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Moments when you feel stupid

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So, yesterday was a day that I felt really dumb. Like...super dumb.  I know I can't be alone in feeling this way. Why don't we share our moments of dumbness.  Here's mine.



Let me tell you the story of how stupid Aly is.



Aly scheduled a field trip for yesterday.

Aly had everything set in place and ready to go. Aly's students were ready to go.

The bus Aly requested didn't show up on time, so Aly had to call to see where said bus was. They said the bus would be there soon.

Aly called the museum to tell them that they would be running late.

The museum told Aly that the field trip wasn't until next month.

Aly is a moron. 

The end.

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Back back she is back... all rejoice!


Anyhow, I tank a lot.. So when I heal or dps I still do, on occasion, run in pulling the boss. The I am heard screaming "not the tank, nooooot!"


Other than that I also sit in meeting rooms alone to then realise this is not that day or hour.


For me time is not a constant it is more a game of chance.

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I feel stupid everyday. First because I good portion of my day is spent interfacing with electronic and mechanical engineers as well as literal rocket scientists, Its not fun having to ask someone to explain something 3 times so that you take what they said and translate it to 5th grade English or go back and explain it to a person whose first language is not English.   Second because I come in everyday expecting the people who work with me to do actually do things correctly to the procedures set down only to find out once again this is not the case...though that might just make me insane..:evil:

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1.When I throw out highly punishable moves


2.When I don't punish highly unsafe moves from an opponent.


3.When I predict an incoming move and it is completely not the move or option I predicted.


4.When I drop combos.


5.When I forget what day it is.


6.When I Tetsuzanko after the first one got blocked because I'm certain they'll get hit by the next one.


7. When I throw another one.


8. And another one


9. When I auto pilot on things.


10. When I can't remember names.;


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- Trying to heal after playing only DPS for a year and taking a month-long hiatus from the game itself. But roulette also totally trolled me and gave me Titan. I don't know if I seemed more of a newb at heals or just of the game itself. I fell off so many times and eventually just gave up and left because I knew I was wasting everyone's time.


- Forgetting the date and realizing it's actually the 20th when you thought the days were still in the "teens."

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When I mess something up. It sounds so simple, but it really is when I feel my most stupid. Even the small things, like I stumble over a word or forget I said something earlier and mention it again. It's at its worst when what I did does or could potentially upset other people. Then not only do I feel dumb, but I really want to make things better from it and oftentimes mess that up too and feel even more dumb. It's a slippery slope.

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When you ruin a great friendship with someone because you cant be honest with yourself. Then you end up regretting it for months while still checking up on them periodically to make sure they are doing alright. When deleting a fully developed character with multiple classes and jobs at 60 hurts so much less than the thought of what happened, you sort of just wallow in the stupidity.

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You know those microwave bags of frozen vegetables that say "poke holes in bag to vent"?  Little tip, DO NOT hold the bag in your hand and use your other hand to stab it with a knife.


To be perfectly fair, though, this was the very first time I ever had to get stitches that wasn't either medically related or because of an injury caused by someone else (such as an accident or being pushed down a flight of stairs).


Other than that...  Well, to be honest, I do a lot of things that I feel stupid about afterward.  I don't have that little voice in my head that tells me something might not be the best idea, not to mention I'm on enough strong medications that I can't think clearly all the time, so I end up doing stupid things rather frequently.  It usually turns out more humorous than disastrous, at least.

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I have a hard time understanding what people are saying if I am not focused on them so I have to ask people to repeat things a lot especially if they are just coming up to me while I am doing something else or talking to someone else.


Forgetting someone's name mere minutes after being introduced to them.


Turning cleric stance back on after trying to get out of it.

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Sometimes I lose focus and Tupperware the inedible bits while committing the leftovers to the trash can. Whoops.


Turning cleric stance back on after trying to get out of it.



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A while back I installed the Steam App on my phone and logged into it, checking it out. It was okay. So that night, I forgot to plug my phone in before I went to sleep. My phone is my alarm clock.


Y'all. My phone died at some point during the night. I was three hours late into work.




Found out later that apparently the Steam App eats your battery like no tomorrow, because it's always running in the background.



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I've had the case of the momma brain a lot lately. I can't seem to remember anything for the life of me. It's annoying and depressing...and makes me feel like I shouldn't be doing anything that requires any thought whatsoever. Just wanna crawl in my hole, snuggle with my baby, and take a really long nap.

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Momma brain is perfectly fine when you're a momma. Babies are an assault on all senses, and taking care of a screaming, pooping, coughing factory of sparkly adorable giggliness can be very disorienting. Children seem to have a way of making us into what they need us to be.


I feel stupid most moments, to be honest. Especially when I lose my phone and have to pay $150 deductible for the insurance to get a replacement. And then lose that one almost immediately.


Luckily I was able to get a hand-me-down phone for cheap. Bought a case with a picture of St. Anthony on it.

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I've had the case of the momma brain a lot lately...


This is very much me on a daily basis.  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've set off up the stairs with a task in mind...only to forget what it was by the time I reached the top.  :blush:

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I got in my car and was wondering for ten minutes why I couldn't back up or was able to drive forward, like I could not understand what the hell was going on.


Then I hear my roommate open the door and go "Did you put it on neutral?"


I didn't even want to drive anymore when I looked at the gear shift.

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