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Revenge of the Horde (patch 3.3) Trailer


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There are simply no words for all of this. This is by far one of the best hype trailers they've done in a while.





Also Ozma...



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Oh mommy look at the scary dragon boss! Its Ngorsodo...


Err Ngondror




Aw screw it, its just  FF14's version of Deathwing anyway. Lol.




Anyway, my body is not ready. I am affeared for all my faves (except Thancred; he's probably going to be okay. Probably. Right?).


Glad we get to beat up Hraesvelgr, though.

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My real time, unfiltered reactions as I had them:


Spoilered because... hey, it's me unfiltered.





1) STFU, Nidhogg. How many times do we gotta kick your butt before SE's writing team lets it stay kicked, you burned-out edgelord? Can we revoke your Joker Immunity one of these days?


2) So, can we not do Steps of Faith anymore if they're burning the whole bridge down?


3) Aymeric, I take back all the bad things I ever said about you, and wish that Alphenaud would learn to adopt your "I'm tired of all these MFing dragons in my MFing country" attitude.


4) Lucia, if you keep this up, you're going to fill the hole left by Moenbryda.


5) Cool airship


6) Mhach feeds its Iguanas pretty well


7) Raid looks cool, but when will we learn how NOT to fight giant monsters in teeny-little battle circles that give them the advantage? Didnt' we learn anything from Titan?


8) Wait... that's Cerebro! What's Cerebro's platform doing in Mhach?


9) Why do we hate upside-down pyramids?


10) IT'S A RUBIK'S CUBE WITH ONE COLOR! Die, you useless piece of nostalgia!


11) Mhach end boss = Shiva+Garuda+Tentacles. Her outfit is gonna be the new money-making craft piece for weavers.




13) ...because they're too evil to live, anyway. I know how this works, you fluffy con-artists - pick up picks, pretend to not know how to use them, get us to take pity on you and then sit and eat kupo nuts because you got us to do your work for you. There is NO MOUNT in existence that would make me put up with you as a beast tribe.


14) Hullbreaker II - Monster Rancher


15) GIANT TIGER MOB is AWESOME LOOKING! Make us a Tiger mount, PLS!


16) Dang, that snail is fast.


17) Merlwyb has had enough of your shenanigans, and brought her own. What is she FEEDING these Roegadyns? Maybe Magma found a guy her size?


18) Coincounter / Cyclops inspired boss again in the Aquapolis. Gettin' real tired of those.


19) Cool wall and floor textures, though.


20) -rainbow lights and music play, with aaaaah sounds- "CRAZY GOOD!" And now I want a pop tart.


21) Could we at least get a new model for the chests?


22) More Hildibrand = Good. How about a little more than in the last patch, though?


23) SE Never promised us a rose garden. Just a bunch of potted plants. Nice ones, though.


24) Ok, new hairstyles... nice... nice...nice... WTF is THAT? Ok, Now I have to make Johnny Bravo.


25) Was there a demand to look like a Vath? I guess so.


26) That pig is gonna be 5 million gil in the Market.


27) Oh, PVP -skips- (yes, I'm biased)


28) The Dead don't know what a "palace" is, and I'm ok with that.


29) Enraged Mutant Bludgeoning Turtles!


30) Is that Succubus on OUR side? Oh, baby.


31) Why are we fighting a giant Power Supply Fan? Does Sohr Khai mean "New Egg" in Eorzeanese?


32) Moog... NO. NUKE THE SITE FROM ORBIT! It's the only way to be sure!


33) You moogles are not worthy to be in the same dungeon as that magnificent Griffon.


34) Sohr Khai - Friendship is MagicAAAH! Why you attack me, Pony?!?!


35) Again, why are we climbing towers to tiny-little circular tops to fight flying creatures that can knock us right off? The WoL is stupid.


36) Yell all you want, Hraesvalgr. It's your fault we're still dealing with Nidhogg. Oh... remember how he almost killed your daughter? How's that working for you, enabler?


37) Wait... do we get to FIGHT Hraesvalgr?!? YES! Your butt is MINE, you blame-dodging lizard! But why am I still up on tiny towers to do it? Stop being STUPID, WoL!


38) Now this is more like it... wait, Final Steps of Faith? Why not call it. "That Instance You Hated That We Are Gonna Rub Your Face In". If I get to kick Hraesvalgr's butt, though... WORTH IT.


39) Did that punk just cast METEO on us?


40) FOR THE HORDE! Hey, where's She-Ra?




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Lol I am so getting that bug suit, and the bird suit.


And then making puns.


"Heh... sorry am I BUGGING you?"


"I'll BEE the tank."


"Guys guys, we're moving those this dungeon at a snails pace!"




cannot wait.

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16) Dang, that snail is fast.




It's a racing snail.


Point for you, Ciel!



I just felt good about recognizing it as the Whelk from the beginning of Final Fantasy 6. It eats lightning, and stores it in its shell! Don't attack the shell!


Also, that fan enemy in Sohr Khai is totally from FF5. Source of Aeroga, shockingly, for Blue Mages.


Also so glad they implemented the pomp. It had my vote in the hair style contest. I just... don't think I have a character that could use it. Which is a pity because it's the pomp.

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