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  1. Well I think I've done it right bit I also think I've accidentlay sent two forms...
  2. Ahh well that put my au ra out of the question. I've dabbled with thalmataurgy in bit but need to flush it out. All in all zeke sees thalmataurgy as a form of aether manipulation and doesn't mind how ans where it comes from, but also wants to understand the local history behind it's usage.
  3. Welcome to the balmung. Please enjoy your stay...
  4. I was interested in the last one but missed the window for entry . As for timing I can either 2pm EST or 10pm EST You can pm me or will there be a form that I also have to fill in...after September 10th I mean...
  5. Just to comment on the new change to the Travers crawl event...thank you. Being an eu player I missed the last one.
  6. Hello, I asked one of.your members back in July if you where recruiting. They told me that you have set periods to put in an application for due to your rules. When is roughly your next date, if you have one and are there any conditions?
  7. For my first hosting event it was enjoyable, a sense of genuine need to cater and relax your guests. Loved it...
  8. For me I was invited to the server and thankful. For me I've written a flexible backstory for either xaela or rean. (I play rean for the slightly more open for me) I also change from my hyur but kept the name. As far as problems I don't I have found any currently. The names I think is best researching in full before changing and you can change or not based what you want.
  9. Interesting, although I think would I have to change my profile since it has my face on it?
  10. I attended seemed great...will it continue until the seasonal event ends?
  11. Sounds like a great idea. Advertisement is a given, the more flyers the more people will come...
  12. Zeke looked up from his table as the flyer was put up, he picked up his cup of tea, nodding to the waitress. Cheeks brightening a bit "seriously? " he glaze sweeping the room as he gets up walking over and inspecting the poster, tea in hand. "hmm a selling point" eyes skimmed narrowing and reading the small print "at least there is suitable warning...should have tested it though" his taking a sip from the tea in his hand "would sell better as sun protection for costa del sol though." he turns returning to his table
  13. Honestly it's a small thing but wonder how it will be? Lol I'm interesting in sitting it's subtle but but strangely not. The sharing of facial sitting would be better like /misit for miqo'te /list for lalafell and so on putting the first letter of the race, again they'd have to be gender locked though to avoid....silliness 
  14. Curious, perhaps I'll pop over, never been to one
  15. Being in UK I agree with the idea,although joining the Role-play scene recently it'll add to my experience and perhaps others...
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