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You may not know that I......

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On another forum, for another game I came upon a simple but fun little topic. Each person tells a little fun fact about them that they have not yet shared. No major life secrets, just little things you never thought to mention. I will start:


I am an avid poetry fan. I draw great comfort from Arnold, Tennyson, Shakespeare, and Poe.

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I love music. Like...-love- music. When I hear it, it inspires me on more than a physical and chemical level. It's almost spiritual! Each song brings back memories or induces feeling during new ones for me.


Doesn't hurt that it helps me draw a little better^^.

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I worked at a ski resort for a year and my morning commute to work was thirty minutes of snowboarding.


...why did you leave?

My current company offered me more money....does that make me a whore?:cry:    lol

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