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Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: February

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[align=center]Welcome to the February Gift Giveaway![/align]


Da Rules: We will be giving out several prizes of different values to those who reply to this thread. One being a big gift, and the others slightly less valuable but still sought after. That is...Really all there is. It's simple! Look over all the gifts we are giving away, make a post with each item listed in the order of which ones you like the most, and wait until February 29th. This is completely free and something I would like to do for the members of the RPC on Balmung. Sorry for the other servers, but I am only available on Balmung.


On the 29th I will input everyone who enters into a random generator and provide a numbered list of those who entered. The one who wins gets the gift at the top of their list. If that gift is already taken they get the item second on their list instead, etc etc. Each person can only enter and win once per month.


After the drawing is over I will contact the winners via RPC and schedule a pickup time for their item.


Good luck everyone and have a good one!




The Results Are In!


The Winners of the February 2016 Wayfarer's Giveaway Are:

3rd Place: Okhi Lyehga




2nd Place: Lance Barrington

Lesser Panda




1st Place: Mina Keatley

Wind-Up Ifrit



Further Updates:


If you didn't win, don't fret; the sign-ups for the month of March have already started and can be found here: March Giveaway

Thank you all for participating and congratulations to our winners. Please PM me as soon as possible to schedule a time to pick up your winnings.


Take care everyone and have a good one!




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