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Aeon FC Presents : The Crystal Carnival!

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To celebrate the 1-cycle anniversary of our free company’s founding, Aeon FC cordially invites one and all to our first Crystal Carnival!


Join us in Plot 11, Ward Three of the Goblet on Sunday the 15th of March for a plethora of fun-filled activities including:


  • // 2PM EST/ 6PM GMT// GOOD FOOD MAKE with Flickering Ember on the lawn of Cliffperch : Ember has assembled a selection of choice ingredients for you to use. Are you cunning enough a Culinarian to rise to the challenge and make a masterpiece?
  • // 3PM EST / 7PM GMT // THE GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD Join Brave Horizon at the entrance to Ward 3 to help write a story in which you are the star!
  • // 4PM EST / 8PM GMT // POTION COMMOTION, with Tearendil Feimasheren : Cliffperch’s resident scientist-gentlecat Tearendil has concocted a fresh batch of potent and mysterious alchemical creations. Are you brave enough to volunteer as a test subject? For science!
  • // 4:30PM EST / 8:30PM GMT// BASEMENT BRAWL, hosted by Tiny Fawn : descend into Cliffperch’s cellarage to strip down, oil up and take part in traditional Ala Mhigan oil wrestling!
    [align=center]Do you have what it takes to be crowned King / Queen of the Carnival?[/align]
    When? 6PM EST / 10PM GMT
    Where? Villa Lunais, house of Eclipsis FC, Plot , Goblet Ward 3.
    What? As the night winds down, what carnival would be complete without the crowning of a monarch? Gather in the basement bar of Villa Lunais to convince your fellow revellers why you should be crowned Monarch of the Carnival!
    Be it comedy, dance, or magic, be sure to have your routine ready; you’ll have 3 minutes to make your case and wow the crowd, for a chance to win a Baby Opo-opo and the crown!
    And if you over-run on your routine's 3-minute time slot, don't think you can squeeze an extra few seconds out on the stage; the crowd will be fore-armed with Dzemael tomatoes which have been adequately 'ripened'...
    [align=center]Brimming Heart Bikini Afterparty[/align]
    When? 7PM EST Onwards / 11PM GMT Onwards
    Where? The Brimming Heart, central Goblet, Ward 3
    What? After the excitement of the carnival is over, gather at the Brimming Heart to relax with friends in the warm water, lay back with cocktail in hand and enjoy the fireworks.
    • Please be sure to have /shout and /yell enabled in your chat window, as events and directions will be announced to the whole zone.
    • Should the votes for the crowning of the Monarch result in a tie, the winner will be judged by a panel from Aeon FC.


    [align=center]Do you want to help us make the carnival the most outrageous day of revelry it could possibly be?[/align]


    There are opportunities to take part in organizing the Carnival for any and all characters, particularly those with skills in entertainment. Story-tellers, Bards and other volunteers would be most welcome!

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The bard plays a saucy little tune to himself as he reads the announcement, and then...


// 2PM EST / 7PM GMT// BASEMENT BRAWL, hosted by Tiny Fawn : descend into Cliffperch’s cellarage to strip down, oil up and take part in traditional Ala Mhigan oil wrestling!


...several strings break.


He shook his head. "Gods, deliver me from my own imagination."

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So much theres. And EU friendly times yes!


Great idea and happy to help with bardic charm, maybe handing out crystal necklaces to the lovely people in exchange for smiles and hugs.

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as long as this is over by 9pm est....i should have no issues going.... can't miss my own event later that night xD


but this does look like fun and i wanna be nosy and see what other events there are that haven't been listed yet o3o

I'm working on a "Whose Line is it Anyway?" type event where the audience plays the "three word story" game you see on forums sometimes and some volunteers act it out.

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Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the Carnival! We had a blast hosting it, and we hope people had as much fun attending.


Congratulations to His Royal Highness, King of the Crystal Carnival Rythiel Rothmoore! May you and your simian 'advisor' have a long and peaceful reign.


Screenshots will be up tomorrow!

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Echoing Bryn's thoughts here.


Thank you very much to everyone that showed up. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!


I'd also like to give a huge shout-out and thank you to the Eclipsis Free Company for being wonderful and hosting the Coronation ceremony in their beautifully decorated basement. It was awesome to collaborate and I look forward to the Companies working together again in the future.


Again, thank you all so much! It was great fun to see everybody coming together, mingling and getting involved! Hats off to this wonderful community!



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I'm not a very experienced roleplayer. Hell, I didn't think I'd actually keep doing it once the semester started in January. But I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did. Aeon helped a lot with that. When we were planning this event, I figured I'd challenge myself and give back a little bit by helping to host.


When I saw the flood of people descend on poor little Brave for the story event, I have to admit I started to freak out a little. Within a few minutes it became pretty obvious that the chat options in game weren't quite sufficient for what I was trying to do. But everyone played along and made it work, and I think most people had a good time in the process.


In all, the event was incredible, and now there's no chance I'm going to give up on Brave. If anything, my non-RP main has something to worry about. Thank you to everyone who attended. I got to network a little, and hopefully I can contribute more to the FFXIV RP community as a whole in the future.


Thanks Balmung. You guys rock! :love:

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