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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVII


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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVII Q&A Update Thread


Patch 3.2, The Gears of Change, will arrive on February 23, 2016!




Stone, Sky, Sea


This is a battle challenge where you have three minutes to defeat a specific training dummy. At the beginning of the broadcast, we had Yoshida demonstrate the battle against the striking dummy for Alexander: Gordias, The Burden of the Father (Savage).


There are several levels of challenge. Each training dummy corresponds to the difficulty of high-level content, and players will be able to test their rotations for each job. We also have Patch 3.2 content available as well, and players can practice here before challenging the new raid. For example, by completing the Alexander: Midas (Normal), the first area for Alexander: Midas (Savage) will become available.


This content is for solo players. There aren’t any rewards, but I believe it’s worth trying. We believe players will expect healers to DPS as well, so we were worried about whether or not we should include this for healers, but we implemented this so healers can challenge it too.


Job Adjustments Part I


We will be changing the method for calculating the potency of physical attacks for tank roles in Patch 3.2. We’ll be making it so vitality affects the potency of physical attacks, and as a result the effect of strength on physical attack potency will be reduced.


From Patch 3.2 onwards, you’ll be safe using only vitality accessories as well as allocating everything to vitality as a tank. For everyone who is currently using strength accessories on their tanks, the damage will be lowered, so please prepare your vitality accessories ahead of time.


In regards to tanks, we’ll be looking at each of the three jobs’ defense traits and making overall adjustments to their values. Amongst the adjustments, paladin will be receiving large adjustments. Not only in terms of their offensive-aspects, but overall adjustments as well.


There will be various adjustments for jobs, but one of the major ones will be for astrologians “Shuffle.” We’ll be making adjustments to both the name of the ability and the effect so that the same card cannot be drawn again. Additionally, we’ll be reducing aspects related to enmity.


In regards to machinist, it’s a tough job that deals fast damage; however, compared to other jobs it’s a bit behind in DPS, so we will be making adjustments. We’ll also be making adjustments to bard’s “The Warden’s Paean.”


Naturally, we will be making adjustments to other jobs as well based on everyone’s feedback, but please wait for the patch notes for more details.


We’ll also be making further adjustments to the speed in which the limit break gauge fills up.


Beast Tribe Daily Quests


Gnath daily quests will be implemented in Patch 3.2, and the level adjust system will also be implemented for these quests.


You may notice we’re riding an unfamiliar mount... This is a flying mount used by the Gnath. Gnath’s camp is located near the Vath Storyteller NPC.


Additionally, the Adamantoise mount will also take to the skies! If you're using the first person camera, you won't have to worry about it spinning!


The Feast


This is the PvP content we have been referring to as “The Wolves’ Den 2.”


Need to be level 60.

Item level syncs to 150.

Party composition

4v4: 1 tank, 1 melee DPS, 1 ranged DPS, 1 healer

8v8: 2 tanks, 2 melee DPS, 2 ranged DPS, 2 healers.


You’ll need to have both melee DPS and ranged DPS in your party.

You will not be able to queue if you have a different party composition.


There will be a concept of ratings, and there is a mode where you can be matched against people with similar skill.


8 vs 8 (Win/loss rating does not apply)

Rating does not apply for this mode. We want players to enjoy with this mode, so first please try this and have fun.


4 vs 4 (Solo, Win/loss rate applies)

Players will only be able to queue for this mode while solo. Your rating will change depending on your wins/losses.


4 vs 4 (Light party, win/loss rate applies)

Players will only be able to queue to this mode as a light party, and the win/loss rate will apply.


*There are practice modes available for both solo and static parties. Additionally, the rating for party and solo will be different.


Deciding the Victor

Different than the previous Wolves’ Den content, instead of completely wiping out the opposing team, the objective is to steal your opponent’s medals, and the team that has the most at the end of the match will win. Each team’s members will start the battle with 100 medals.


When defeating an opponent, they will drop their medals. Your team can pick these up, and once you reach a certain number of medals, your team will win.


If you’re worried about dragging a team down because you feel like you’re going to get killed over and over--have no fear! The amount of medals you drop will become fewer and fewer the more you are defeated, so there is no benefit to defeating the same person continuously. Depending on the amount of medals your opponent drops, there will be various effects.


Also, you won’t be able to collect medals off of your teammates.



There are several elements that will change the flow of battle.

Adrenalin Rush

Players who have experienced Frontline may be aware of this system, but this is limit break-like action which can be used by individual players..

Supply Box

There are supply boxes which are available from the beginning, and those that will become available at a later time. By attacking this box, it will break, and give an item called Supply Kit. Item will be given to the team that dealt the most damage to the box.

Offense Kit - Increased attack

Defense Kit - Increased defense

Medical Kit - Heals

Adrenalin Kit - Increases the Adrenalin Rush gauge

Culling Time

This time occurs when a player isn’t defeated for certain amount of time. If no one is defeated the debuff will continue to accumulate, but once an enemy or ally is defeated the debuff is removed. This will also affect the background and sound.

Heavy Medal

Depending on amount of medals held, players will receive physical damage up debuff. If one player collects too much medals, they will receive that much more debuff, so please be careful.


Result screen

The result screen will show the number of knockouts (K), the number of times you were knocked out (D), and the number of assists (A). Assists can be earned through heals, buffs, and other actions. It’s pretty easy to get assists, so try to get a lot of them.



There are six tiers of ranks for both solo and pre-formed parties: no rank, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Once you reach 1000 rating points, you’ll start promotion battles. Winning 3 out of 5 promotion battles will allow you to be promoted to the next rank.



The Feast has its own specialized ranking. It will be tallied for each Data Center.


There will be a ranking list for each rank, so I recommend trying your best in the rank that suits your skill level.


Ranks and Reset

With the change of every season (3.5 months), both rank and your ranking will reset.


Those at the top will be given special rewards.


There will also be special rewards particular for a season only for players at the top of the diamond rank. There will be rewards for each of the ranks. The top players will also be able to receive the prizes that those below them receive.


The special reward for diamond rank is equipment with a completely new design, and diamond ranked players can earn the entire set. There will also be trophy furnishings.


We put a lot of effort into the prizes, so strive to be the top of a rank that fits your skill.


New Instanced Dungeons


New instanced dungeons, the Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) will be added.


Alexander: Midas

The next installment of Alexander is called Alexander: Midas. In 3.0, there were some time in between the release of Normal and Savage mode; however, this time we’re adding both modes simultaneously.


Similar to Alexander: Gordias, Midas will have exchangeable items. Players will be able to challenge this raid regardless if they already obtained the reward or not.


Alexander: Midas (Savage)


Savage will be released at the same time as the normal version. Progress will be saved, and the equipment can be obtained directly from treasure chests. It will also be possible to obtain tokens for each area each week. Depending on the number of players that have already completed a certain area, the number of treasure chests that appear will vary.


It’s essentially the same rules of Savage that you’ve seen up until now.


Considering that the DPS checks for the third and fourth areas of Alexander: Gordias (Savage) were too severe, we’re currently performing our final checks and adjustments, but since it’s a raid it will be a high level of difficulty.


Materia Melding

It will not be possible to use advanced materia melding for STR, DEX, VIT, INT, MND, and PIE. You will be able to meld these stats into available materia slots.


Players may think this will lower the demand for materia; however, the scope on which materia can be melded for individual equipment will increase.


The amount of Tier IV and V materia output, exchange, and method to obtain these will be adjusted, so please think that the value for this materia will change slightly. The amount produced will increase greatly, so players do not have to worry if they’ll require a lot of gil since due to increase in demand.




*The live stream showed the orchestrion in action.


The orchestrion is a furnishing that all players inside of your house can use to change the background music. The music will be looped. You’ll be able to obtain sheet music for it through a variety of avenues. When you interact with the orchestrion, you’ll bring up a specialized UI. Selecting a song from here will change the music for the house. Since the music comes straight from the orchestrion, distancing yourself from it will change how it sounds. We’ll be adding an “orchestrion sheet music log” and you’ll be able to see hints for how to obtain songs.


Depending on the content, there may be cases where it’s easier to obtain rewards when you complete it with the minimum item level.


We’ll be adding more songs with each patch, and we hope you have fun expanding your music collection.


Mentor System


What is the mentor system?

The mentor system is a system which will allow players to assist beginners. In order to become a mentor, players must earn specific achievements and talk to a specific NPC.


There are three requirements:

Must have one job from each role (Tank/DPS/Healer) at level 60.

It’s set up in a way so that the player can offer advice for each role.

Must have completed 1,000 or more instanced dungeons or trials.

You may feel this is a large amount of number; however, we believe a lot of players have this completed already.

Have earned over 300 commendations.

Additionally, there are requirements for those who don’t play battle-related classes/jobs.


Instead of the above requirements, players can also become mentors by completing the following:

Have at least one class from both Disciples of Hand and Land at level 60.

Have crafted over 100 collectables.

Have gathered over 300 collectables.


Once you’re a mentor...

You’ll be able to invite beginners to special chat channel. As a countermeasure against RMT, we will be allowing mentors to invite beginners to the channel as they see fit.


We’ll also be adding Duty Roulette: Mentor.


Though there won’t be a ton of rewards, you’ll have priority matching for the content that has not been cleared yet by the person you are queuing with. Completing this a certain amount of times will yield achievements and rewards. Additionally, you’ll have a crown mark added next to your name, and you can turn this off and on as you like.


Containment Bay S1T7


*The stream showed off gameplay of this content.


This is the beginning of the Warring Triad series. It’s a circular battlefield, and the outer rim has a barrier. The person who created this battle also designed Titan, so let’s just say the theme of this battle is a big jump rope. I hope you're looking forward to this. We’ve separated the quests into those for the main scenario and for Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme), so please have fun with the one you like.


Exploratory Missions Adjustments


Based on a lot of feedback, we will be making adjustments to Exploratory Missions.

Adjustments to content duration

We’re making adjustments in Patch 3.2 based on feedback that we received, but in the next patch we will be making bigger adjustments related to exploration.


Change in content time

Hard: 90 minutes > 60 minutes

Normal: 90 minutes > 45 minutes

Easy: 90 minutes > 30 minutes


Change to the re-entry time

45 minutes > 30 minutes


We looked into eliminating this; however, considering the fact that we will be adding new Allagan tomestones, we decided to keep a re-entry time in place.


Along with the adjustments to the content duration, the required amount of aether turbulences will be changed as well.

Required amount of aether turbulences

Hard: 4 to 3

Normal: 4 to 2

Easy 3 to 1

Additionaly, the amount and type of Allagan Tomestones earned by completing the tasks will also change.


Fresh Tracks

Players who spawn the Fresh Tracks will earn the rights for first attack. There’s a theory floating around that players need to take away 30% of the enemy’s HP in order to receive the reward; however, in hard mode this is much lower.


Furthermore in order to avoid mistakes that could happen when exchanging items obtained from exploratory missions, we have added a filtering feature at the exchange window. We'll also change the amount of spoils required for exchanging for materia, so it may be a good idea to hold onto the spoils you have right now until Patch 3.2 is released.


Disciples of the Hand and Land Adjustments


In Patch 3.2 we will be adding an extremely large volume of new crafting recipes. One of the major types of recipes will be the release of new crafted equipment and accessories at the same time, which can be used to challenge raids early. They are at an item level that can be used for the raid, so I believe there will be a large demand for each job’s equipment.


We’ve also made it so that you won’t run into problems where you are not able to collect the necessary materials like has been the case in the past.


We’ll also be adding recipes for equipment that looks like Allagan and High Allagan equipment, except they can be dyed. (*The stream showed off pictures.)


It won’t be difficult to craft these items; however, you need a new item known as a “blueprint,” and how to obtain these is a secret for now.


Various cosmetic equipment will also be added, and as requested on the forum, glamour recipes will be added that can be used with all classes. We’ll be posting a comment from the development team to tease what’s coming, so keep an eye out!


Furthermore, we’ll be making adjustments to Disciple of the Hand and Land classes, and in a Hotfix on Feb. 25 we will be adding new rewards for red scrips to coincide with the weekly reset.


Other Updates Part


Allagan tomestones of Lore will be added.


Along with addition of a new tomestone, we’ll be making adjustments to the existing tomestones.

Removal of Allagan tomestones of Soldiery.

Distribution of Allagan tomestones of Law will be halted.

The weekly limitation will be removed from Allagan tomestones of Esoterics.

Allagan tomestones of Law can be exchanged for Allagan tomestones of Esoterics.

We’ll keep Allagan Tomestones of Poetics for some time, as first tomestones players will earn when becoming level 50.


It will be possible to being gathering when the duty party participation window appears.

Sword and shield rewards will be obtained at the same time.


It will be possible to queue for Duty Roulette as a party for the following roulettes:

Duty Roulette: Expert

Duty Roulette: Level 60 Dungeons

Duty Roulette: Level 50 Dungeons

Duty Roulette: Leveling

Duty Roulette: Trials

Duty Roulette: Main Scenario

Duty Roulette: Guildhest


Teleport history feature

A history tab will be added, and the recent places you’ve visited will appear.


Expansion to the idling camera and group pose features

Various features will be added, so stayed tuned for details!

Hotbar improvements

Revamped recast animation display

A setting will be added to the configuration for displaying the recast time in numbers.

We remade this countless times. We conducted a survey with the QA team asking them about the aspects that made it difficult to tell when an action was used by looking at the hotbar, and we made improvements to make this easier to see. It’s possible to change the settings for this in the configuration, but the default is set to off.


A furnishing which can summon the Aesthetician will be added.

Dye preview for furnishings will be added.

A feature that allows selling items directly from retainers will be added.

There will be various adjustments. There was a lot of request to add confirmation for sort to prevent sorting by mistake, for this we’ll add an option in the config which will hide the sort.


Special Guest: Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox


Patch 3.2 - The Gears of Change

*The stream shows off concept art of Patch 3.2


The character featured in the art for Patch 3.2 is Minifilia. As the name of the patch, The Gears of Change, implies, there will be various changes in Patch 3.2 which are related to what happened to her, where she came from, how she is related to the mother crystal, and the path the scions will follow.


There are many meanings for this title.


How will Minfilia get involved in the main scenario?

What kinds of changes will take place for the people of Ishgard now that they have seen the dragons?

There are those that don’t wish for any change. You may see some opposition as well.

Also, the gears from the Patch title is related to Alexander as well.




The Antitower

In English, this is called the “Antitower.” This was a place where Sharlayans researched the mother crystal, and considering that Sharlayans are scholars, we came up with the name Antitower. However, in Japanese the word “anti” can be taken negatively, so this has been dropped by Oda from the Lore team, but instead we decided to keep the naming we had during development, the “reversed tower.”


It was hard coming up with the name for the boss inside this tower. A boss from a previous FF title can be found inside this tower, and we had to figure out how we’ll bring them together. This was because the previous title was made before the Localization team was created, and there wasn’t any uniformity in translation. The Localization team was created 15 years ago, and since then we have been trying to keep it uniform.


For example, Typhon comes from mythology but in previous FF title it was called Chupon. This is essentially wrong, but we didn’t know if we should go with Chupon to prioritize memories, or to change it to the official name. In FFXIV it’s named Typhon.


Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

As we wanted to focus on "Stone, Sky, Sea," I didn't bring any info on the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)...


Stone, Sky, Sea


Personally, when I think of a place to train, I imagine it to be a place high up in the mountains where you can overlook the clouds in the sky, so I named this “Stone, Sky, Sea.”


When the trial begins, the striking dummy will appear from the sky in a cutscene, so be sure to check it out.


Q: What kind of work does the localization team do? (Are the French and German versions based off of the English or the Japanese version?) Additionally, how long did it take to translate Patch 3.1 and Patch 3.2?


A: Simply put: we translate. However, there is a reason that we call it localization, and this is to translate it so it’s understood by a certain region. Our objective is to make it so westerns feel the same way about the game as Japanese people. While there have been times we failed translating, we learn from this failures and grow after listening to everyone’s feedback.


The translation team is located in the Square Enix office. They are fluent in Japanese, so they translate from Japanese. Everyone can also speak English perfectly, so we also translate from English. There are a lot of times we start based on the English, so there are times we translate based off the English as well.


In regards to the time it takes to translate, there is a huge amount of text for FFXIV, and we release patches globally at the same time, so it’s quite crazy. We receive text from not only the scenario team, but also various other teams, and we’re constantly working to perfect the text right up until the last minute. It’s constantly a fight against time. For the expansion, we translated roughly 15,000,000 words between eight people in 2.5 months. Part way through we were concerned we wouldn’t finish, so we had help from people of other project’s teams.


Q: There are a lot of interesting translations, such as "Ichiban" for the Kirin achievement, but how do you decide on these names when translating?


A: As a rule for naming, in order to not break the lore, for things that characters see in-game, we made sure the naming matches those things that are only available in Eorzea. On the other hand, for things that players see, our rule allows us to use homages in the naming. Achievements are things which players see, so there are many names that have homages. For example there’s a FATE called “Feared Guardian” in Japanese, but in English this is changed to “Smells Like Tree Spirit.”


Q: What purpose does the Garlean third eye serve?


A: The [eye] allows them to recognize the surroundings more than other races. For this reason, it is said that they specialize in handling airships and advanced arms.


Q: How are the names of enemy attacks decided?


A: In FFXIV, we work together with Oda from the Lore team for every name. We talk with each other to see what Oda would like the name to be, as well as English naming ideas from Micheal to localize.


Cerberus’s move “Hound Out Of Hell” in is called “Hell Charge” in Japanese. When localizing we make sure there are as little different between Japanese and English, and kept the main focus on the word “Hell.”


For Haukke Manor, in English, this is called “Haukke”; however, in Japanese it's Haukketa...and this was my mistake.


Also like FATE names, there are those in which we use completely different naming from Japanese and English on purpose.


Q: I’ve heard that the tempered of Leviathan are called “Drowned.” Are there any other names given to those tempered by other primals?


A: Yes. In Japanese they are all called “tempered,” but in English there are differences. There is a reason for this. Internally we had used the word “believer,” but this is lacking in impact, so we used the coined term “tempered.”


However, when it comes to the English, “tempered” is a word related to fire, so having something like that relate to Leviathan felt off. The English names used for other primals are all different.


Q: Isn’t it about time for some more Hildibrand?


A: Hildi will return in Patch 3.2! As to who brings him back home… well, that’s a surprise!


Q: We’d love to hear more about the Au Ra. Were they born with their horns? What do other races think of them?




Their settlements are located in the steppes near Doma. These grassy plains are named after Azim, the tribe's goddess of the sun.


The Twelve are only present in Eorzea. Azim worship is not directly related to the Twelve; however, they might have been related a long time ago.



While the Xaela are a nomadic group, the Raen stay in one area, but there are many refugees due to Garlean invasion. This is how they came to Eorzea.


-What do other races think of them?

There are a ton of adventurers, so there is not any discrimination; however, there are some who are wary of them.


By the way, there may just be other clans besides the Xaela and Raen...


Resuming sales for the Mac version


We apologize for keeping you waiting for an update on this. We halted sales because of performance-related issues; however, through continuous efforts to make adjustments we are now just about ready to resume sales. We’ll be announcing further details on Lodestone, so keep an eye out for them.


Michael-Christopher Koji Fox Delivers!


Hello All!


First, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who stayed up late on Friday Night/Saturday Morning to catch the Kagoshima FATE Producer Letter Live. We were monitoring the Twitch feed and were blown away by how many commenters there were despite the ridiculous hour. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all the fans who were helping out in real time with translations, as well as those guys who spent time after the fact to post translations. We here at SQEX appreciate it, and I know the rest of our fan base does, as well.


Now that the PLL is through, Matt and his crew will be working on a full recap for release sometime soon, but while I have some time on the flight back to Tokyo and everything is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to get you guys a play-by-play of what I talked about during my 50-minute portion of the session. This isn’t going to be a word-for-word transcript, but more of an overview of what I said, possibly with some clarification that wasn’t offered during the actual filming.


I apologize in advance for any typos or weirdness in the formatting. Rather than have something super polished, I just wanted to get something up ASAP so you guys wouldn’t have to wait too long.


I also apologize for the length. This one’s a monster...


So without further ado, here’s the outline:


After a quick intro that involved an afro wig, a poorly hummed intro to Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone,” and a sad tale of how 20 years ago I was once mistaken by a couple of high school students for a 90s J-Pop DJ named Marc Panther, we segued into talking about the 3.2 patch title—The Gears of Change—and the logo artwork.


As you now know, the artwork features Minfilia and the Mothercrystal, and I discussed a bit how those two things play a major role in the 3.2 story.

- After being missing for so long, in what manner will Minfilia return?

- While she was missing, what was happening to her?

- How did she “change”?

- What role did the Mothercrystal play in that change?

- Based on how Minfilia has changed, how will the Scions of the Seventh Dawn change?

- Will the path the Scions walk in some way change?


So yes, as the patch title states, “change” is one of the main themes of 3.2’s story, the other being “gears.” In a machine, there are many gears. When one begins moving, all of the ones nearby also begin moving, and all that motion ultimately sets the entire machine into motion. And once things begin moving, they are difficult to stop. In other words, change begets even more change, and this, in a sense, can be compared to the wheels of destiny—which ties us into the Japanese rendition of the patch title—運命の歯車 (unmei no haguruma), or the “gears of destiny.”


However, FFXIV’s patch titles are usually multi-layered, so the “change” mentioned here is not exclusive to the Minfilia branch of the story. It also ties into the Dragonsong War branch as well. As we saw in 3.1, following the dramatic rescue of an Ishgardian by a dragon, the people of Ishgard have begun questioning their heretofore violent relationship with the Dravanians. They have begun to think that a change towards peace may be possible. In addition, the other regions of Eorzea have also detected a change in the winds, and are now beginning to re-evaluate their stance on the conflict...possibly considering action themselves.


However, when there is a hard push for change, there are always those who oppose that change, and will do whatever they can to stop it.


Finally, you can’t talk about “gears” without mentioning machines...and you can’t mention machines without mentioning the biggest machine in Eorzea—Alexander. So, the third layer of the “Gears of Change” patch title deal with the continuation of the Alexander story and the second “leg”—the Midas sector.


From there, Bucco shifts the conversation to how in addition to working on FFXIV’s localization, I also work directly with the Main Lore Creator, Banri Oda to devise the backstories to the game’s various content—one example being the new instanced dungeons (the Antitower and the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)). I start off this leg of the PLL by talking a little about how the Antitower got its name.


Dungeon naming usually starts with design documents from the dungeon team based off of ideas originally submitted by Oda-san, Yoshi-P, and others. At this time, the dev team already had a working name (逆さの塔 Sakasa no To – lit. “the upside-down tower”) and Oda-san came to me for ideas for an official name—they were thinking of going with a English word for the Japanese version as well. The backstory for the area involved a Sharlayan scholar’s work on researching the Lifestream and the Mothercrystal, so I suggested something that had a slight academic feel to it—the Antitower, rather than going with something straightforward like “The Inverted Tower.” When I suggested this to Oda-san, he was worried that the Japanese users would get the wrong impression from the name. In Japanese, the term anti- (アンチ anchi) is used somewhat often, but does not carry all the meanings that it does in English. In Japanese, it basically only has a negative connotation—when you opposed to something: anti-freedom, or anti-union, etc. I tried to explain to Oda-san that while it can be negative in EN, it can also simply mean the reverse of something. Like in anti-toxin—something that reverses the effect of poison, or anti-aging—flipping the aging process upside-down. After hearing this, Oda-san—while convinced that anti- could mean more than ‘oppose’—was still unsure that Japanese players wouldn’t misunderstand. It was at that time I asked him if there was anything wrong with the working title they already had...and he was like ...”no, it’s actually pretty good isn’t it?” And so he took it to Yoshi-P for final approval, and the rest is history.


From here, I also talk about how naming posed a challenge not just for the name of the tower itself, but also for the area’s boss. The boss for this dungeon happens to be a legacy character from an early Final Fantasy. Since the boss name’s original translation, the spelling has since changed, which posed me with the dilemma—which spelling to use. The reason this problem sometimes comes up is because before there was a localization department at SQEX, there was only chaos. Teams would use different people for different projects and data bases weren’t managed...or even saved. This resulted in a lot of discrepancies. Once the Loc. Department was formed some 15 or so years ago, we began work documenting translations, as well as unifying spellings and cleaning up mistranslations/misinterpretations.


As we get a lot of characters, names, etc. from legacy Final Fantasies, choosing one translation over another is always a tricky job. One of the reasons the legacy characters are used (especially in FFXIV) is to incite feelings of nostalgia. However, what happens when that name which was nostalgic, was actually a mistranslation? Do you maintain the error for nostalgia’s sake, or do you fix the error to get the text back to a state closer to the writer’s original intent. One example that comes to mind is Chupon. Chupon, while a faithful phonetic rendition of the Japanese katakana, was unfortunately not the correct translation—it should have been (the Greek) Typhon (Tuphon), as this was the original writer’s intent (and in fact was updated in later translations). So, when the character’s revival was announced for XIV, I find myself with a choice. I understand that for a lot of players my age who played the original when it was released, Chupon was who we remembered. On the other hand, newer players remember him as Typhon—the name that the original writer intended anyway. Do I go with nostalgia or do I go with intent? GAHHH! Ultimately, we decided to go with Typhon, as we deemed intent more important in this case.


Here, Bucco asks about the second instanced dungeon, The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)...and I tell him I forgot to bring any information on this one. Oops...


But I did have some background on the striking dummy content that Yoshi-P introduced earlier—mainly regarding why we decided to name it something decidedly abstract: “Stone, Sky, Sea”.


When Oda-san came to me with the content and asked me for an idea, the first thing I envisioned was one of those old Kung Fu movies with the wispy white-haired hermit training on some mountain top. What if we made the guy in charge of these battles a master fighter from Doma who left his homeland and sought the seclusion of an (at that time) abandoned Dravania to train in peace. The location being the side of a massive “stone” cliff, situated so high up that one only need to reach out their hand to be able to touch the “sky,” while overlooking a never-ending “sea” of clouds. And from there—Stone, Sky, Sea. Think of it like three kanji characters written in calligraphy, hanging in the dojo: 石空海.


Oda-san liked the idea, and thus the place was named (the JP version name is also Stone, Sky, Sea in katakana) and the background story of the hermit was also added.


And that ended the first half of my section of the PLL. From there, we moved into answering some questions that had been collected from the forums.


The first question was a basic one from the Japanese players asking what exactly it is the Localization team does. Simply put, we handle the translation of the JP text into English, French, German, Chinese, and Korean. However, our jobs are not that simple, and there is a reason why we are called the Localization department as opposed to the Translation department. It is our task to translate in a manner that fits the cultural “location” of our target audience (the “local” in localization), and to do that we must, at times, make minor adjustments and wield a slight amount of creativity. If a Japanese client user finds something in the game to be cool or interesting, then only when an English, or Chinese, or Korean, or French, or German client user finds the same thing just as interesting in their version can we say we’ve done a good job.


But localization is not always about making things interesting. Making sure things are easy to understand is also important, especially when a lot of words overlap between language clients. One good example of this is the PvP “Danger Time” brought up in the first half of the PLL. Yoshi-P wanted to go with the English “Danger Time” for the Japanese version because both danger and time were words that most Japanese users would know. I mentioned that Danger Time might be considered over-simple or even silly-sounding by some users, especially in a PvP system where we already have many abstract terms (The Feast, The Claws, The Fangs, etc.). There was a lot of reciting of the Top Gun theme “Danger Zone” during this discussion. Yoshi-P was not against the imagery of the Culling Hour suggestion I had first proposed, but was worried that Japanese players would not get the meaning of culling (a word not known to most Japanese players). In the end, we decided that we would maintain the word Time across the two languages for symmetry, and allow for the difference between Danger and Culling.


Basically localization is having to make decisions just like these...but in the hundreds, or maybe even thousands each day. When faced with so many decisions, there will always be times when some will not produce the best results, leaving us and the players thinking in retrospect that we could have done better. We are human, and will miss the mark every now and again. But we learn from each and every one of those mistakes, and combined with the feedback we get from the users, are able to take that experience and use it to grow as localizers.


There was also a question from our DE and FR forums about which language the French and German translators translate from. All of our in-house DE and FR translators are fluent in Japanese, and therefore fully capable of translating directly from the JP, which, for the most part, they do. However, our translators are also fully functional in EN, as well, and as such will sometimes translate from the EN—most of the time when it is the EN text that is the source (like item names or player actions).


Finally, some users asked how long it took us to translate Heavensward (3.0) compared to a normal patch. Well, Final Fantasy games have always been known for their copious amounts of text, and FFXIV has been no exception. As localization is done alongside development (to ensure simultaneous release dates for JP, EN, FR, and DE) the amount of text can sometimes make our jobs a bit crazy. Each section of the dev. team wants to create something that is exceptional—meaning that if they have time to polish, they’ll want to polish right up until our data fix. The thing is, Localization gets text not just from, say, the Scenario team, but also the crafting team, the gathering team, the battle team, the dungeon team, the item team, the minion collective, the programming team, the UI team, the Lodestone team...which means if people are brushing up right to the deadline, there really is no time left for us to localize (let alone QA to check for bugs)! This can make things very chaotic, especially when working on an expansion that had more than 1,500,000 Japanese characters needing to be translated, localized, and then checked for style consistency. To put it in perspective, this was about the same amount of text that the Witcher III had...and we localized it in about 2 and a half months with a language teams of 7-8 people. We got so worried towards the end that we wouldn’t make it, that Yoshi-P had to call the directors of Bravely Second and Dragon Quest Heroes to ask if we could borrow their EN translators for 2 weeks. (Thanks Yoshi-P!!!!!!!)


However, since that time in hell, Yoshi-P has reworked how we approach patch development, and in 3.1 and 3.2 we have had ample time to get our work done, without forcing the JP team to compromise their quality. And for that, the Loc team is extremely grateful!


Next, we moved on to a question that we received from both the JP and EN forums and that was how monster and player actions were translated.


Normally, one would assume that, as a game developed in Japan, all of FFXIV’s names would start out in Japanese. However, FFXIV is different than most Japan-developed games in that I work directly with Oda-san in naming these, and when it comes to most of the in-game naming—from actions to items, to NPC names, to monster names—is a product of a joint EN-JP effort.


The flow is as follows—the battle and monster teams provide us and the effect team with the type of actions they are considering for their monsters. Oda-san takes that data and does a first pass. At the end of this first pass, he’ll send me the file. The file at this time consists of:


1. Direct name suggestions

2. A general idea, but no concrete name, that needs expanding on

3. A blank cell and a request for an idea from me


I take this list (usually a few hundred per patch) and then spend the rest of the day researching on the Internet. You’d think with all the time I spend on Wikipedia and other sites, it’s about time I donate my 700 yen. (Yoshi-P suggests docking that 700 yen a month from my salary...)


Once my research is done and my suggestions solidified, I knock on my booth wall (I sit right next to Oda-san) and we begin the “localization” process—trying to come up with something good in both EN and JP. There is a lot of back and forth here discussing how we should each localize the names. A couple of examples include:


The tonberry action: Scourge of Nym. This is a case where the Japanese came first—呪いの言葉 (Noroi no Kotoba lit. “words of cursing”). I mentioned to Oda-san that we had already used the word “curse” in a lot of other actions and statuses and that I wanted to go with something a little bit more abstract...that implied the curse without straight up saying it. He agreed that ‘scourge’ would get across the meaning he wanted to imply with “curse=noroi,” and therefore allowed me the deviation.


On the other hand, an example of the EN coming first and the JP deviating arose when we had to decide on a name for a Cerberus action. In EN, there is an action called “Hound Out of Hell” which consists of a quick, damage-dealing charge. As the monster was Cerberus (imagery tied to hell), and he was moving fast, I wanted to do a play in the idiom “like a bat out of hell.” Oda-san liked the imagery, but unfortunately that idiom does not exist (in the same form) in Japanese. Add to that, when rendered into katakana, hound out of hell becomes long and confusing (ハウンドアウトオブヘル) and Oda-san did not want that cluttering up players’ log windows. So, we decided that the main focuses here were ‘hell’ and ‘moving quickly,’ and as long as those were kept in the JP, we’d be okay—hence the decision to go with ヘルチャージ (hell charge).


The main take-away from this is that both Oda-san and I decide on a main “focal point” for each name, and work to make sure that most of the names include this point. Another example of this is in the title for Aymeric—Aymeric the Blue. The Japanese title is 蒼剣のアイメリク(Soken no Aymeric lit. Blue Sword Aymeric). This even came up as one of the questions for this PLL. What happened to the ‘sword’ in the EN? This also had to do with Oda-san and I deciding that “blue” was going to be the focus of the title. The reason that Japanese didn’t just remove the 剣(sword) and go with something like 蒼のアイメリク falls under what looks better in Japanese. In titles like these, it is often considered better-looking when it’s a 2-kanji word as opposed to a 1-kanji word (most all the titles in the JP version of FFXIV have 2 kanji). Oda-san added the sword portion to complete the compound word, while maintaining that focal point we had decided on.


So, what about katakana word localization—words that are completely made up and do not exist in any Earth language? Is there anything special we do when Romanizing those? One example that came up in the questions posted on the forums was EN’s “Haukke Manor” versus the JP’s ハウケタ御用邸 (Hauketa Goyotei lit. Hauketa Manor). Where did the “ta” sound go? Well...in fact...this was just a mistake on our part. The person who translated this (a guy, we’ll call him Mr. S, who is no longer with the company) probably just misread the katakana. That was back during 2.0 when we were extremely busy, and it just slipped under the radar. We only noticed it a few months after release, and by then it was too late...so...


(This was followed by a light-hearted exchange between me and Yoshi-P about how he had heard nothing about this and had always thought there was some deep reasoning behind the missing ‘ta’. I tried to reassure him that there weren’t many of these in the game, which he took as meaning “not many = there are still some more” to which I decided to ask Bucco to change the subject!)


From here we move to the next question about FATE and achievement names and how the JP and EN are completely different, with the EN being filled with cultural references and bad puns. I start off by explaining that we have two rules regarding style for FFXIV. If the character IN EORZEA can see the text, it needs to follow our Eorzean style (which we loosely base on GRRM’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”). However, if the text is exclusively for the PLAYER on EARTH, then we can play a bit with the titles like a lot of western games do. Here’s where we get stuff like “Smells Like Tree Spirit” for the FATE in which you fight a tree spirit 怒れる守護者「グレートオーク」(Okoreru Shugosha Great Oak lit. The Angry Guardian Great Oak). Or “The Orange Boxes” for the FATE where you collect boxes filled with oranges 上には上がある (Ue ni wa ue ga aru lit. there’s something higher than the top fig. There’s always someone better than you). The same can be seen in achievements. Here Yoshi-P mentions the Shiva achievement “Let it Go” and I mention the Lv. 50 Dragoon achievement “Dragoon Age” and am about to mention the Lv. 50 bard achievement when Yoshi-P tells me to stop, as we’ll probably get sued.


Here Bucco says we are running out of time, so we have to skip a few questions (I was going to talk about how that because EN began adding cultural references and puns, the Japanese version has recently decided to follow, and while in 1.0 there were almost none, in 3.x, a good portion of quest and achievement names are now puns based off of Japanese cultural references. Also, I was going to talk about balloon text and the Miqo’te strumpet who asks a Roegadyn merchant about his golden “scepter”).


The next question is about getting more information on the Au Ra. Luckily I have an answer that I received from Oda-san before the PLL. I first talk about the Xaela and how they mainly reside as nomads in an area known as the Azim Steppe (which, in relation to Doma is to the immediate northwest). Azim is the sun deity and it is believed that it is her light and blessing that allows the grass to grow that feeds their herds. Now, astute players may recognize a similarity between Azim the sun deity and Azeyma the Warden...also connected to the sun... However, the Au Ra do not worship the Twelve...nor do most other people living outside Eorzea, as belief in the Twelve is pretty much restricted to Eorzea. That is not to say however that somewhere in the past the two gods were... (and Yoshi-P cuts me off).


Now, whereas the Xaela are made up of dozens of small tribes lead by khans, the Raen are mostly stationary and live near Doma or in the Far Eastern islands across the sea from Doma. However, due to the invasion of Othard by the Garlean Empire, a lot of Raen have been displaced and now flock to areas where they can find safety—like Eorzea (as was the case with Yugiri).


Now, as for how the Au Ra are regarded by others living in Eorzea, while there was racial tension in past ages, recently with the onset of the Age of Adventure and an influx in the amount of people of all races flocking to Eorzea, there truly isn’t any form of heavy discrimination towards the Au Ra (it also helps that because very few Au Ra ever visited Eorzea before, there is little deep-seated hate stemming from historical conflict). However, because they are new to Eorzea and there is much mystery surrounding them, a lot of native Eorzeans are still a bit wary (even if they don’t really know why).


Finally, I mention that in addition to the Xaela and Raen clans...there are rumors of a different, much older clan. (and...this is where Yoshi-P cuts me off).


The next question had to deal with the functionality of the Garleans’ third eye (a question that a lot of people ask me personally at Fan Fests and game shows). Oda-san had an answer prepared for this one as well, so I read what he gave me. This pretty much stated that the third eye is believed to considerably improve the race’s capacity for spatial recognition. Because of this, the Garleans have a decided advantage over other races when it comes to navigating aircraft or firing weapons. I then bring up Cid’s bandana and the legatii’s helms...but Yoshi-P says that armor has been designed not to interfere with the workings of the 3rd eye.


Next we move to a question from the JP forums about how in the JP version all servants of all primals are called ‘tempered’ but in the EN version there is a different word for each one. Here I explain that back before 2.0, when the scenario team was led by Kazuya Niino, they were using the term 信者 (shinja lit. Believer) internally. Niino-san felt that this term was a bit too weak, and wanted something that sounded more exotic. They saw that in 1.x, the EN team had used ‘tempered’ for the servants of Ifrit, and liked the exotic sound of it, so they decided to use the term in Japanese as well. When we told them that in EN we were planning on using different terms for different primals (tempered, meaning ‘hardened in flame,’ didn’t really work for the water-themed Leviathan) Niino-san was fine with Loc’s decision, be decided against using different words in the Japanese, as having the player try to remember more than one ‘made-up word’ was deemed too much of a burden. And that’s why when the EN uses tempered, drowned, touched, etc. The JP sticks only with ‘tempered.’


And finally, we get to our last question, which asks—Japan has Famitsu and Dengeki to relay to them all that cool lore information about Thordan and his Knights Twelve and whatnot. Why isn’t that translated for the west?


Good question! If I was in the same shoes as the English-speaking fans, I’d be just as upset. The problem is, lore books are lore books. Unlike art books, they are extremely text heavy and game-specific. To translate that text would take time, and that would mean pushing back in-game text localization...and that’s something no one wants. It would be great if Famitsu could do that translation, but they lack the resources as well...which means if it were to be done, we’d have to do it. Or in other words...I’d have to do it.


But, it’s about time that we got our own lore book. You guys have had to wait far too long. So, I told Yoshi-P that I would translate a book, should there be one. And he said we’d make it happen...and that we’d try to get it finished (JP and EN) before the Fan Fes in America...so that means October! I’m still trying to figure out if that’s possible...but I promised, so I guess that means I’ll just have to find a way to make it possible.


Yoshi-P then threw me a curveball and told me to tell everyone watching on the stream...in English. Now, I’d just spent the last 9 hours in pure Japanese mode—I’d switched off all the EN sectors of my brain to conserve RAM and allow for 100% of my processor power be allotted to Japanese...and Yoshi-P says “ENGLISH GO!” Man... talk about a mind going blank. I literally had to restart my brain, and still only ended up being little more than a string of words... “Uh... Lore...Book...Make...GOOD...”


But yeah. Long story short. OMG! WE’RE GETTING A LORE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!


Here, I thought we were done, but Bucco decides to pull out the big guns—poorly crafted Hildy and Nashu plushies. The crowd gathered at the hall went wild while Yoshi-P kept talking about how terrible the plushies looked...until he mentioned that the Hildy doll had started to grow on him and I mentioned that I’d pay at least $15 for one. Bucco asked if this meant that Hildy was coming back...and I said that Hildy was DEAD...or not. HILDY NEVER DIES! And, he’s BACK IN 3.2! Though I wasn’t able to go into details, I did mention that the two main points will be “in what form” Hildy returns, and who he will bring back with him...


Alrighty! That was it...and whoa. I’m up to 5000 words. It’s time to wrap this up.


Thanks again everyone for tuning in or catching up in the recap. The questions I didn’t answer, I’ll try to field here on the forums over the next few weeks (once 3.2 work is in the can). See you again soon!



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I wish I had made a second post but here are the ones I've asked. I'm currently just throwing whatever I've ever had a thought about because I can't remember the more pressing ones I've thought of based on discussions here or in the official forums with Anonymoose.


Has someone taken over Teledji Adeledji's place on the Syndicate?


From the Tales from the Dragonsong War, we know that Lolorito has also spread some of his own personal fortunes, has this changed the status quo for the Sultanate or does it remain relatively unchanged?


Would a Highlander always win against a Lalafell in terms of pure strength? How do Lalafell compete against the other races in terms of physical ability?


Have Miqo'te been in Ishgard before they closed their gates? Or are they recent visitors?


We've seen Lalafell forced/conscripted into the Garlean army (1.0 mainly). Where were these Lalafell from? Doma/Othard? Ala Mhigo? Closer to the Garlean Empire?


Are there actual locomotives/trains in Eorzea or the planet of Hydaelyn in general or are the tracks just for mining carts?


How much of Hydaelyn remains unexplored and undiscovered? Do we still have entire continents to discover and visit?


Can we get a more definitive time frame than a time bubble? For example, how long did 2.0-2.55 take? How much time has passed since we took down Gaius? How long was Thancred out by himself?


In terms of tribal Sunseeker Miqo'te, are -males- typically the leaders? We know that nunh are not usually also the leader of their tribes but what about Tia? Are females sometimes the leaders of seeker tribes?


Is there any way to know a regular Lalafell's family members or is it all just a case of someone saying they are related? We only have a convention for the royal lines. Is there no such convention for regular Lalafell or is it just nonconventional?


Previously it was said that Padjal are from Hyuran families. We've seen images of the dead before and when we met A-Towa-Cant, he seems exceptionally pale in comparison to 'ghosts' or others. Is this an indication that he might have been an Elezen before being chosen to be a Padjal?


It's been mentioned before that most are illiterate in Eorzea but in-game we see examples of people being able to read letters and posters. If most are illiterate, how can most of these everyday Eorzeans be able to read, write and respond to these? Is there some different type of vernacular?


In 2.0, we had instances of calling female knights 'Ser' such as Ser Heustienne. However, in 3.0 she seems to have lost this use. What's happened? Are female knights not given titles as Ser or is this a specific case for Heustienne? She is never referred to as Ser in her questline in 3.0, even when she is still a Dragoon except in an item description but not in quest or journal dialogue.

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I would love if someone would ask for me whether there are rituals and offerings left to the Twelve, and if so, what sorts of things are left and could they describe the rituals in any depth?


We know so little about the Twelve, and any worship/religion surrounding them beyond Halone and Nald'thal.


Also would love if someone could bring up the "alternative methods" by which people can become a White Mage that was mentioned ages and ages ago but we haven't seen anything since. I'd love to know if they're still planning on putting that in.


And, can we get some clarification on whether or not the Elementals are able to distinguish between individual people? It's strongly suggested that they Greenwrath all over the place because they can't tell the people who have caused the Greenwrath from the innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So is it that they can't tell the difference, or is it that they don't care?

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Pretty sure it's already been confirmed that A-Towa-Cant was a very, very rare Padjal of Elezen descent.  He also has Elezen ears (they're just smaller on him) and no other Padjal that we have seen has pointed ears (as they're all Hyuran), so it would follow that he is of Elezen descent.



They're the same ears.


It wasn't confirmed. It was speculated.

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They're the same ears.


It wasn't confirmed. It was speculated.


Did they change their ears from 1.0 to 2.0? I haven't seen a Padjal in 2.0 with pointy ears other than A-Towa-Cant (although, to be fair, there are several Padjal NPCs you don't really see in 2.0 that were involved in 1.0). I'd have to go double check, tho.

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They're the same ears.


It wasn't confirmed. It was speculated.


Did they change their ears from 1.0 to 2.0?  I haven't seen a Padjal in 2.0 with pointy ears other than A-Towa-Cant (although, to be fair, there are several Padjal NPCs you don't really see in 2.0 that were involved in 1.0).  I'd have to go double check, tho.


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Okay then I stand corrected. I need to go back and look at my cutscenes, since A-Towa is the only one who I noticed with pointed ears, and I've been around E-Sumi many times (due to RP) since then.


I thought A-Towa was just pale because he was dead, tho, and you were essentially seeing his "force ghost" (sorry, best label I have!). I didn't read that as proof he was Elezen.

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Okay then I stand corrected.  I need to go back and look at my cutscenes, since A-Towa is the only one who I noticed with pointed ears, and I've been around E-Sumi many times (due to RP) since then.


I thought A-Towa was just pale because he was dead, tho, and you were essentially seeing his "force ghost" (sorry, best label I have!).  I didn't read that as proof he was Elezen.

Sounsyy reminded me that ghosts we have seen (Edda and Louisoix) are not pale.

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Wanna see if I can get feedback on this before asking it because someone might know:


What is the current 'overwhelming' Ishgardian attitude towards other races? Lala/Miqo but Au Ra specifically. I've found it difficult to find a solid answer to this.


I want to say the DRK questline talks about Au Ra in Ishgard, but I haven't started it. Otherwise, all I know is that Ishgardians are very xenophobic. ...I don't think it's a matter of race (outside of Au Ra "looking" like dragons) as much as it is a matter of country/culture.


We have seen that Elezen Ishgardians generally have higher status, but then looking at people in the Brume show there are poor Ishgardians of any race (already in Ishgard).

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Greetings, everyone!


Thanks for the large amount of questions we've received so far. I'm sure Koji is looking forward to them and is probably already thinking about answers to some of these!

As a reminder, this thread is only for questions related to the game localization (lore, quest-related text, naming of NPC/gear/monsters, etc.) and Koji himself! We won't be picking up questions from here that aren't related to the topic. I appreciate your cooperation!

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Wanna see if I can get feedback on this before asking it because someone might know:


What is the current 'overwhelming' Ishgardian attitude towards other races? Lala/Miqo but Au Ra specifically. I've found it difficult to find a solid answer to this.


I want to say the DRK questline talks about Au Ra in Ishgard, but I haven't started it. Otherwise, all I know is that Ishgardians are very xenophobic. ...I don't think it's a matter of race (outside of Au Ra "looking" like dragons) as much as it is a matter of country/culture.


We have seen that Elezen Ishgardians generally have higher status, but then looking at people in the Brume show there are poor Ishgardians of any race (already in Ishgard).


It's worth noting that Sidurgu, the DRK trainer, came to Ishgard as a child, and said that during that period (which we can roughly assume to be at the very least 7+ years ago, assuming Sidurgu is at least 20 years old, Au Ra were being killed on sight by the Temple Knights for being assumed to be Dravanians. If we de-escalate from there, Au Ra are probably treated as second-class citizens at best in the same vein of black people in the post-Civil War era.


This is all just speculation built on a lot of assumptions, however, and I personally find it a little silly that there is no answer to such a glaring facet--Eorzea's reaction to an entirely new species of Spoken--but then I've been disdainful of Square Enix's worldbuilding for a while now.

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This is all just speculation built on a lot of assumptions, however, and I personally find it a little silly that there is no answer to such a glaring facet--Eorzea's reaction to an entirely new species of Spoken--but then I've been disdainful of Square Enix's worldbuilding for a while now.


Very much this.


It's foggy so I'll be asking. Thanks guys.

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Thanks Kage for grabbing some of mine earlier, here's the full list so far for +1'ing.


Where are all the tribal Lohengarde? 


Does the anti-Duskwight sentiment in the Black Shroud carry over into Ishgard?


There are hints towards this but could you please confirm if House Dzemael is a Duskwight house/allows in Duskwights? Seriously, are there Duskies in Ishgard?


Could you tell us about any Duskwight specific cultural practices?


We've seen the structure and military set up for each of the other three city states, any chance of us getting that kind of information for Ishgard?


What was Sharlayan day to day life like?


AST Question here: What exactly do they read in the sky? We know there are the six in game cards which all correspond to constellations, that there's a dragon star, and that the sun, moon, and even (formerly) Dalamud were taken into consideration as well. But are there other planets in the solar system they can see too? Are there other major constellations or stars? Do the Twelve factor in at all, since they each have a month aspected to them?


Are there rituals and offerings left to the Twelve? If so, what sorts of things are left and could you give us a description of any of these rituals?


Can you offer any other details on worship/religion surrounding the Twelve other than Halone and Nald'Thal?


Could you PLEASE elaborate on the "alternative methods" used to become a White Mage? This was mentioned ages and ages ago but it hasn't been touched on since. Even noting that it's still on the way/being considered would be appreciated.


Can the Elementals (in the Black Shroud) distinguish between individuals? It's strongly suggested that they Greenwrath all over the place because they can't tell the people who caused the Greenwrath from the innocents who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So is it that they can't tell the difference or that they don't care?


How does one become a Temple Knight in Ishgard?

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