III

Final Heaven: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Y'know how BLMs gush about Meteor? Final Heaven is that for MNKs.



EDIT: myBB, please go die in a fire. I want to post links to specific times in specific YouTube videos, and you won't let me.

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Level 1: Gil Toss

Level 2: Gil Toss

Level 3: Rude comment, Gil Toss



Level 1: Gil Toss

Level 2: Gil Toss

Level 3: Strongly-worded letter, Gil Toss



Level 1: Umbral Gil Toss

Level 2: Astral Gil Toss

Level 3: Giant Scorpion

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Niklas has access to two Limit Breaks for each Level, ala FFVII. His Final Limit Break is so powerful that, despite it also uses all 3 limit bars, it has its own level.


Level 1 (Uses 1 Limit Bar)


Braver: Niklas readies his blade to hit the opponent with a powerful overhead slash.

-Potency: 2000


Shield Slam: Niklas puts forth his power into ramming the opponent with his shield.

-Potency: 1500

-Additional Effect: Stun

 -Duration: 10s


Level 2 (Uses 2 Limit Bars)


Blade Beam: Niklas channels his aether through his sword to send a powerful wave of aether at the target, also sending shockwaves to all nearby enemies.

-Potency: 3000

-Additional Effect: Inflicts damage on other enemies with a potency of 1500


Climhazzard: Using a combination of Aero and his aether, Niklas rushes forth to cleave the opponent in a powerful gale.

-Potency: 2500

-Additional Effect: Inflicts wind-aspected damage over time

 -Potency: 30

 -Duration: 1m


Level 3 (Uses 3 Limit Bars)


Azure Wind: Niklas focuses all of his aether into creating a powerful maelstrom of razor-sharp winds that cut through the opponent like tissue.

-Potency: 4000

-Additional Effect: Inflicts wind-aspected damage over time

 -Potency: 100

 -Duration: 1m


Bladedance: Niklas rushes at the opponent, charging with multiple successive slashes from his blades at many angles until finishing with a great overhead slash.

-Potency: 5000


Level 4 (Final Limit Break, uses 3 Limit Bars)

(Can only be used with Tyrfing and Aegis)


Gran Strike: Niklas puts forth 100% of his power, magic, and aether into Tyrfing and Aegis, resulting in a ferocious onslaught of sword slashes and shield bashes, combining all of his other techniques, culminating in one final slash from above, finishing the opponent.

-Potency: 10000

-Additional Effects: ignores Defense, inflicts wind-aspected damage over time, and inflicts Stun

 -Aero Potency: 200

 -Aero Duration: 1m

 -Stun Duration: 30s

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Stage I:

Umbilic Torus - Encases party in a protective geometrical barrier observing damage (not preventing it) for 8 seconds, then heals the amount of damage taken over time. 


Stage II:

Hypercube - Encases party in a geometric barrier observing damage (not preventing it) for 8 seconds then heals the damage taken over time and directs 40% back at the enemy.


Stage III:

N-Dimensional Demihypercube - Encases party in a geometric barrier preventing most damage for 6 seconds, then redirects 80% of damage prevented back at the enemy.


In other words, you could not grasp the true form of Titor's attack.

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Assuming this, I'll put an extra condition on myself because otherwise I'd just do something silly that would be extremely inefficient.


- The LB must accurately reflect its effects in a party situation, only brought down to Single Player levels (otherwise I'd just give myself a self-heal and a DPS LB since that's what I'd want most gameplay wise)


Kellach Woods (MAR/WAR)

Lv1 : Raging Kiss

Using his fabulous looks to his advantage, he blows a kiss towards his opponent, using the opponent's own rage against him.

(Inflicts Storm's Path and Storm's Eye debuffs. Instantly grants 5 units of Wrath, changing status to Infuriated. The next use of Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone or Unchained does not remove Infuriated.)


Lv2 : Brave Bastion

A foot in the ground and people to save. None shall pass.

(Applies Foresight, Bloodbath, Vengeance and Berserk. When Berserk expires, Pacification is not applied. The next 2 uses of Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone or Unchained do not remove Infuriated.)


Lv3 : Lambs to the Slaughter

Beckoning the foes before him with a mighty swing of the axe, his fearsome presence terrifies all before him, helplessly drawing them in.

(Draws all within PBAoE towards caster and binds all. Most attacks cannot kill Kellach. Applies Storm's Path and Fracture debuffs. The next 3 uses of Inner Beast, Steel Cyclone or Unchained do not remove Infuriated. Duration : 10 sec.)


I'll do ACN/SCH ACN/SMN later.

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Ohhhh OHH!! I wanna put mine down~!


For Caen I have:

~Amber Dawn~


Level 1: Tusslin' Wiff Muh Mitts!

Caen backflips and sprints towards the enemy, punching the enemy in a 360 degree pattern while using chakra to make his yellow shirt glow brightly like the sun to blind the enemy. 20% chance to cast Mantra for free.


Level 2: Earth, Wind, and Fire!

Caen fills his body with raging chakra and summons an aura which expands outward; simultaneously casts Fists of Earth, Fists of Wind, and Fists of Fire granting the entire party the benefits of each buff for 17 seconds.


Level 3: Chocobo Fandango! 

Caen takes a deeeeep breath and whistles loudly, summoning a horde of stampeding chocobos to rush at the enemy or enemies, doing damage to all of them!



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I am enjoying people's creative responses! I don't have a post though, since people know my approach to combat RP; Kale would very unlikely pull off anything remotely close to a Limit Break.


Man, if there was a gritty MMO akin to the Witcher universe...

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For Fio, well, this'll be fun.


Level One - Unholy Sever: charging his greatsword with dark magic, he swings the blade at his opponent in an attempt to sever a limb or vital artery, doing respectable damage.


Level Two - Unholy Slaughter: even more energy is channelled into the blade as he tries to cleave his opponent in two. Any nearby enemies that aren't the target are horrified for a short duration.


Level Three - Unholy Reign: Fio does even more damage to the target. Instead of horrifying nearby enemies, he instead palms several daggers out of his armour and flings them towards the vitals of said enemies, doing damage and stunning them.

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Alright, I'll bite, just for the heck of it.


William Harrowton


I'll ask and answer some simple questions: What if William focused his studies more on the carbuncles? What if it was possible to summon more than just one carbuncle with a few small tweaks to the geometry that gave it life? The result would be a Crazy Carbuncle Lord.


Carbuncle Field - ACN


Level 1 - Carbuncle Trio - William draws out some arcanima geometry in his grimoire, opening up a 'portal' to bring forth two additional Emerald Carbuncles and, in doing so, his maximum MP is cut in half and the original pet's maximum health is reduced to 1/3rd of its original value. During this time, Rouse will require an Aetherflow stack to use but is 20% more effective.


Lasts one minute or until the original pet's health is reduced to 1.


Level 2 - Carbuncle Quintet - Same as Level 1, just with two more additional Emerald Carbuncles and a heavier reduction in the original pet's maximum health. The attacks of the carbuncles now inflict Blind and pushes up the DoT timer of every Bio, Bio II, and Miasma spell cast by the owner by two seconds. Rouse is 50% more effective but costs an additional Aetherflow stack.


Level 3 - Carbuncle Stampede - Requires three Aetherflow stacks to activate - William unsummons his current pet, holding his book out in front of him to project an aura within 40 yards of his current location. During this time, he is unable to act and any enemy caught within the aura will be assaulted by waves upon waves of small carbuncles, dealing heavy damage per wave, spread out evenly to a maximum of three targets.


After applying any of the limit breaks, William becomes Aether Sick, the severity of which is determined by the level of the limit break. At level 1, William's movement and casting speed is slightly reduced. At level 2, his INT and MND stats are reduced. At level 3, he acquires the Brink of Death debuff and becomes unable to generate limit break until combat ends.

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I am enjoying people's creative responses! I don't have a post though, since people know my approach to combat RP; Kale would very unlikely pull off anything remotely close to a Limit Break.


Man, if there was a gritty MMO akin to the Witcher universe...

Surely it could be attached in someway to your inner beast type thingymajig that you've got going on?


As for Nako, it would be odd to see him doing anything like a limit break given that he can't do the high end stuff that other mages can.

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Hrm. While I occasionally display Berrod's less than ordinary abilities, I wouldn't say he has anything even CLOSE to a limit break. 





Level 1: Bugger off!

A simple straight thrust delivered at melee range, packed with power pulled from the third chakra. The attack itself appears lightning aspected, but still counts as melee damage.



Level 2: Wheel of Fire.

Berrod executes a wheel kick lanced with fire from his fourth chakra; unrestrained as to grant the hit as much power as possible. Ideally, it should return some damage to him as well, but that's not really how limit breaks work.



Level 3: Asura.

A forbidden technique that requires an opened seventh chakra to execute, Asura involves nigh assassination on an aetherial level. Two aetheric faces emerge from the left and right sides of his head, one enraged, and one laughing hysterically. Similarly, two extra aetheric pairs of arms issue from his shoulders. Berrod uses his physical arms to hold the enemy down while the aetheric ones grab and rip large chunks of their aether out. The chunks in the grip of the aetherial arms are then fed to the mouths of the aetheric faces -- which SHOULD result in regained health, but again, limit breaks don't work that way. SO RAWRGH DAMAGE.


For reference, here is a depiction of an asura.



Buuut, Berrod isn't so awesome. Yeah he uses his chakras in a pinch but other than that he's more of a sock 'em, kick 'em, breakdance 'em kinda guy.

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I am enjoying people's creative responses! I don't have a post though, since people know my approach to combat RP; Kale would very unlikely pull off anything remotely close to a Limit Break.


Man, if there was a gritty MMO akin to the Witcher universe...


It's unlikely for all of our characters! Make something up and let's see it, I'm terribly curious.

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Well...I'm a healer when I seriously play PvE, and a Dragoon when I am not so serious.


The only thing I can think of, would be having more Chaos Thrust particle effects in my LimitBreaks since I wear that color seemingly more than the rest.


Maybe since Otto has harems...lets see...to be honest this seems almost too hard. I dont roleplay combat ever, and don't have to since people know it would be foolish for several reasons to raise a hand to me. I'm too busy using my spear to chase skirts to actually pull a real one out and thrust it about.

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We had a little fun with this, but not enough time to tailor them to specific levels and such, but I suppose these can be looked upon as the third tier for each, and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously (although these aren't nearly as goofy as what we came up with originally lol):





WHM-Divine Embrace - The Priestess invokes the blessings of the Twelve upon the party.  Each member receives a temporary regen effect, a gradual MP replenishment, a gradual TP replenishment, and a boost to spell/skill speed.  Moreover the effects of Protect, Stoneskin, and Galvanize are augmented for the duration of the effect.


DRG-Nymeia's Needle - The Priestess invokes the blessings of her matron deity, planting her weapon into the target enemy and calling upon her weapon to be used as a conduit of the divine.  The target is bound and suffers moderate damage and a moderate DoT for the duration of the effect.  Eva cannot attack further, and all party members are bound in place to the Spinner's Grand Design, but each gains a significant boost to HP and his or her primary stat for the duration of the effect.





WAR-Rightious Indignation - Blynbhar swings his axe at the ground before him.  Hellfire and brimstone erupt, causing powerful damage, enmity increase, and a strong DoT to all enemies as well as any allies unfortunate enough to be caught in a conal AoE in front of Blynbhar.

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I am enjoying people's creative responses! I don't have a post though, since people know my approach to combat RP; Kale would very unlikely pull off anything remotely close to a Limit Break.


Man, if there was a gritty MMO akin to the Witcher universe...




except for maybe Legacy of Kain



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I CAVED IN. All of these limit breaks make use of Oscare's axe, bow, and gun skill.


Level 1: Zankusuken

Fire twice with a gun, followed up immediately by a slash right through the target and firing an arrow from a back, charged with electricity and tremendous pushback power.


Level 2: Furious Blitz

Jump up in the air and empty out his quiver completely with a massive rain of arrows, diving down and landing on the enemy with his axe first and following up with a 22-hit blitz combining his axe and gun.


Level 3: Thunderstorm

Knock the enemy into the air with his axe and throwing the axe at the target like a tomahawk. While cleaved, Oscare empties out his pistol on the enemy and jumps up high into the air and delivers a electric charged set of arrows, raining down on the whole battle field. 


Special Instance Limit Break: Full-On Artillery 

Oscare unleashes this attack on a certain ~~BACKSTORY RELEVANT CHARACTER~~ that throws his axe at the enemy like a tomahawk, empties his pistols, launches two bombs, empties his quiver, fires twice with his rifle, and finishes off with a bang from a magnum shot.

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Caleb wouldn't be able to reach some of these limit breaks, at least not right now. But once he reaches his prime and learns to control aether a little better, his limit breaks might be seen as follows.


Level 1- Gridanian Juggernaut!

Caleb dashes forward using his shield as a battering ram, his shield would be laced with aether to give an extra umph when it hits.


Level 2- Proud Defender!

A quick dash to an ally raising his shield and creating a barrier between him and the enemy. His sword drops to allow his other hand to quickly provide a "jolt" of healing aether to the wounded ally.


Level 3- Elementals Fury!

He would raise his sword into the air gathering air aspect aether, causing Aero like winds to cut into all enemies around him. Once enough aether was gathered he would quickly strike the ground creating a tremor powerful enough to send enemies to the ground.

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I wish I had seen this thread sooner. I love making over the top Limit breaks!


Level 1 - Heaven Fall

Using the aether around him, Meta will burst forward in a powerful dash and pierce a target with his spear, transferring all his energy into the target and unleashing the gathered aether into an explosive force that harms the target and stunning them for a short time, while damaging nearby enemies for lesser damage and slowing them down.

(The attack has a very high potency on the initial target and stuns them for 5 seconds. Nearby targets take only a small amount of damage, but are inflicted with heavy for 6 seconds.)


Level 2 - Rhythm of the Earth

Moving into the flow and pace of battle, Meta forces others to work at his pace and denies them control of the fight.

(Enemies nearby by Meta are heavied and given paralysis. Meta cannot be bound, heavied, slowed, slept, knocked backed, or stunned during the duration of this Limit break.)


Level 3 - 1000 Men, a Single Strike

Meta let's the aether course through his whole being, letting it enhance all that he does as he strikes forward with a unstoppable barrage mirroring the might of an army.

(Every buff has its bonuses doubled, and Life Surge's healing effect is applied to every attack Meta makes. Any time Meta makes an attack, the damage and effect dealt is applied to the target again a second after the initial strike. These effects last the duration of the LB.)

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Level 1 - Hellfire (I don't know)


K'nahli charges toward the enemy while unleashing several, quickly-shot arrows. Upon reaching close-proximity, she slides beneath the foe's legs to evade a naturally-responded melee attempt and closes with a powerful shot consisting of numerous arrows, aimed directly at the enemy's exposed back.



For small, humanoid enemies, or other cases where this is anatomically impossible, K'nahli would launch herself over their head with a clean somersault and then conclude with the same back-shot.


(If there are any really tall enemies that still can't be slid under then she... can tumble to the side and do a flank shot I guess).






Level 2 - Takedown (I don't know)


K'nahli fires two arrows that impale the victim by the feet/lower shins to the floor and delivers a third shot to the upperbody that causes them to begin to fall over backward. From there, K'nahli quickly charges forward and launches herself onto the victim feet-first, slamming them into the ground where she concludes with a powerful shot aimed at their neck before withdrawing with a jump/backward somersault.



On large or anatomically incorrect foes she would fire a flurry of shots that would cause a partial knockback - enough to gift her with an angle to land upon - and resume from there.



For airborne foes she would resemble the above tactic but instead swing herself around to the back of it's neck after launching herself, and resume from there.






Level 3 - Daddy's Girl (I don't know)


(Requires K'nahli to sustain at least one hit(melee included) before initiating).



K'nahli is knocked backward into tumble/slide as a result of being hit. From there the enemy would have entered a sequence where it stops moving for a moment and simply observes. Gripping her arm as though wounded while still sitting on the ground, K'nahli should make some call that is typically seen from boss-raid dialogue that causes her father, K'yohko, to enter the scene and assist her with what is to come.



From there they can both join to together to perform some more over-the-top archer and lancer moves that figuratively destroy the boss. Upon finishing, K'yohko could just throw in the old:  "I must go, my people need me" dialogue before departing in.... I suppose an asian, gravity-defying styled leap.





I'll let the rest of you decide at what point I became lazy with this.






I really, really dislike over-the-top fighting styles like you see in Limit Breaks(in the case of actual RP) so all of this is purely humourous even if my examples aren't quite as bad as they could be, (minus some of the jumping, of course!).


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Level 1 - Knight's Code


Like Cover on steroids, absorbs all damage to all party members for 15sec.



Level 2 - Judgment Blade


Single target damage with a potency of 300, and an AOE effect. Any allies in the AoE has their arggo reduced to zero, that arggo is absorbed by the skill user. More to a tank then defense, hate management is vital in some spots where hard hitting trash is overwhelming your control. Make the visual effect reminiscent of Stasis Sword from FFT.



Level 3 - Knights of the Round


Sultansworn of days gone by spring from the user in the form of aetheric ghost, one for every enemy on screen. Doing a potency 500 attack to each, absorbing any arggo the enemy has for any party member into the skill user. Come on, you know you miss KotR.

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