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  1. You need to finally update the original post and promote some active new leaders as I left the linkshell a few weeks ago. I can't invite anyone anymore so please don't contact Korin/Raeth for an invite guys c:
  2. It really depends on the dungeons themselves. It's possible and preferrable in the super-lower ones, but Halatali's a bit rougher due to AoE and TP limits on classes. Toto-Rak and Haukke are both okay due to gating, but Brayflox and Stone Vigil get rough again. Cutter's Cry gates itself off really well, too. If I had a nickel for every time I was told to "pull big" and then died ten seconds after settling, I'd have probably a lot of nickels. Also, being the Tank means never having to take crap from the rest of the party, in a dungeon. They don't like it? Let 'em drop. You're
  3. Until today, I wasn't aware that harassing your tank into mass pulling in low level dungeons was a thing.
  4. I tend to panic and flail about for between 15-30 minutes before finally deciding whether I can actually make a worthwhile contribution to the RP or not ;; ...Otherwise, music! It doesn't even have to fit the scene, I just rarely find myself writing (or drawing, or that matter) without it.
  5. Just echoing here but it's either the surprised/shocked emote...For female miqo'te. I'm 99% certain the males don't get to use the animation you described outside of cutscenes, sadly ;; For male miqo'te /shocked is more of a panicked crouch backwards, /surprised is some bizarre half-assed crotch thrust... But on the ladies one of them is that 'paws up, jumping back' animation for sure.
  6. Had so much fun with this! I was absolutely terrified of meeting someone new but it worked out great. Glad I signed up! Thank you for organising this again!
  7. From an event last year, I think...? Given how Korin is IC, his reaction in this gave me a few laughs. Spoilertagged them just in case I almost accidentally fill the page with screenshots because I probably did it wrong somehow ;; Not sure if he's terrified, or finally prepared to become a man? And then he remembered he was spoken for. Whoops... It's...Very hard to decide which one I like better! He's usually just a resting derp face in every other cutscene, or busy trying to look heroic...Which he isn't.
  8. I absolutely love the A4 music, but aside from that? I do like both phases of Leviathan's fight, though I don't actually know the track names :c So pleased when I finally got that pony, though ;;
  9. I'm a little disappointed - None of the styles really leapt out at me in the "I NEED THIS TAKE ALL OF MY LIKES" way that I was hoping for. I wouldn't really like to see #9 to win the male vote because I'd rather they just cross over that male Au Ra ponytail in the future - I've heard a few folks complaining that they wanted that style on X race, after all. I just think it'd be better to use this opportunity to actually give us all a new style instead. But that's just my opinion, I worry that a few of the popular styles won't actually look that good ingame. So much clipping! I suppos
  10. I'm starting to suspect some pugtanks have a mindset of "If I use defiance/grit/shield oath, I can spam my DPS combo" these days. It's terrifying... First Vault, then Ravana..our main tank struggled to hold threat focus on a boss with no adds against a Dragoon! Perhaps you're a better dragoon than you're giving yourself credit for, and the tanks just can't handle it no matter how hard they try!
  11. I'm starting to suspect some pugtanks have a mindset of "If I use defiance/grit/shield oath, I can spam my DPS combo" these days. It's terrifying...
  12. I really do see where you're coming from with this - I put a lot of preparation into Raeth pre-heavensward, and he overtook Korin as my main a little while before HW was actually released. I'd hate for him to get stuck in the same rut Korin did - And I really hope that won't happen again. It's never a nice thing to put in so much time and effort to a character you end up disliking, and in some cases...It's hard to settle once you get into the habit of fantasia/namechange to try something new. Finding RP outside of FCs is a lot of effort in itself, it seems - I suppose people are settle
  13. I don't blame you. It's awful, even after the extra loot was added - Just reminds you how unlucky your rolls can be...I'm pretty sure my first win, though, was a complete and utter joke - I rolled a 7, and...four other people rolled lower than that. Levelling classes for fancy RP gear is an awful thing...It's why I end up blasting out so much gil onto my alts. Those crafting sets are adorable and they need them! They do! ...Honest! ;;
  14. Sounds good! It does sound like a hard situation to pull yourself out of - I struggled with a similar issue on Korin, but I managed to haul him out of that hole, as well. It took a lot of effort, and on occasion I did feel like I was wasting everyone's time when I DID RP him, since the time I had to RP was quite limited. If you can't think of a way to pull her out of that hole, perhaps it's worth considering adjusting the character somewhat? Maybe even retcon something that made you dislike the character, if you're not opposed to it? If you can pinpoint just where you feel like her R
  15. Can "Alex Normal" just be a thing in general haha? Trust me, it's bad for DPS who do know what their doing and then it's those one or two people who don't and then just conveniently don't say anything like "oh, it'll work out" that screw over the ones who do and then everyone gets mad and then it all goes to hell then vote abandon and then.../lies down I have to admit...I've never really encountered any problems aside from my awful rolls in the rest of Alexander. I lost count of how many gordian shaft rolls I failed to win this week before I finally rolled a 99 and managed to win o
  16. It's always unfortunate when people give up on a character. I don't know how much RP you'd had with the Xaela player, but I'm not sure how to describe it...It's kinda like there's a void in your RP? Especially if the character just vanishes without any real explanation - Not that I'm saying that happened, but that's just my opinion on it. As a side note, if timezones don't conflict too badly, you're welcome to give me a poke for RP. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? As for the lore wall...It sounds like it should relate more to how your character is, rather than...How she, a
  17. Alex Normal when you're tanking and the DPS aren't doing their job, but all you can do is watch them flail about and kill all four alarums in the wrong places. You'd think the first part would be the easiest, wouldn't you...? *sobs*
  18. Add low self-esteem to the list of reasons why people rarely get back into contact and it's almost perfect. I have a fair few people on my friendslist who I'd love to RP with again, but...I usually convince myself "eh, they probably have much more interesting plots and better things to do than RP with me" - Hence why I never, ever end up asking people for RP again... And, like you said, just stick to interacting with FC members, because it's just that much easier. I definitely agree it's exhausting to expand that network of contacts - However, I do feel like that networking is what makes
  19. I don't know if I managed to skip a response that answers my question, so I'll just ask anyway - but what walls are you hitting with her? Do you have any player connections in her background, or is she completely free? But I can relate, somewhat, when you say you're trying to RP, and finding it bland...But less so with my Xaela, and more with a couple of other non-Au Ra characters of mine. I don't like to admit it, since they HAVE made connections that I don't want to just cut off... Sometimes I find that I'll sit there and fuss over lore and background details and "oh no what
  20. I don't say hello back, I'm not really in duty finder to make friends. I mean If I know you and recognize you I'll say "what's up" but otherwise nah. I can understand people being in autopilot mode or whatever, but still...It can't hurt for some people to type...what, two letters? I don't get at them for it, because like I said - It's just a pet peeve! But when you're stood around in the entrance waiting for someone to load in/finish watching/skipping the opening cutscene/casting protect and whatnot...Eeeh. It doesn't take that much effort, right? I suppose it just makes me
  21. I've been there, and it's one of the reasons I don't like to pug as a healer. To be honest your entire post shouted out as a "hnngh I hear you loud and clear, this is EXACTLY why I don't like to pug". I levelled WHM on Raeth for a little while, for stoneskin (he kinda hit 30 and then stopped, though...) but occasionally my desire to at least do that daily roulette on those classes tends to drop and I just stop doing it. Queueing as a DPS just to get...say, Cutter's Cry, and then everyone immediately leaves? Not all that pleasant. I just wish I could underman content and still get exp. :v
  22. If I can't grab you for an invite before the LS fills up, pop me on the waiting list please <3
  23. Main Character's Name: Korin Relanah Brief description/Link to Wiki: Wiki! Usually online: Most of the day after 14:00 or so, up until midnight in the UK! Intensity: Light/Medium. I'm a little shy but I don't bite!
  24. ^ This. So much this. ;; I've been back in the game a quite a while now, but outside of speaking with my FC I'm just too busy panicking and flailing to make contact with anyone. Lots of silly antisocial thoughts I won't elaborate on here because I don't need to, but you probably get the idea. I have a lot of people on my friendslist that I feel like I want to speak to - Old TTG members, and such! But...Nope. Can't bring myself to do it, for this exact reason. Perhaps people are still a little swept up in the "ooh shiny new expansion content" feeling and RP has fallen down the
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