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Your Character's Drunk Personality

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So I was just wondering, when your character has a few drinks, how do they behave? If your character doesn't drink, how would they act if someone slipped vodka in their juice? I'm curious! 


Liara would actually act more calm and serious, since when she's sober, she can act pretty whacko. Plus she has a pretty good alcohol tolerance for a lalafell. As for Zhara... well she's the opposite, she's a funny drunk. She's also more moody, going from happy, to sad, back to happy in seconds. 


So let me know what your characters are like! (Or just make a guess)

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I would say Josiah has about equal parts giddy and sleepy when he starts getting super drunk. The alcohol doesn't make him do things he never would do, just tells his brain, "Yeah, this is definitely a good idea." Which, as he's found out the hard way, leads to very embarrassing memories when he's with his company members. *COUGH*

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Oh dear, Liara started this...


*Helps Abby up the stairs she fell down*


As you saw, Abby becomes loud, silly, and uncoordinated. Her mind seems to take time to process what she is doing. She also becomes insanely giggly and girly. She seems to just let go if the 'Im a big bad Garlean' facade and becomes a girl who would probably wear all pink if she could.

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Khy tends to get louder and far less reserved. He'll even sometimes...gasp...use contractions instead of being painfully formal. He also oftentimes likes to try showing off, doing flips and the like. Not always successfully, but that hasn't stopped him yet. And pranks are much more likely when he's been drinking. For example, someone wanted a strong drink while he was pretending to be a bartender at a small tavern night and the actual tender had gone to take care of some business, so he gave her liquor with dragon peppers distilled in it just to watch her reaction.

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Leih drunk is... well... ever seen a cat high on catnip? Just like that. She will run around, destroy things, bite (yes she bites) without reason, prank people and then suddenly pass out.


Araki has two stages, the first one being funny drunk that laughs at everything and then when the second stage hits, she cries her eyes out at the slightest thing.


The rest of my characters avoid alcohol/drunkness :D

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Chachan doesn't drink for plot reasons, and so I've never really thought about how he'd behave when drunk. Well, I HAVE, but I couldn't reach any sort of conclusion on the matter so I let sleeping dogs lie.


Gogon, on the other hand, actually becomes NICER when drunk. He's still very teacher-like, but he's less that college professor no one wants to get and more like a friendly guidance counselor who just wants to see you succeed.

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Serenity's pretty against alcohol , due to what she witnessed of her father as a child . That being said, she's still prone to emotional binge drinking , which makes her rather crass and irritable . She's only had a drink once, but she couldn't handle it and ended up vomiting all over the floor before stumbling to her room

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Chatty and volatile. So basically: his usual self with the volume turned up.


He prefers not to drink because he haaaaaates losing control of himself for what he sees as "no reason". But I still know what he's like when drunk, because his friends (girlfriend, weird guy who wants to be Aghurlal's adoptive brother) keep forgetting he doesn't drink, and he doesn't want to make a scene by saying no. xD


Kind of falls into the compulsive lying thing - he's convinced himself something bad will happen if they're aware of his true feelings on drinking, even though there's no evidence that's the case, lol.

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Virara doesn't drink, as on top of being smaller than most Spoken, she has low tolerance even for a Lalafell. Even a strong whiff seems to make her woozy. Thus she avoids alcohol, as it makes her extremely violent. She had to pay a huge fine for ripping out a table bolted to the Drowning Wench's floor the last time someone forced her to drink, though she avoided paying it for as long as possible by staying clear of Limsa and the Yellowjackets for a while.

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Locke/Ruran is an emotional roller coaster. He tries to avoid getting drunk publicly because he becomes embarrassingly transparent. His highs are high, he speaks whatever is on his mind, and then he gets confused...and then suddenly he's a puddle of misery on the floor woops


Madoc becomes boisterous if he's around a rowdy group, but he's definitely a more chill type of drunk in most cases. More cuddly and willing to take risks, if that's even possible. :U But ultimate result is likely snuggling and napping.

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Reindhold is a sleepy drunk. Sure he does lose some of his inhibitions and becomes more open with people but once he is legit drunk he is just tired. At that point there is very little that can get betweem him and bed... well okay as a drinking contest showed stairs are an enemy to a drunk retired dragoon.


As for my other character Rhela, well she is an alcoholoc through and through. Good job Limsa you mansged to corrupt another one. When she gets drunk everything becomes a thousand times more amusing and every one that walks in front of her is a potential bed warming companion. .. if she even makes it to bed. She has been known just to pass out on the tavern floor.

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Roen has gotten drunk only once. She usually abstains from alcohol, she is a light weight.


When she did get drunk however, she lost some of her inhibitions, and became one of those people who said whatever was on her mind. She is a silly drunk rather, prone to admitting things she usually would never.


But because she really has poor tolerance for alcohol, such phase never lasts too long, she goes from silly to sleepy fairly quickly.


It was still fun to play.

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Taejin doesn't drink, not because alcohol'll kill you (...okay, yes, because it'll kill you), but because he's afraid of what he'll do if he hits that point. A guy with a borderline phobia of miscommunication spouting off the 1st thing that comes to mind? FAAANtastic. He will probably regret it in the morning... no, not the hangover. But that, too.


(That said, tolerance in my family swings both ways. Some pretty much drop when the cork is popped, but others, like my older sister, verge on alcohol IMMUNITY. With many examples, but no personal experience, this is purely speculation. He could just sleep.)

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Ayaka is too much of a lightweight so she tries to avoid getting drunk in a public place--quite careful with her alcohol intake. But when she is with someone however and she does get drunk, oh boy--It's going to be a bit of a shock to her companion considering she wouldn't be her usual calm and graceful self, no. She'd be playful, really playful and she'll be trying to talk and talk her way into the person's pants lol.


And when she would feel her body getting warm, get ready for her to strip. She usually strips as well even when she's alone. However, these are mostly the safer side-effect of alcohol on her.


The terrible side effects would be... If she were to get drunk, she'd get a bit careless with her mask, letting her guard drop down and end up using her supposedly hidden skills out in the public. What's worse is that she would usually remember only a part of what she has done during said drunk moment.

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Ehfi while drunk...Hmm...


Well..Could go a few ways. The problem is getting her to drink quick enough to really have it show. A lot of the time she either passes or drinks as slow as possible.

She does get sleepy drunk. She also gets to be 'everything is awesome' drunk; which may get giggles out of her a lot. It just depends on how much and how much sleep she got.

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Aigiarn is a secret pervert, which becomes less secret when she gets drunk. She's also far more likely to give up her past meal while inebriated. She doesn't normally drink, but the stuff hits her hard when she does.


X'cinna is almost always drunk. It's at the point it doesn't do much to her physiologically, but she maintains the facade because it amuses her to invade other people's personal space while using alcohol as justification.

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Arala in her drunk state gets HORNY...I am not sugar coating that.


P'rita shows her true colors when she gets drunk state but she is a heavy drinker. It will take a few bottles to reach that...even then good luck getting her drunk.


Alyx is the more interesting one. At face value, Alyx cannot be affected by Alcohol period. She is immune to it and cannot truly taste it...but if you throw in some Ether then things get good.

She has three stages.

Stage one: Alyx slowly succumbs to the alcohol as she then criticizes anyone at the table, even her sisters and friends...and Maybe gets a bit grabby.


Stage two: Alyx either breaks down in a crying fit or laughs like a complete idiot, acting foolish.


But good lord....Stage Three is the worse.

Stage Three: she has fully taken in the alcohol and is now smashed. She will either...

Cast magic at random for small pranks.

Strip from feeling "hot" even when it's blistering cold out.

Or she will recite lines from her favorite book, even going into "play mode" and act it out.


Thankfully she can't vomit.

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If she's drinking because she's miserable or to avoid problems, she's melancholy and quick to anger, and prone to drink to the point of black out. If it's for other reasons, she can be "silly" and the minimal self-control she has with her partner is uh, gone. The brain-to-mouth filter Aysun has (yes there is a small one) goes out the window in either case. 


One of the funnest things for me to play is that she rolls her R's occasionally when she is drunk. And she is completely oblivious to it. It's a silly 'tell.'

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Hm... Khaz hasn't been drunk yet, but I'm sure it's coming. I imagine he'd be pretty mean. Always looking for some sort of fight or conflict, and maybe behave a bit more feral/cat-like in some respects. Hissy and growly, and just all sorts of moody tail swaying.


Feine is incapable of getting drunk. Being an ashkin and all. Prior to his undeath, he handled his drink well enough. He was a little giddy/giggly though. Most things were really funny to him. xD

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