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Balmung - Skype Chat

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Hey guys!


Since I really love staying in contact with the Server community and after seeing that Gilgamesh already had such a Skype chat I decided to totally steal that idea and create a Skype chat group for Balmung as well.


If you want to be added please leave your name here or add me to your Skype.


My Skype name is lyriell84


Also if the interest is there and enough people want to join could you maybe sticky this thread?


Thanks a lot :)


Edit: I'm sure I had already posted this somewhere in this thread but it might be a good thing to update the first page as well.


Our Skype Chat has a few rules and since there has been quite some trouble in the past with people not understanding these basic rules I'll list them here again.




1. All types of discussions are allowed in this chat, however it is of course preferred to talk about FFXIV stuff. Like creating events on Balmung, looking for groups or other FFXIV related stuff. I do however ask you to be especially careful with topics like Religion, Politics and stuff like that. Be sensitive and try to be nice to each other.


2. Refrain from generally creating a negative atmosphere in chat. I've seen this happening a lot and I'm tired of it. The same goes for people regularly making snarky comments or in general being toxic. Everyone can have a bad day now and then and that's fine, but doing this on a daily basis is not fine. If you need to vent some anger go beat up a Moggle or something.


3. Don't create drama please. There have been a few cases in the past where certain members didn't like other members. If you can't stand someone you dislike being in this chat with you then please just leave for your own good. We're all mature enough to solve these issues like adults.


Other than that please have fun!


PS: We're also looking for a moderator that is able to cover the times when I'm or Xenedra are absent. If someone is interested please let me know.

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In addition, there's a long running skype chat that is more affiliated with the ooc shell that was Intermission and is now Open RP. As far as I know the people still in charge of the group are as follows:


Deirdre- s058linda

Xenedra- dreadpiratexen


No reason not to have two, though! Sign me up please :3

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