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Your character has received a kiss on the cheek!


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Oooh boy! This really does depend on who would be so bold as to peck Feine on the cheek and which Feine they’re smooching, but either way he’s probably not amused. Gotta love all the complications of alter-egos.


The White Wolf

A few ilms were reclaimed with a backward step, blindfolded visage averted and downcast. Several fingertips were lofted to gently trace the residual memory of that unexpected kiss, rendered inert and pensive by it. The Wolf stood quietly for a time—as though the gesture had instead violently struck him and at last a lean jaw clenched, but what anger may have followed was tellingly swallowed. “...If you’ll excuse me.” Brief was the bow performed before he turned without another word and departed.


The Pale Reaper

It came unexpectedly. A blossom of warmth upon a cheek that permeated an unnatural albeit subtle frost—and without preamble his form dissipated. Whisked away by vaporous tendrils that deposited the Reaper several fulms away. There he stood, nonplussed and wide-eyed... until composure found him once more. “...You didn’t really think that one through, did you?” An unkind question fled smarmy lips that curled with the beginnings of a vicious smile.

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Hm, would depend on who did so. Josiah hasn't had that many relationships, and those that he has had hardly even got passed the point of kissing on the face. So, if he was kissed by some random stranger, or by someone he's only known for a short period of time, you can bet his face would turn a vivid shade of red, and all words escape him. Not in a bad way, though. It would just completely catch the guy off guard, and he'd freeze up for a second or two. 


If someone he has feelings for kissed him, and he felt certain they had feeling for him as well, he would stop them before they pulled away from him and give the other a peck on the lips. Again, he would be blushing like mad, and not many thoughts would be going through his head, but instinctively, he's a huge romantic, so he wouldn't waste the oppertunity.

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Considering Taejin (and I) have the self-esteem of a- actually, it probably doesn't actually count as self-esteem, he'd probably blow his top on two fronts. For one, the act itself combined with the suddenness of it would embarrass him to the high heavens. On the other hand, the act itself combined with the suddenness of it would set his admittedly strange mind on fire. "What could this mean? Am I truly the object of some fair maid's attention? Madness! Or is it!? Maybe so, but House Valentione be damned, I-" ...something like that, before passing out like a dehydrated chocobo in the Sagolii. Issues.

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As the lips left his cheek, he raised an eyebrow, one corner of his lip curving upwards into a wily smirk. "Well.. if that's yer way of sayin' "Hi" to a -stranger- I can't wait ta get to know ya better." All while thinking -I really really hope she's a stranger, I can't have been that drunk, I remember girls!-

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If it's a complete stranger Aaron would awkwardly avoid the kiss while keeping a straight expression. They'd have to be really pretty and even then he'd just at most go ". . . Ok?"


If it's a girl he knows well he'll allow it, but he won't look too much into it.


Guys don't get that luxury unless it's like a custom of greeting or something and even then it's only allowed on the side of his face or something. Regardless the odds of him showing aggression or embarrassment is about zero.

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Caveat - I know a kiss on the cheek is a very small example and is not a huge deal in the scheme of my conversation. That said it does represent something that should be addressed for newbie roleplayers and those that should know better. 


Any action that would result in another character touching mine in any way needs to be attempted unless there is some reason why such action could happen without an OOC /tell ((can I do this?)) or an IC history i.e. the two characters are good friends and/or lovers and/or have a background where touching could happen.


Touching, pushing, grabbing, hitting, kissing, etc, without prior permission is a form of god-modding. So...



1) Strange Dude kisses Jaydhe on the cheek. <--- No. Why? Because it doesn't give Jaydhe a chance to react and to accept or not accept the action.


2) Strange Dude leans over to kiss Jaydhe on the cheek. <--- Yes. Why? Because Jaydhe can react in a fashion that is in character for her.


OOCly my emote response to number one would negate the action. Every. Single. Time. I do this with any attempt to god mode my character.


My emote response to number two might allow it. In fact, Jaydhe would probably be so shocked, she'd freeze in place and the kiss would land.


*Teacher hat off - er..I'm a Technical Trainer in real life so..yeah. :P*

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Chachan flusters quite easily. Just some praise is enough to bring a touch of crimson to his cheeks if he feels he didn't do anything special (which is most of the time). A kiss on the cheek? Likely to set the boy's cheek ablaze and probably with some sputtering and flailing, as he is wont to do.


This is mostly due to me applying the whole "Doma is Fantasy Japan" angle to things. And public PDA isn't as widespread and accepted as it is in Western cultures. Though he's all for hugs and pats and that sort of thing.


In a more private setting, more fitting for that sort of thing in his mind? Then you'd probably still get the blush and a timid smile. If it was someone he felt close enough with - like his girlfriend or something - he might even give a quick, bashful little peck on the cheek in return after a couple seconds. :blush:

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Her cheeks turned a light pink as the stranger kissed her on the cheek. The two were drinking together and the man was about to depart to return back to his Free Company for the night. She chuckled afterwards and leaned back against the counter behind her.


"How flattering."




Simply people watching outside of the Quicksand, the stranger kissed her on the cheek and as quickly as they came, they left. Aulbiene didn't seem to react much as all as she continued to watch the people as if nothing happened, however, she did roll her eyes out of slight annoyance.

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The softness of her lips still lingered upon his skin, mere moments after she had departed in a wake of bittersweet sorrow. It was a gesture of finality, a silent farewell that she could not orally procure lest she burst into tears. The fishercat was left alone and a gloved palm slowly rose to wipe away the remnants of the unwanted display of affection. Good riddance. Vibrant argent depths glared into the gloom in which she had vanished, and with a sharp lash of his tail, the youth spun around on his heel and departed as well. Never to see her again.


(It's complicated. Affectionate love taps from family members/animals don't bother him, but any romantic gestures and physical contact with strangers is a big nope. You'd have to have an ungodly amount of luck in order to manage to kiss him. Chip's never fallen in love before so anything involving that sort of thing is unfamiliar and therefore treated as unwanted and grrr-oss.)






Surely there was more? The halfbreed lounged expectedly on the bed, crooked smile in place as he eyed her. The kiss planted upon his rough cheek had been brief, but the rogue knowingly awaited something more. She was curled up on her side of the bed, sheets twisted unevenly around her naked frame. It was that naughty look in her eyes that made the rogue's smile only widen. The simple kiss on his cheek had been naught but a prelude. "Yer good at this, luv." Husky was the voice murmured past crooked petals. "Dun' suppose I can return t'favor?" He leant closer, lips parted into a teasing smirk as he lightly pecked her cheek. Uneven breath tickled her skin, and with a soft chuckle he pulled her into a playful embrace.




(Romance is but a game to Asher. He doesn't take it seriously and believes that literally anything "doesn't last forever." If females decide to make love with him, he'll play along, for it can somewhat soothe his lonely heart at times. But Asher knows it'll eventually end and they'll move on. One particular individual has yet to leave him, however, and it's really starting to mess with him, making him even fearful of what permanent companionship might entail. He still thinks her a liar of course, but eventually he might choose to tolerate the realness of her kiss alone. )

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She had been curled up in bed, book propped in her lap that she had steadily become more engrossed in. It was a collection of old Doman lore and folktales and she was finding some of them to be quite creative. If they were looking towards the Saika blade as a lead on the attacks to Suko'to and herself, it didn't hurt to become more educated-


The bed abruptly shifted, her mate being rather sneaky as he used his talents to maneuver without detection until he was sliding along the covers and right up next to her. Her lips curled into a smile as she felt his lips against her cheek giving a peck, then another, and another. "If you're going to be cuddly tonight, little moon, go wash up. I can still smell some blood on you."




The peck given to her cheek startled the alchemist as she was in the middle of nursing her mead. Her mind mulling over the preparations she'd need to do in order to retrieve the boneweed, or at the very least track down its precise location with the help of a guide. Which was a whole other story given how desolate that part of the mountain range was. 


While lost in these thoughts, the pair of roughened lips at her cheek made her head quickly snap while she took sight of the figure that delivered it to her. But the friendly face made her eyes widen and a delighted smile come to her features. "Iran'li! It's been too long, you old bastard!"


The older miqo'te was wrapped up in a warm hug, her mind getting a brief respite from the trials ahead.





Xelra popped an eye open, hands behind her head as she lounged on the grass of the Ayla Seb'nem estate. Almas beamed down at her with her little pigtails and sundress, looking rather accomplished that she got her mother to look up at her. Leaning down again, the tot continued rubbing her mouth on Xelra's burn marred cheek again while making the noises. Mwahmwahmwahmwah


The Keeper smirked, letting her child have her fun.


'The Madame'


Mhiago let out a merry laugh when the poor drunken sod leaned over and sloppily rubbed his lips against her cheek in efforts to kiss her. While still holding her laugh, her fist shot out right to his windpipe. Though it grazed off, it was hard and abrupt enough to give his airways a jostle while he sunk to his knees. Coughing and sputtering while her eyes glittered impishly. "As the saying goes, little rogue, it is not polite to kiss a lady so~."




The lips were warm, slightly chapped from the sea breeze and lack of hydration. But they more then made up for it with warmth. Sweet warmth that trailed from her cheek towards her lips. A warm breath tickling the curve of her mouth whe-


The little blonde bolted awake, looking frantically all about. Once she realized where she was, she calmed. Though it didn't stop the furiously blushing of her cheeks while she used her hands to fan herself. Thank the Twelve she was home alone in the comfort of personal privacy. She hadn't had a dream quite like that in a long time.


I took a good minute or two of fanning and steady breathing before Sara felt she could continue grading papers without fainting from the rush of blood in her face.




How long had it been? Too long, if the exhausted state of the lady of the night besides him was any indicator. 


His large frame didn't even fit on the bed she had, his feet and half of his calves dangling over the edge. During the coitus itself, however, he hadn't noticed. Though his eyes watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept, his mind was else where. Lost in thought with his expression having gone dark and brooding, he stirred as the paid companion's eyes opened. The soft amber hues of the hyur falling on his thoughtful face as she leaned up with a grimace and brushed her lips against his cheek.


Bane smirked. She'd be moving gingerly like that for a few suns, not that he'd hear her complain the next time he came by. "What were you thinkin' about?" It was the usual question that he replied with his usual answer.


"Nothing important." As he moved to eclipse his form over her own again, she forgot that she had wanted to keep asking.




The raen was happy to have had such a magical evening. Who ever said Limsa Lominsa was a scary place obviously hadn't been to one of the under deck parties! Her arms stretched above her head as the light of dawn began to gradually shine over the surface of the sea. A passing dancer bounded up to her and slapped her cheek with a smooch that had her giggling. "Same time next sun?" His ears wiggled atop his bleach blonde head while the leather shorts he wore hugged every inch of his gorgeously toned behind.


With a giggle still erupting, she nodded as he sauntered off to give a similar good bye to a rather gorgeous Ala Mhigan who seemed to be waiting expectantly for the farewell. Ama let out a happy sigh. She'd be sleeping well tonight.




How sweet the whimper was at her ear! It made Thea's eyes roll with a husky chuckle as she squeezed the little girl closer to her. One arm held the young child against her while the other was buried within the chest of (what Thea assumed to be) her grandfather. His pulse thrummed unsteadily, her fingertips feeling just how unsteady it was while the muscle and blood all seemed to work together to create a beat that she learned to read moons ago.


Another whimper came from the child though Thea didn't look at her. She didn't need too. She could smell her tears and fright as well as the urine from her soiled nightgown. 


"Now, now," hummed the elezen. "You're hurting my feelings, sweet flower." Her eyes darted downwards, seeing that the stuffed moogle was still tucked under one arm. "Why don't you have Mr. Moogle give me a kiss to make up for it?"


With a hiccup, the stuffie was lifted and his cotton mouth pressed against Thea's cheek in a 'kiss'.


"That's a good girl."

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How do they react, what do they do?


If someone (could be anyone), out of the blue or unexpectedly kissed your character on the cheek, with or without reason, tell us the resulting scenario! 


Both IC and OOC responses welcome! :bouncy:


Aoi: It would depend on the situation and/or who. The most likely effect would her being embarrassed about it and/or confused. Especially if it's a complete stranger. If it was somebody she knew, less embarrassed as she's grown to know that Eorzeans have weird greeting customs...


Rin: Knee to groan. It's a knee-jerk reaction she has due to not liking being touched by people.


Yuki: Flip the person onto their back. She didn't ask for your contact and isn't into anybody or anything like that.

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Leih: Depends. If its a complete stranger, she will tilt her head and greet them, then ask them nicely to not do that unless they become friends which will happen in the next 10 secs cause she is really friendly.


If its someone she knows, she will just smile and giggle. If its someone she likes, she will turn red and might freeze.


Altani: Since the site is PG-13 for the most part.... I'll skip her.


Araki: She will just stare... and judge. Unless its her little sister. Little sister gets free pass.

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Khrys Relanah:


Khrys' eyes widen, her cheeks glowing a bright pink from the sudden act of affection. Her tail would swing back and forth, flicking a bit. She'd then glare at the man who'd kissed her. "W-Who would kiss a random stranger.. idiot.." She'd pout in annoyance before turning on her heel and leaving in a huff.


Autumn Moore:


"U-Uhm!" Autumn exclaimed, fidgetting in embarrassment. "I-Isn't that what you do to a lover or a family member..?" She asked, lowering her head to covered her face, which is dark red from the act. "Y-You shouldn't do that so suddenly!" She seems to try to give the male a lecture about it, but quickly losing his interest, he leaves, and she stands there dumb-founded.

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The Miqo'te laughed lightly, cheeks now hinted with pink. "Aw, geez, you really know how to make a girl blush, don't you?" The one-eyed bard's tail swished about almost mischievously, ears perked. She leaned over and returned the strangers' kiss in turn. "I guess I owe you that! Say, wanna get a drink with me?"



Adelaide's eyes widened, cheeks hinting at a blush, though it was hidden somewhat under mocha skin. "What in the Hells are you thinking? You can't just go around... doing that." Arms crossed under her bust, as she looked away from the stranger with a frown. "Don't make that mistake again or you'll be sorry."



The pale skin of the Doman woman became visibly red. "I-I was unaware that this was a greeting here in Eorzea," she stated, obviously flustered. She smoothed down her coat and brushed her bangs out of her eyes, clearing her throat. "Erm, is it typical to return the gesture out of politeness? Or may I simply offer a handshake?"

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If Female: A smile slowly spreads across the tanned seekers face "Well now ya done did it." he'd sigh. "I have a thing fer things being, unbalanced. So ya should probably plant on on the other side as well" he'd reply while rotating to his other cheek. "And once that's done, why not just seal up that gap you left in the middle, right there on the mouth?" At this the young seeker would chuckle softly and seen what the outcome would be


If Male: He'd arch his brow at the man in pure confusing before starting to chuckle "Well, I guess everyone gets one!"

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oocly, i'd love it. those kind of actions are adorable ^_^


icly though. my character only opens her visor when eating or drinking. but.. if they happen to catch her at that time. She would without even checking who it was, uppercut them right under the jaw with her metal gauntlets O.o


best not to sneak up on nervous, paranoid people like that <.<

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As the person leaned towards her, the woman slightly turned her face to give the impression she would seek her lips, looking straight into her eyes with an enthralling confidence. Like an ice queen, her features remained steeled, narrowing her eyes as her lips get closer, only to prevent them to actually lend the unwanted kiss. The person would feel the cold embrace of metal on her throat, sharp blade slightly cutting the skin just enough to make some blood pearls and runs over it. "I think you might want to reconsider..." Mei' would whisper with a cold yet amused tone.



The kid eyes sparkled when receiving the kiss. Although her cheeks felt cold for the person, the illusion of blushing was perfect! The little blonde-haired girl suddenly clapped both her hand on her cheeks, embrassed and nervous. "HAAA!" she cried, blinking, pinching her lips, before shyly smiling at the person. "I-I..." she throws herself into the person's arms and nestles against her. "I want to be your friend forever too!" 



As the person kissed her, the blind woman suddenly felt her cheeks turned red. That was highly unexpected. Feelings she never experienced left her a bit shaken as she pondered on what just happened and why. This was very embarassing...especially that she had no idea who just kissed her. "Er..I...I am truly..honoured but...w-why would you do that..?" she asked, completly taken aback.



(If male) As the person suddenly reached for her cheek, the self-confident and arrogant pirate froze, her words dying on her lips like joy drained into the Void. Silence. And then it was like a thunderstorm exploding in a clear sky. Clenching on the person's clothes, her fist was quick to find its way into her face. If nothing stopped her she would punch, again, and again, and again, features torned with hatred and disgust, no stopping untill her clothes would be tainted with blood, no matter how hard the person will try to fight back, no matter how loud she would scream. That disgusting pig has to be wiped off her life.


(If female) As the person reached for her cheek, the pirate blinked, freezing. She diverted a cold gaze on the person, as if she was about to rip her heart off her chest. After a moment of silence, looking up the person, she would pull her closer, fingers slowly reaching for the person's chin, looking in her eyes intently. "I will give you what you want." 




But in any case, OOC I would think that rather cute in most of the occasions, funny in some other ones considering the characters I play, and completly diabolical depending on who does it and why xD

Had much fun reading your charas reactions anyway : )

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If the character giving the kiss was female: Serdtsevina would remain mostly unfazed, though he may give a polite smile but quietly request they not do so again, or alternatively - simply take a step back from them, or scoot away if they're sitting. He's used to dealing with friendly/teasing kisses upon cheek or hand from female clients, but outside of business, he's... really not interested. Even were the woman a close friend, he has issues with it in general. 


If the character giving the kiss was male: Heavily depends on many factors, including but not limited to - time he's known them, whether they are a client or not, how close they are, what his particular feelings are towards them. Kisses from men do not make his skin crawl quite so much as that from a woman, but with his aversion to being touched or being put into intimacy to any degree while outside of work, Serdtsevina's reaction could range anywhere from mildly embarrassed to downright upset over it.

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If there was context, like it was after a show, and someone was thanking Raeje for such a great performance by kissing her cheek, 

Me: YAY! Cool. I'm glad they like my character.


Raeje "Um, what are you doing? uh, uh, I...Don't. Please. *Shakes hand awkwardly instead* 


However, if Raeje is being kissed as part of a performance, she would confidently accept the cheek kiss, because she acts completely differently onstage to what she does offstage. Onstage she is confident and free spirited, while offstage she has social anxiety, so any situation involving social situations makes her uneasy,unless she has met you several times. Once she does know you though, she becomes a little more easy going and opens up more, but if it's a random person, she's going to be awkward.

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