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After reading the threads addressing the servers, it occurred to me that perhaps people might want more personalized help regarding the IC and OOC issues that come with starting anew.  


Essentially, the way this experimental program is supposed to work is having an experienced player "mentor" (pair off, if you will) with a newer player (get them into RP, help them with quests, etc.)  This way, new players can get better help breaking into roleplaying as well as the game itself and more importantly, to have a friend.  Ergo, please post below if you are interested in acting as a mentor to newer players, or if you are interested in recieving help from a mentor.  


Should someone find a mentor/mentee that they think would be a good fit, the individual should contact them (posting here in this thread is fine) and ask if they would be willing to comply.  If the other consents, then congratulations on a new partnership.


I think it might be best to list the mentors/mentees to display who is already accounted for, so that'll be posted below.  


It might also be helpful if the mentors could write a little blurb about themselves on anything that might help the novice get a better idea on what you're like, such as: RP style, preferences, journals, etc.  Please click the link to read a little blurb about your potential mentor.


Mentor - Mentee

Gerik - Kerr & Luka

Alothia - Rhashi, Para, Leanna, Talah, Chris, Belisar, Sharod

Sienna - Nova, Katattax, Judgement

Deirdre - CassandraJean

Ellie - Cornet Espoir

Mtoto - Magellan, Nhyra, V'sato

Nel - Asyria

Gospel - Zarek, Nox

Arlon -

Yahdo -

Blade - Blue

Eva - Vareal, Kari Illderthane, Aldotsk

Manari - Hyunseo

Iseia -

Selene -

Shuck - Observant, Fire Olive, Myal, Sugarfrosted

Kassandra - Desphiria, Bauldric

Yssen - Kyatai, Lauren

Kylin - Prophetic999

Aysun -

Endemerrin - Jayce Lightfall

Faceman7381 - Imsey & Elkabong419

Xenedra - Kaizer Grimm, Khaze'to, C'io Behkt, DSCH, entropyrat

M'risha - JJDunn, Xeon

Amaare Margolis - Elcas Duskwind

Elisea Renyven - Domos

Abaigeal Causland - Mathieu Douanier

Barios -

Bauldric -

FreelanceWizard -


Potential Mentees!

Bran Strum






Vibrant Whirlwind














New Player Blind Date

In addition, after speaking with Gospel about this program, we thought it might be interesting to provide a type of "blind date" sort of situation here (OOCly, of course) for the new players to brainstorm ideas with each other and such, this will also give them the opportunity to bond.



Now for my intro post...



Hi, I'm Gerik.  


I'm a 23 year old Roegadyn fancier (Yes it is a full time job!).  This is actually my first time roleplaying in any medium, and I seem to have gotten addicted to it.  I've been playing FFXIV from uh...last year may, maybe?  I wouldn't really say I prefer a certain "type" of RP, but I'm godawful at RP combat.  While I may not be quite as experienced as many others, I tend to take a very spontaneous approach to everything, and I like to think I take an effort to get to know others very well.  


I am a very open person and don't mind just chatting with most anyone, so if you're feeling bored, shoot me a PM.  Or get in touch with me on skype: lolgerik.


If you are interested in taking a peek at my character, my wiki is here.[/align]



EDIT: To clarify, this is strictly an OOC program, and it is NOT to be used for linkshell recruitment.

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I'm willing to mentor someone. I suppose I've pretty much taken Para under my wing if that counts. But if anyone else needs someone, I'd be more than happy to help~!


If you're interested in pairing up with me, go ahead and shoot me a PM. ^^


A little bit about me:


I'm Alothia, or Aly if you prefer. I'm a 29 year old high school English and Creative Writing teacher. I'm I new person to RP and MMOs with this game. I didn't actually start RPing until about 2 or 3 months after launch, and I was swept away with it. The community was great and continues to be great. As far as my RP philosophy goes, I believe that everyone has a place in the RP community, and I try to do my darndest to interact with every character at least one point in time.


As far as what I offer to the mentoring table, I feel that I can help provide you with an understanding of the community and how it works, how to get involved in the RP community, and how to start creating a character and fitting them into the world, as I had to do all of this when I started this game.


If you need anything at all, even if that doesn't mean being my minion, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can catch me on Skype: AlySedai I'm usually invisible, but don't hesitate to send me a message anyway.


Anywho, I don't mind having more than 2 mentees, so if you're still looking, hit me up. I'm happy to take on a few more~!

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I'm happy to assist! /gcsalute


Sienna from the Blamung server, reporting in!





I'm from England and have been playing off and on since Beta 1.0. I'm heavy into my Endgame and storyline playthrough, as I have a bit of an obsession with unlocking and collecting things in games. But, I'm also an avid RPer who loves writing stories, and contributing to a world that already exists in a way that doesn't conflict with canon or lore.


When RPing, I prefer to stay in character until the event or "hangouts" are over. I tend to do endgame or dungeon stuffs OOC, unless there's a way to integrate it without causing those events to become more complicated or a hassle due to having to play a character out.


My Skype is harmonywins, and I'm regularly available unless I'm at work or on vacation. 






Sienna's a "Treasure Hunter" from Ul'Dah. Pre-Dalamud she was part of a Thieve's Guild called Rosa, which fell apart for the most part with the falling of the big red. She also loves general exploring, crafting small weapons and jewellery which she sells in the Ruby Road Exchange.


She gets along with most everyone, but she has issue with certain types of Hyur guys from past experience. Though, unless they try to hit on her they should be fine.


You can read more about Sienna here!

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Ooo this sounds wonderful! I would love some help!


In characterly- Tim'a would be a total grump to someone trying to mentor him, but quietly attentive even as he complained. (At least, at first! Until deep friendship was formed.)


But out of character, I would be ever so happy and grateful!

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I would also love to help with this, I already kind of do it for multiple people, haha. I am open to taking as many mentors who want me! :D


A bit about myself:


I go by Deirdre on the forums, I play Deirdre Ta'ea as my main and Kohrae Crimsonscale as my alt. IRL I am a Canadian 23 year old female, Executive Director of Learning Technologies for Alberta Health Services. I've been roleplaying on and off since I was about 13 through various mediums in personally created worlds and stories as well as various game worlds.


As far as FFXIV goes, I've been roleplaying since 1.0 closed beta onward with a very established main character. I have also held officership with The Eorzean Guard and Everwatch shells, and been a member of Sanctus Refero, Aes Sedai Tower/Corvus Cinis, Blue Skies, and a variety of OOC end game linkshells.


ICly I specialize in the RP mechanics of combat, I have spent a lot of time sparring with others inside and outside of FFXIV, and I've also taught many people new to the tedious ways of RP sparring different methods of dealing with the interaction, as well as possible fallout's. As well, I have a deep knowledge of Garlean characters and Lore, as my main character is a Garlean, and I would love to assist anyone considering or having troubles developing a character from The Empire. I am very deeply seeded in the Lore, but it it my personal view that there is a certain amount of proper flexibility, when done correctly. Detailed interactions are also extremely important to me.


OOCly I currently run the OOC Skype chatroom created for all RPC members, and I organize IC events randomly, including cannon/non-cannon RP sessions while the game is down. When it is up I have also participated in the creation of many IC events including storytelling and training exercises.


I am extremely active in the wiki, having reorganized all of the content and updated the Lore, I will also be updating anything relevant to RPers within the wiki on an ongoing basis. See Deirdre's wiki here. If you have any wiki questions, please send me a message!


Contact Information


Skype/Steam: s058linda

Gmail: [email protected]

Or send me a PM here on the forums, or a /tell in game!



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Sure, sign me up as a mentor. I'm not limited to just one person. :) 


We used to do this back in the day in our old LS and found it helped a lot of newer players and characters break into the scene and get to know people easier.



Edit:: Well, since everyone else is doing it...


About Me:



I go by Mtoto, or Toto to a small handful of people. I play Mtoto Wamoto as my main and Athumani Ashur as my alt, both of whom are Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. IRL, I'm 23 years old. I'm a college student with a focus on Computer Science as my intended major and I work full time as a Administrative Assistant and Lead Concierge for a high rise condominium property. On the side, I enjoy art in all forms, from traditional drawing and painting to the digital medium. I'm on the Pacific time zone, but I'm usually up throughout the day for whatever reason.


In terms of roleplay experience, I'm still fairly new myself. I started RPing for the first time in an MMO back at the launch of FFXIV in 2010. Since then, I've been part of several linkshells including AETHER, TALE, Everwatch, and Soliloquy. I played a very minimal role in all four of those mainly due to me dedicating most my time to the shells I led: The Eorzean Guard and Sentinel's Ark. The former being a rather established shell during its run while the latter was a smaller tight knit group.


While my main character is rather aloof and distant ICly, OOCly I do what I can to assist new members in the community by helping them with gear, levels, and introducing them to the different aspects of the lore. I enjoy creating events more so than participating in them at times, and will often put things together for other people to enjoy, regardless if I'm involved ICly or not. The feedback I've received so far as been fairly positive in that light, but you needn't take my word for it, just ask some of the people who've I've RPed with or better yet, RP with me~! 


I enjoy writing stories and journal logs when I can, but I don't do it nearly as much as some others. This is something I plan to do more of come ARR, so I'll be making use of the new Lodestone when the time comes around. 


Currently, I am an officer of Blue Skies where my tasks include event planning and assisting with the organization and structure of the shell. I am also willing to help new linkshells with ideas to help get their foot in the door so to speak. 


Should anyone have any questions, you're more than welcome to contact me!


Contact Info:


Skype: Mtotowamoto

Steam: Aristotleami

You can also reach me by PM here and in-game!

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I will happily be a IC and OOC mentor.  In fact, I would like to welcome anyone who cares to be a mention and discuss this subject onto my Youtube show to help promote this program!




(Click my signature to see my show)





About me:


I've been RPing nel since Oct 15th, 2010. Almost a good month after launch. I will admit i felt so behind. But if it wasn't for a few friends I prolly wouldn't been here today let along producing content for the game via youtube. I'm fairly easy going, supportive and great for bouncing around ideas with. I'm also an experienced End Gamer, Crafter and decent gatherer. I've read a lot of books and played a ton of table top so I know the struggle of adapting a TT character to an MMO setting. If you'd have me, I'd love to be a mentor to whomever would take me.

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Why isnt this thread in the important threads! It shows that vetrens of the game of are willing to help. which can be appealing to those who are shy/unsure of RP.


As for me I have lots of RP experiance but my knowlage on the world isnt so good so feel free to sign me up. And once I am a bit more knowing on the matter then I shall pass on that knowlage to others.

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I guess I will opt to be a mentor and help out with getting people up to par with the lore history.


About me: I'm Gospel! I'm 25 years of age, I've been with the game since launch. RP-wise, I play a very reclusive character and remain more in the shadows than one which is up front. So if you're curious about playing a more quiet character who likes to make an impression without having to go out of their way to draw too much attention to themselves, then I may be of help.


I would consider my RP average at best though, however feel that I like to make up for this with my knowledge and intimacy with games lore and mechanics. I can easily trace back and go into great detail about almost any aspect of the games lore that has been revealed to us and even some of the things are hidden. Heck, even the veterans still come to me quite often for their dose of lore.



As for my game play knowledge? Well I got 3 relic weapons and can easily say that I have done -every- bit of content that 1.0 had to offer more times than I can count with my fingers. I have every class 50 (Link) I'm also well known for being a very self-sacrificing member of the community when it comes to sharing knowledge of the games history and helping others with getting through game content.


In short: If you're in need of in-game knowledge (Lore, history etc.) or help with setting up character backstories (timelines etc.), I'd be more than happy to support you with all that I'm worth. I am literally a walking dictionary and am at your service!

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Well, I won't be in-game til official launch in August, but I'll happily pair up with anyone willing to assist me.


I love community ideas like this :P


Ooo, ooo, I can kidnap help you! :P



Then Consider me officially kidnapp- er... helped!

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I would love to have an RP coach in game. I have extensive experience with forum roleplaying but much less with RP while playing the game. I am eager to learn and, as was said, I will be passing my knowledge onto others.

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I will be willing to teach new roleplayers the ropes, of course not sure how much I can do outside teaching them what is geenerally acccepted RP and what isn't because my old character didn't really have any RP friends and wasn't even really known so I plan on making a new character.


:Edit: Well, I can also show them how to engage randomly with other RP'ers so they can make friends easier.

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I've been around on the RPC for three years, but the only time I ever really RP'd was in the original 1.0 beta test and before this game I never really RP'd in anything. I mean, I've participated in a few forum RPs here, but those kind of die out after a while and can get confusing when there's tons of people around.


So, if someone would like to mentor my inexperienced self, I would be eternally grateful. /friendrequestsent

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I'm willing to help out!


I'm already going to be coaching Blue, and probably several others from FFXI... so I guess put me down as sort of a part time mentor, I guess? Ah yeah, that and I'm going to be going to graduate school right as the game drops so, time may be an issue for me.


But I will help whenever I'm able to be on!

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Would also love to help mentor but feel a little awkward about selecting a specific RPer, but if someone wanted to work with me I'd be happy to help~  :love:


About Eva:



About Eva

The emphasis with Eva has been less on the specific lore itself - though the importance of such cannot be discounted.  Instead as a character she is very highly attuned to other characters and interactions with them.  As a character she has strong tendencies towards being a pacifist (which has been fun to RP during wartimes).  She is very motherly, nurturing, kind, and protective of those close to her.  Her areas of expertise are weaving and nursing (less a direct doctor role that some RPers take and more a sort of supporter of such with focus on providing comfort, care, a good bedside manner).  She is also an extremely spiritual character, a fatalist, and puts devotion before most everything else.  Eva's wiki page will be updated in the near future with a lot more information, but the link in my signature to her journals (which are extremely vast) may offer some insight into the character's thoughts and a glimpse at her motivations and interests.  She is also duskwight elezen and some backstory we've concocted introduces a clan of these people.


OOC I have been RPing for nearly 20 years in some form or another.  I started out on a text-based game (MUD) called GemStone III (now GemStone IV) in which being in-character was mandatory.  After playing that for several years I moved on to a few other games - none of which took much hold - before landing in the world of Final Fantasy XI.  I played on the Gilgamesh server for several months but grew frustrated at the lack of RP until I heard about a group on the Sylph server.  I scrapped that character and started fresh on Sylph and was part of a few RPLS's that had relatively brief and tumultuous existences before finally starting one up of my own.  Over 8 years I RPed in Vana'diel, and I learned a great deal about RP, perspectives, managing disputes, creating entertaining and believable stories and characters with depth.  Those of us who came from Sylph cannot deny that we dealt with a lot of drama there at various points over that time, and I like to think we handled things gracefully throughout most of it.  We ended on a high note and disbanded shortly after news of FFXIV was announced.


In Final Fantasy XIV, I have been around since the 1.0 alpha testing and have never quit nor taken any break from the game for more than a week or two.  I have no interest in any other MMO's on the market and plan to be around for a long time to come.  At the onset I did not wish to lead a linkshell again.  I felt I would be more useful in an 'advisor' type role, and Eva was created to help facilitate this IC in tandem with OOC.  I have belonged to a number of linkshells.  I was an arbiter in TALE, I was a premier in Outer Heaven, a lieutenant in the Eorzean Guard, archonte in Everwatch, and most recently upon the disbandment of Everwatch I have decided to take up leadership again with Crystalline - which in 1.0 had no real purpose or mission, though this will be changing in ARR.  How Eva will fare in-character as a character that was designed to be an advisor in the role of a leader will be interesting - and I think a lot of fun - to RP.  I have met a lot of wonderful RPers with varying styles and techniques and preferences, and it has been a lot of fun so far, and looking forward to more!


While the background may seem daunting to some, please understand that I very seldom hold any grand expectations for other RPers.  I have said before a number of times that I would RP with most anyone.  While I can be somewhat opinionated at times, I am tolerant and patient and love to hear other RPers talk about their characters, ideas for characters, event plans, and really just about anything pertaining to RP in FFXIV.


I'm happy to mentor or help mentor anyone who would like to talk about RP and their/our characters.  I do invest a lot of time and energy in establishing backstory, history, and plausible motivations for character behavior, though I admit some of this happens on the fly as well.  I have strong opinions about the use of healing (both magical and mundane methods), as I do about the game's theological system.


I do not possess the "alt-itis" that some RPers have.  I have very seldom played more than one character in any game-type environment, investing all my energy into one character and making her as realistic and plausible.  She embodies various strengths and weaknesses that I feel make her somewhat unique.


I also prefer to RP in-game in a "realistic" manner rather than conveying character thoughts or feelings through emotes.  I have always favored using facial expressions, emotes, and the character's words herself to convey her thoughts and feelings.


The type of RPer who might be interested in having me as a mentor might be anyone regarded as a healer, anyone spiritual in nature, any duskwight elezen (though I admit Eva is RPed somewhat as an exception to the stereotype), or anyone who invests a lot of time into one character and values complexity, complication, realism, and "grit" - or that some stories do not always have a happy ending and dealing with loss, trauma, heartache, and betrayal is a very real part of life.


I should also mention that I was endgame oriented in FFXI and was never one of those RPers that didn't understand how to play the game.  I was a dragoon with a fully upgraded relic weapon, a good assortment of gear (I did not participate in /every/ facet of endgame), and usually led DD parses (yes as a loldrg, and prior to relic upgrade) and things like that.  While I don't think I will be as crazy about the endgame scene this go-round, I do mean to take that facet of the game seriously as well.  Though my primary reason for being here is - as it was in FFXI - for the RP.  Endgame will always take a back seat to that, for me at least.


I'm not sure what else I can add, and this has become long enough that I feel it best to put under a spoiler tag, but do feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or would be interested in being mentored.



Contact Info:

Skype: Eva.Ianeira

Gmail: eva.ianeira (at) gmail (dot) com

PM's here on the RPC work great!

If the game is up you can send me a /tell anytime too~

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